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Baby Shower Invitations


What do you include on your baby shower invites?


When choosing your baby shower templates (for yourself, or if you’re organising a baby shower for a friend) you should think about the baby shower invitation wording and what information you need to include on the invitation. It’s up to you how many details you want to include on the invites; just make sure you don’t leave any crucial information out. Some main details to keep in mind in regards to your invitations are:


Keep in mind the size of party you want when thinking about the guest list. Do you want something small with just family and close friends or are you happy to invite people from work or extended family members for a larger scale baby shower party?

It’s also a nice touch to individually address each invitation to your guests for a special touch (plus, it helps to clarify exactly who is invited to avoid potential awkwardness on both sides).

How formal or casual should the shower be? If you want to set a certain dress code, make sure to include that detail on the invite so it’s clear for everyone what kind of shower it is. This makes your guests’ lives easier too. The baby shower invitation design you choose can help you to reflect the level of formality expected at the shower.



Is it at someone’s house or at a venue? Make sure to list the address even if you think people might already know; it’s better to be safe and cover all bases just in case.



Once you’ve decided to host a baby shower you need to decide on the date as soon as possible and then send out the invitations soon after (but remember, if you’re hosting on behalf of a friend, it’s crucial to first clear the date with them). You could also send a baby shower save the date card. Be sure to give guests at least a few weeks’ notice so they have time to get presents and make sure their schedule is clear. You should also consider the ‘when’ - what time of day you will host your baby shower. Will it be a baby shower brunch, afternoon tea, dinner, or something else? This choice might be affected by a number of different things, such as the availability of your venue, the season, the time amount of time you need on the day to prepare, or the food you want to be able to serve (food for baby shower afternoon tea events tends to be quite different from a baby shower brunch).



If you want people to follow a particular theme, either with presents or anything else, it’s worth mentioning it on the invitation.



Will there be games? Activities? You certainly don’t need to provide a list of all planned activities, of course, but it doesn’t hurt to mention something like “come along for some fun and games with the mum-to-be”, to give guests an idea of what will be involved on the day.

Do people need to bring anything? If they need to bring something (i.e. food, drinks, presents along a certain theme) be sure to include that on the invite. However, when asking people to bring things to a party, be careful to make the wording sound polite and not demanding in any way.



Set an RSVP date to ensure you get the number of guests attending soon enough to be able to make preparations for the shower. Ensure you make it easy for people to RSVP by including a phone number or email address for people to easily get in contact.



Once you know what information you need to incorporate into your baby shower invitations, you can think about how to say it. Your baby shower invite wording might be casual or formal, and you could even incorporate poems for baby shower invitations or other fun, creative text options. If you’re feeling inspired, why not write a little poem of your own? Your guests are sure to appreciate funny baby shower invitation wording, which could be written by someone you know or found on a good quality template. Finding the right baby shower invitation text is a combination of your personality, the style of event and - on a practical note - what looks good on the invitation layout.


Picking a theme for your baby shower invitations

When choosing the invitations for a baby shower, a key question to ask yourself is: Does my baby shower have a theme?

If they already know the sex of the baby, some people might choose a colour theme, like pink girl baby shower decorations, or they might simply prefer to go neutral if the baby’s gender is a surprise. Paperlust have plenty of different colour options to choose from, and while a simple elegant baby shower is lovely, some people want a theme that is more specific. We’ve listed a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Polka dot/stripe baby shower invites

  • Peter Rabbit baby shower invitations

  • Funny baby shower invitations

  • Gingham baby shower invitations

  • Baby shower invites with umbrella design

  • Classy baby shower invitations

  • Surprise baby shower invitations

Maybe animals or cute characters are more the style you’re looking for? We have some beautiful and cute baby shower card designs to choose from. FYI, any of these themes could also double for baby sprinkle ideas (a smaller celebration for a second or third baby). For a decor colour theme or particular pattern, you can choose the invitation that matches, and if you are wanting gifts to follow on the same theme then you should also include a note about that as well.

You baby shower invitations really help set the tone of the shower. Through the baby shower invitations images (which may include illustrations, patterns, photos, or even baby shower clipart girl, boy or gender neutral), and colours, you let guests know what to expect. 

You can have a lot of fun with a theme of like Australian baby shower invitations, and you don’t have to just stop at the shower invites. There are plenty of cute baby shower decorations out there to suit every style of baby shower, from balloons and streamers to party favours - maybe the theme might match the style of the baby’s room. There is also a great range of baby shower thank you cards to match your invitation.

Whether you’ve already chosen your theme or the invitations choose this for you, among our beautiful designs you’re sure to find something you love that will help make your baby shower extra special. You can read more about party invitation templates here.

Other baby shower invitations that you should consider:


Girls-only baby showers are a thing of the past, now couples are involved every step of the way, and they celebrate the arrival of their baby with a couple's baby shower. A couple's baby shower includes all the important women and men of both families. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and gather some knowledge from those who have already been there. 

Choose your couples baby shower invitations to match the formality and style of your celebration, and it could be a backyard barbeque or a dinner party at an elegant venue, you decide. Paperlust has many options for all types of baby showers. 

See couple baby shower invitation design

While you customize the wording with our editing tool, make sure you specify both men and women are invited, along with details like: 

- Address. 

- Date and time. 

- Name of the mother and father 

- Name of the baby. 

- Registry information. 

Mail your invitations six to four weeks before the baby shower, and start planning the menu, decorations, and activities. You can plan some competitive and entertaining games for everyone to play and have some fun. Do not forget about drinks and music, since it is a celebration. 



Women traditionally attend baby showers, but as times and traditions change, couples are starting to celebrate equally the arrival of their baby. The best way to do it is by throwing a coed celebration. Coed baby shower invitations tend to be more neutral in communicating the idea of a party where both women and men attend. You can specify your wishes on your invitation by adding the following: 

- We are both having a baby, so we decided to have a joint shower. 

- Join us for a couple's baby shower. 

- You bring the diapers we serve the drinks. -

- A bun is in the oven, and the burgers on the grill. Join us for a couple's baby shower. 

 If you expect many friends and family, you can organize some fun games where everyone can have fun. Unfortunately, a man usually does not get to experience those activities, but they are always competitive, so you will be surprised by how much they will enjoy them. 

When it comes to coed baby shower invitations, you could be a bit confused regarding what theme will suit you better. When in doubt, always opt for a neutral and simple one; if you are hosting a backyard barbeque, add it to the invitation. If you serve drinks and appetizers, keep it simple with neutral tones or a contrasting dark stock and white ink. 

See coed baby shower invitations here

And do not forget to add RSVP cards and information so your guests know how to confirm their attendance at your celebration. You can also order matching thank you cards to mail after your coed baby shower and thank everyone for their attendance and presents. 



Lavender is more than a beautiful color; and it is a flower with a unique and delicious perfume. If you are a fan of the color or the flower, you should incorporate it into your baby shower invitations. Lavender baby shower invitations can suit well both girl or boy celebrations, and you can even host a gender-neutral gathering if you choose not to find out the gender of your baby. 

Your decoration should remain delicate and soft; just like lavender, you can adjust the style for a casual or formal celebration. For example, a casual baby shower invitation could have a color stock and a discrete greenery design, and lavenders. Or you can prefer lavender stock and white ink to make it unique. 

For a formal baby shower, lavender can suit well too. With a simple and elegant design with lavender colors or flowers. The formality of your event should not only be reflected in the style of your invitations but also the wording. 

See lavender baby shower invitation designs here

Every Paperlust design can be customized to meet your needs. You can use our editing tool to make small changes like font and color and add your event's information. For bigger modifications of a current design or to develop one from zero, you can contact our design team and request a special order. Choose the paper you prefer from the wide variety Paperlust offers. 



What is wilder than becoming a parent? Well, a safari might be, and if you want to have a unique theme for your wedding, we recommend you choose a safari-themed baby shower. You can include animals like elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, and hippos, along with jungle-like leaves and earthy tones. You can even make it sophisticated by adding a hint of metallic tones like gold. 

Click here to see safari baby shower invitation designs

Incorporate some safari baby shower invitations to let your guests know the aesthetic you are looking for. Paperlust has many options for you to choose from, and you can customize an existing design by requesting a custom order. Plus, you can add a custom backside to include more information in your invitations. Celebrate your event at an outdoor venue or find an indoor venue with plenty of natural or artificial vegetation. 

When you are ready to edit your baby shower safari invitation information, do not forget to include the following details: date, time, location, registry information. In addition, you can add a map of the location on the custom backside of your invitations. 



Paris themed baby shower invitations are suitable for chic and sophisticated celebrations. Since Paris is known as the city of love, you can plan a romantic and elegant baby shower with black, pink, white, golden, and green colors. Depending on the formality and the time of the day you are hosting your celebration, you can incorporate romantic and lush floral centerpieces with many shades of pink, ivory, and green. Or, for an evening gathering, you can have black and pink as predominant colors. 

See parisian baby shower invitations design here

Since you are hosting a Parisian baby shower, your wording should always remain formal and classy. You can use words like join us for appetizers and drinks, or please join us to celebrate ____ for the arrival of baby ___. Paris is a city full of glamour, and you can arrange a dressy brunch or an afternoon tea party to match the theme. 

Browse thru Paperlust to find the right design for your Paris-themed baby shower invitations, and if you do not find what you are looking for, you can always request a custom design, and our team will help you implement it. While customizing your invitations, add information like the date, time, location, and gift registry. Or you can specify to your guests you only wish for their presence, no gifts involved. 



Mermaids are beautiful creatures that inspire our imagination to run wild. If you are a fan of the sea and mermaids, you should definitely celebrate your baby girl shower with a mermaid-themed party. Little mermaids, starfishes, seashells, and corals are some elements your mermaid-themed baby shower invitations could include. Colors like pink, purple, aqua, golden, and green are ideal for this theme. 

See mermaid baby shower invitations design here

When customizing the wording of your Paperlust baby shower invitation, you should match the words to the formality of the gathering. The design can help you communicate how formal your event is. For example, for a casual baby shower, you can choose simple but high-quality digital printing. And for an elegant and formal event, metallic print and real foil will suit you best. 

And it does not have to be so formal and serious; there are many fun and joyful designs to let everyone know you are waiting on the arrival of your baby. No matter the tone you prefer, always add the date, time, location, and registry information to your baby shower invitations. 

Paperlust offers many designs for you to chose from; you can customize some details without costs, such as the font and color. If you wish to change other parts of the design or have one in mind you want to develop, you can always request a special order, and our design team will accommodate your needs. And if you want to double-check which printing type you prefer, you can always request a sample.



Baby showers tend to be sweet and cute, with soft pastel tones, but you can always incorporate hints of metallic colors to make it more sophisticated and elegant. Keep in mind your baby shower is a celebration in your honor for your baby's arrival, so your personality can be reflected through some details. 

Choose the tone of blue you love the most. All of them look amazing when combined with gold. You can go for a deep royal blue or a soft baby blue. Then, add your favorite elements; they could be inspired by flowers, the moon, stars, royalty, crowns, or any other image you love. Paperlust has many available designs for you to add your information and personalize, or you can submit a custom order and create a unique design with our team's help. 

See blue and gold baby shower invitation design here

Order your blue and gold baby shower invitations timely, and you should mail them at least a month before your event. Paperlust makes ordering easy, browse thru our selection of royal blue and gold baby shower invitations, find the design you love, and personalize it by adding details such as the date, time, and location of your event. You can also change the colors and font, and if you want to customize it to make it your own, add a special-order request. Once the design is ready and you approve it, we get to work, and your invitations will be ready to ship within ten business days. 

Paperlust ships globally, and shipping is free on any order over $300.00 USD, your blue and gold baby shower invitations will arrive within 2 to 4 days after shipping. It has never been simpler to order and customize your invitations. 



Pink is the conventional color for a baby girl shower, but if conventional does not describe you, then purple might just be the right color for your baby shower invitations. It is a feminine and cute color, and you can find many different shades to fit your decoration. Paperlust has many different designs to fit your needs, from little purple elements like flowers or garlands to full purple backgrounds. 

Click here to see purple baby shower invitation designs

Ordering online your purple baby shower invitations has never been easier. You need to start by browsing thru the many options we have to offer. Once you have one you love, you can customize the information and make small changes like color and font style. If you like the design but want to make it more personal, you can always add a special request. 

And if you already have a design in mind, Paperlust design team can work with you to develop the idea and make it happen, and you only need to request a custom design. You can also personalize your envelopes and choose from a variety of paper. Plus, we ship globally, and shipping is free on orders over $300.00 USD. 



Themed baby showers are often hard to choose from, but if you are into the magical and shiny aesthetic, a sprinkle baby shower invitation will win you over. They are very flexible since you can use them for a baby boy or baby girl. And you can choose your favorite colors without having to choose pink or blue. If you add some metallic details, it will look amazing. 

See sprinkle baby shower invitation design here

Ordering online thru Paperlust is easy; you only need to browse our designs and choose the one you love, then it is time to customize the wording without editing tool. Once the words are right, you save it and send it to our design time to adjust, once it is ready, they will ask for your approval, and that is all you are good to go. 

When you go thru our editing tool, you must add the details of your gathering, such as: 

- Time and date. 

- Location.

- Name of the mother and baby (if you wish) 

- Registry information. 

Your baby sprinkle shower invitations should be ordered about two months before your event, so they arrive on time for you to mail them around four to six weeks before the big day. Add information regarding RSVP, so your guests know exactly how to confirm their presence. 

 And remember to start your invitation with an inviting phrase like: 

- We wished upon a star, and now we are waiting for baby ___ to arrive. Please join us to celebrate mommy to be. 

- Join us for an intimate celebration of mommy to be ___. 

- Nothing will make us happier than sharing this moment with you. Please come and join us to celebrate the arrival of our baby. 



If you are waiting for a baby boy, you probably are also starting your dreamed baby shower plans. While sweet and cute themes are classic, you can also have some fun and choose a unique theme, like mustaches. Of course, no one relates baby showers with mustaches, but you will nail the dreamiest event with the right decoration items. 

Choose one of the existing Paperlust mustache baby shower invitation designs and personalize the information using our editing tool; you can add details for your events such as the mom-to-be name, baby name, location, date, and time. Of course, if you need to incorporate a map, you can always request a custom backside. And do not forget to include registry information. 

See mustache baby shower invitation design here

If you already have a design in mind or look for something different and unique, you can request a custom design and work with our designers to develop a unique idea. Once the design is ready, all you need is to approve it, and it will only take 3 to 17 days to finish the product, depending on the print type you choose. 



Most baby shower themes are related to summer, spring, and fall. But what about winter baby showers? penguin baby shower invitations are suitable for a boy or girl baby shower because you can add your favorite colors to the design. And you could also keep it neutral by choosing gray, white, or green. 

 Start planning your baby shower as soon as possible; you want to have it already by your sixth or seventh month of pregnancy so you can showcase a beautiful belly but still be active and up for a celebration. Waiting until your final months can be stressful and difficult to enjoy. Find the perfect venue to keep your guests warm during a winter baby shower and find beautiful penguin decorations too. 

 Once you have taken care of those details and have a date, it is time to look for your penguin baby shower invitations. Paperlust offers many designs for you to customize and easily add the information of your celebration. Include details of your date, time, and location. You can change the color, font, and elements of a design by adding a special request. 

See penguin baby shower invitation designs here



Owl baby shower invitations are ideal for gender-neutral celebrations, girl and boy baby showers too. You can add your favorite colors to match your baby shower theme; pink and blue are classics. For gender-neutral, you can add green, brown, gray, and yellow. Owls can be cute little animals that brighten your celebration. 

See owl baby shower invitation design here

Choose one of the many designs Paperlust has for you and personalize it by customizing the wording and adding the details of your event. For example, share with your guests the location, date, and time. You can also add registry information for your guest to bring the right gift. 

Special requests are available, too, so you can change the color, font style, and elements of a current design. You can also add a custom backside to include a map of directions to your venue. And if you can not find the right design for your owl baby shower invitations, you can request a custom design and work with our design team to create a unique piece. 

 If you wish to personalize even more your event, you can request a colored stock. Choose from kraft, aqua, cobalt, black, forest green, navy, and violet. In addition, you can choose white ink to make a contrast and get the most out of the color. For digital print, you will have many options too. Matte, linen, metallic, kraft, cotton, and blush are some examples.  

Cause a great impression on your guests with a unique envelope color and envelope liner. Paperlust offers many standard envelope


Should you use baby shower invitation templates?

Many people look for alternatives to professional baby shower invitations in hopes of saving some money or just going for a more DIY look. One of the most popular options people seek out is baby shower invitation templates, or printable baby shower invites. A baby shower invitation template allows you to download an existing design and use either an online tool or a common program like Word or Pages to add your own information and details to the invite. You are then responsible for printing your own baby shower invitations, or using the template as a digital baby shower invitation to be sent via email. While baby shower evites are quicker and easier, many people still like the personal touch of printed invitations.

These designs are usually available for purchase, but sometimes you can track down baby shower invitation templates for free. Free baby shower invitation templates are more likely to be more difficult to customise and of a lower design quality, but y’know, free! Paid baby shower invitation templates are a good compromise because you can sometimes find them for under $20, as electronic baby shower invitations you can print from home. Not only does this give you a bigger range of designs to choose from, but it usually gets you some level of customer service support and of course, allows you to support your designer!

Whether you’re considering free baby shower invitation templates or paid baby shower invitation templates, remember that this is not the only money you will need to set aside for invitations. When creating your budget, remember to factor in other associated costs of printing out baby shower online invitations like good quality paper stock, appropriate ink for your printer, envelopes, envelope inserts, postage, and the time required to actually print and put together the invitations (all weeks before the actual event so that guests have time to RSVP). We have a range of cheap baby shower invitations here if you are on a tight budget. It’s also a good idea to factor in a margin for error: you don’t want to break the bank just because you misjudged and ended up having to reprint your invites. At the end of the day, it is possible to save yourself some money by making use of online baby shower invitation templates, but you need to plan carefully and have plenty of time available (and the necessary printing skills), so make sure you take everything into consideration before you make your decision!


Baby shower save the dates

While it may seem excessive to some, if you are planning your shower during a busy time of year (December), you have people coming from far away, or your friends simply have very packed out schedules, a baby shower save the date might be just what you need. Choosing a save the date for a baby shower is a very similar process to the main invitation, so we won’t go into too much detail. One word of advice is to consider the overall theme of your shower before choosing the save the date because, if possible, it’s best to carry a consistent theme the whole way through the event. Baby shower save the date wording should ideally hint at the style you will be using on your main invitation card, so don’t start out with a funny limerick if you plan to end up with formal baby shower invite wording fit for royalty.


Baby shower etiquette

Now whether you’re the one throwing the baby shower or you’ve been invited to one, there are a few things you should know about what’s expected on the day from what to wear, to the gifts, to what will actually be involved on the day.

Now it’s generally not the mum-to-be's job to host the shower, usually that role is taken on by a close friend or family member, whether they have offered or the expecting mother has asked them. When choosing the invitations and planning the details of the shower, it’s a good idea for the person hosting it and the expecting mother to work together to get the details just right, then on the day all the mum-to-be has to do is sit back and enjoy the shower.

Something else to think about is whether the baby shower will be a women-only event. Customarily baby showers have been seen as women’s parties, but these days it is becoming more common for men to be invited. It’s something to think about, depending on what kind of baby shower you want, as inevitably the presence of men will change the style of the day. But if you want guys to come along then, by all means, include them in the fun!

Whatever you decide, make sure you send your invitations out about 4-6 weeks prior to the shower. If you’re sending your baby shower invitations Australia wide (or even further afield!) you should definitely allow more time for postage to make sure your guests have plenty of notice.

Baby showers can be one of those events that if you’ve never been to one before it can be difficult to know what to expect, so here are some other aspects to keep in mind. For more baby shower ideas check out our latest article on great baby shower ideas and games.


Baby shower gifts

Whether it seems fair or not, gifts are non-negotiable when it comes to baby showers (the purpose of the even is literally to ‘shower’ the mum with gifts). Other than of course celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby, a baby shower is an opportunity for friends and family to help out the new parents with some gifts and baby necessities.

Most baby showers have a designated gift giving time (with people watching the expectant mother open each one) so if you show up to a baby shower without a gift, you may end up feeling a little awkward. Even if it doesn’t specify on the invite, gifts are expected. Instead of viewing it as a tiresome social obligation, the best way to view it is as the perfect time to shower the baby mama with some love in the form of presents. She’s most likely about to go through one of the most hectic seasons of her life, so some help from friends is what she needs. If you can’t bring a gift with you for whatever reason, at least bring a card and send a small gift at a later time. You don’t need to buy anything expensive, just something thoughtful.

Usually something practical that the mum-to-be can use with the baby, like a toy or piece of clothing for the baby, are very acceptable gifts. Anything baby related you bring is sure to be highly appreciated. Girl baby shower gifts are often pink (and boy’s blue) but they don’t have to be. Think out of the box with purple, orange, green and yellow - babies can have any colour at all! If you are worried about budget, consider something homemade like a compilation of child-friendly recipes, a painting, a collection of poems, a hand sewn bib or even just nappies (there can never be enough of those!).

As the mum receiving all this love, there are the obvious ways to say thanks: thank you cards after the party. But if you want to show your appreciation on the day you could hand out party favours to people on their way out. Make sure they’re not baby related (remember, you’re the one about to pop, not them) but they can have cute on-theme baby shower thank you tags to keep consistency with the rest of the day.



If you’re lucky, the mama-to-be will have registered for gifts, making your life a whole lot easier. If you are time poor or can’t go shopping for some reason, just bring a gift card to the baby shower - that way the guest of honour can go out and purchase baby items she is still missing after the present opening. 

As the host or guest of honour, you definitely want to get your baby shower registry wording just right, as gifts can be a sensitive topic and you don’t want to sound ungrateful. Whether yours is something as specific as a Baby Bunting baby registry or as general as an online registry from any store, make sure you word baby shower gift wording in a way that shows you are not expecting too much and are very appreciative of everyone’s generosity. If you’re looking for baby shower registry wording examples, we have provided one below:


“All Jessica desires is your presence on her special day but if you wish to bless her with a gift, see the registry information below for inspiration.”


If you prefer a wishing well, try a few different combinations of poetic or funny wording as a way to explain your wishes or visit our page of wedding wishing well messages that can easily be modified to become baby shower wishing well quotes. Just a note: if you specify a wishing well, be prepared that some guests may still show up with bearing physical gifts. Ask a family member or trusted friend to review your baby shower gift wording on the invitation before going to print just to make sure it sounds how you would want it to come across.


Writing baby shower card messages

Found your way here because you’re looking for advice on how to write in a baby shower card for a friend? The right baby shower words for a card can be tricky, especially if none of your close friends have kids and you’ve never attended a baby shower before. But first, it’s time to sift through baby shower cards ideas for the right one to suit your friend. Baby shower cards can be easy when you know the gender of the baby but if not, pick something neutral and cute (baby animals are always a hit).

When it comes to the content of the card, baby shower messages for a girl or boy don’t vary much - remember, a baby shower is really more about the mum. Just make your baby shower message as heartfelt and sincere as possible: congratulating them, perhaps sharing a dream for baby’s future, or if you’ve got your own children, maybe a wise word of advice. 

If you’re still unsure, you can take a look at our article here on writing baby shower card messages that will give you everything you need to know. We also sell greeting cards, which you can customise into the perfect baby cards to make your message stand out. 



While there is no hard and fast rule that there have to be games at a baby shower, it is the general norm that there will be a few baby related activities that everyone is expected to take part in. This does usually take the form of baby shower games. But when planning your bumper baby shower, if you don’t want any games for baby shower activities, you certainly don’t have to do them. However, if you are thinking of including games, your options are almost endless. Whether you’re looking for baby shower games for boys baby showers, baby shower games for girls baby showers, or if you’re keeping the gender of your baby under wraps, there are games to suit. 

Planning games might seem intimidating, but often the best baby shower games are also the most simple baby shower games. Even better? Free baby shower games! They usually end up being the most fun to play and you can often just use common household items to play the game.

If you’re looking for inspiration, start with free baby shower games printouts that you can find online, or other baby shower invitation ideas for baby shower games that are free. That way you can get a feel for some ideas without shelling out money at this stage. Even if you don’t find a particular printable that you like, you might find a game idea that you can then search up as a paid baby shower games printable resource. 

Some of the most fun but easy baby shower games are prediction-based baby shower guessing games like guessing the baby’s sex, name, birth date, weight, eye and hair colours, and similar details. You can find printouts to help with this, or keep it simple with paper and pens (but remember to think of questions in advance). Of course, modern Australian guests might enjoy baby shower games that incorporate technology, so you could have guests vote or guess using their phones (and it doesn’t hurt to save some trees in the process).

There are a number of funny baby shower games that will be hilarious and enjoyable for some, while cringe-inducing for others. These include guessing smells of things wrapped in a nappy (if you’re playing Australian baby shower games) or a diaper (if you’re international), seeing who can drink milk the fastest out of a baby bottle, or competing to see who can change a dirty nappy (again, if your baby shower games are Australia based) or diaper on a doll in the fastest time. If these sound fun to you, go ahead! However, if these games don’t appeal, no problem (check out our list of cringe-free baby shower games). Remember to choose your games with an awareness of who is going to be attending. If all your guests are shy, you might want to skip anything too embarrassing, and if you’re having a coed shower, consider which baby shower games for men might work.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the tried and true popular baby shower games. Feel free to come up with your own unique baby shower games instead of feeling limited by baby shower game templates. 

If you do decide to host some fun baby shower games, just remember to have some prizes for baby shower games lined up to make winning worthwhile. Chocolate, lollies or other food treats are always a good option for prizes but gift vouchers, trinkets, flowers, and other things are also popular. Base your prizes on who is attending and think about something all guests would be glad to win. 


There truly is nowhere else in the world quite like the incredible country of Australia! From the breathtaking seas to the equally stunning landscape, there is no better place to live life. If you live in Australia, or are just inspired by its beauty and life, you can create an Australia themed baby shower thanks to Paperlust. Browse through the locally inspired and created designs, from cities such as Melbourne, Hobart, Perth and Brisbane and see which of the Australia inspired baby shower cards strikes your fancy. From preppy baby shower invitations and cute baby shower invitations to custom baby shower invites and cool baby shower cards, find the one that suits your party theme best.

Not only are these Australia baby shower cards beautiful, you can personalize them to your exact specifications and make sure you’re truly happy with the finished product. Change the colour to black baby shower invitations, green baby shower invitations, red baby shower invites or white baby shower cards to reflect your personality or event style. The print type can really impact the look, so choose from digital printing baby shower invitations, letterpress baby shower invitations, foil stamped baby shower cards or print on wood baby shower invites to make it 100% you! 

As you decide on the content and wording for your invites, you may want to consider a baby shower registry Australian style. An online gift registry with all products from Australia for your baby shower is a great way to support local industry, or you may just love a baby shower registry website with Australiana styling to match an Aussie themed party.



If you’re wondering where to have a baby shower in Sydney, the best places to consider are first of all your own backyard (literally), then local cafes or a nearby park. If you’re brave, you could even host a party at the beach! Baby shower supplies in Sydney will be easy to find - you can either use word of mouth recommendations or search online by location. The beauty of shopping online is that you can access decorations etc for very specific themes, but the trade-off is that you have to be super organised due to shipping times. For a baby shower high tea in a Sydney cafe or home, start by deciding how many guests you want and then work out venue and catering from there.



There’s nothing as classy as a high tea baby shower in Melbourne so why not gather your friends with the perfect elegant invitation? If a high tea doesn’t appeal to you, or you just want to host your shower at a different time of day, check out our many suggestions for awesome baby shower themes. For most events, the theme is primarily demonstrated in the decorations, so you may be looking for baby shower supplies Melbourne wide. If you’re tired of running from shop to shop, hop online to find everything you need for the baby shower - right from the comfort of your couch!



While you may not find a dedicated baby shower shop in Perth, there are so many ways to gather baby shower supplies around the Perth area. Depending on your budget, you could visit party stores, craft shops or even make some of the decorations DIY style at home. For a gender reveal at the shower you could do a balloon pop - thus forming the most important decoration of your whole party! If you want decor for a BBQ, brunch, baby animal or high tea baby shower in Perth, decide on your budget then search online for your best sources, or ask a friend.



Baby shower supplies in Adelaide should be easy to find if you look online first. Whether you’re having your baby shower in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or overseas, you can shop online with Paperlust to get luxury personalised stationery for your baby shower and all other life events.



For local, Australian created baby shower cards, you won’t find a better product anywhere than at Paperlust. Need top quality stationery for your other life events? Why not add your own personal style to other Paperlust products like wedding invitations, save the date, christmas cards and birthday invitations too? The possibilities are endless!