The Ultimate Guide to Baby Shower Themes

Baby Shower Themes

A baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate this precious time of pregnancy. Gather all your friends and loved ones with a theme that truly resonates with you. Rather than getting stuck in the rut of cliché baby showers (accompanied by somewhat cringe-worthy games) host a baby shower to remember – for all the right reasons.

1. Baby q Shower

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A baby q invitation is just a catchy way for saying baby shower bbq. If you’re chilled out and just want a casual event in the backyard or at your local park, a bbq baby shower is for you. Depending on where you’re from, baby que ideas (AKA baby q ideas) could include Southern fried chicken, red and white plaid decorations, some smokin’ pig or snags on the barbie and backyard cricket. A baby bbq shower is a fantastic setting for a coed baby gathering, including both girls and guys, and your babyq invitations could match the colour scheme or a decorating pattern. Coed baby bbq invitations don’t have to be colours indicating the sex of the expected baby – they can simply be used to indicate the fact that all are welcome. Some other great baby shower bbq ideas are homemade lemonade, hessian table cloths and rustic thank you cards for all the gifts you’re showered with.

2. Elephant baby shower

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None of us have a defence for the concentrated cuteness of miniature things, and baby animals of any kind will produce a positive reaction in us. While baby is still on the way, celebrate with an elephant themed baby shower! Order the sweetest elephant baby shower invitations from Paperlust, get some friends to help make baby shower elephant decorations and start on the finger food and games. A baby elephant baby shower is a great theme for those who rock pastel colours and love a more traditional look. It also works well as a theme for both boys and girls.

3. Rustic baby shower

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A woodland baby shower has such a wonderful whimsical feel to it. Channel your inner fairy to create a magical setting for your friends and family to come and celebrate your growing bump. Whether it’s rustic baby shower invitations, woodland baby shower invitations or stunning handmade baby shower cards, Paperlust always delivers a personal touch with our online design tool that makes all of our invites completely customisable. Get the look of handmade baby shower invitations without all the stress (and glued fingers). A woodland themed baby shower would be at home set in the great outdoors and can never have enough greenery. Go as natural as possible with this brand of baby shower and don’t forget a tasty cake decorated with fresh flowers.

4. Baby shower high tea

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Baby showers are usually afternoon tea affairs so high tea baby shower ideas abound. From jam and scones, bunting, lace tablecloths and pastel colours to glitter filled balloons and cupcakes, a high tea baby shower is all about the classy vibes. To add some extra fun, ask your guests to get in touch with their inner royalty by incorporating a dress up element like fascinators, ‘a touch of lace’ or ‘a little bit of fancy’.

5. Boho baby shower

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Boho baby shower invites are for those who like to run barefoot and always have flowers in the house (or better yet, their hair). Or just anyone who appreciates a fun and maximalist eclectic style. If your personality is all about bright colours and good times, let all your girls share in the fun with a funky party to celebrate your growing bundle of joy. Consider some alternative options like a picnic with large cushions or a cocktail party (although you’ll be drinking mocktails). Anything unconventional done with the right amount of flair is what we’re talking about.

6. Coed baby shower

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Briefly mentioned above, a joint baby shower can be extra fun, especially if you have a lot of couple friends or want to include relatives. Baby shower invitations unisex style can be the best way to introduce this joint concept to some of your more traditional friends. We recommend a range of colours and games that will be both guy and girl friendly – in general, steer clear of anything too extreme.

7. Twins baby shower

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There’s nothing like a twin baby shower to double the fun! They may seem hard to find, but twin baby shower invitations are possible with any design if you choose Paperlust. We can customise any design to suit your needs. At a baby shower twins style, everything comes in pairs. From cute nursery rhymes to playing on the ‘two peas in a pod’ joke, you can have pairs woven throughout your theme and pair guests up for ice breakers, games and quizzes.

8. Colour themed baby shower

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Colour is an easy way to tie a party’s decorations together. If you don’t consider yourself an interior decorator, why not go for a safe option like a pink and gold baby shower, a pink baby shower or baby shower blue? Your pink and gold baby shower decorations can be designed to match your pink and gold baby shower invitations or your pink or blue streamers can indicate the gender you’re expecting.

A yellow baby shower or white baby shower is a terrific way to keep your celebration gender neutral. Another way to keep your guests guessing is with a pink and blue baby shower – these are perfect for gender reveal baby showers and for the rare case of boy-girl twins. However, if you know which gender you’re welcoming into the world, there’s nothing wrong with going all out in a fluffy pink or bright blue baby shower!

9. About to pop baby shower

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The ready to pop baby shower invitation is increasingly popular because of the puns it creates, the chance for some glitter balloons and the fact that it sets the perfect stage for a gender reveal. If you’re in the mood for a surprise, get a trusted friend or family member to arrange the gender reveal balloon and brace yourself for a public unveiling.

10. Vintage baby shower

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If we’re honest, baby showers are more for the mumma-to-be than baby, so if vintage is your style, why not embrace a vintage baby shower? You’ll have enough animal themes and pastel colours once baby arrives; set the tone right with some stunning rustic or vintage baby shower invitations and decorate the space to your heart’s content. Cater to the baby’s gender or stay neutral, but focus on classic style and grace. For the vintage style, everything should have a personal handmade look and evoke nostalgic thoughts of a world gone by.

11. Animal baby shower invitations

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Animal baby showers are one of today’s most popular themes, whether it’s general like a jungle baby shower or safari baby shower, or as specific as a giraffe baby shower, koala baby shower or dinosaur baby shower. Use jungle baby shower invitations to let your guests know to come dressed with a hint of jungle/safari or duck baby shower invitations to point towards animal related food and games.

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The bee themed baby shower is in vogue right now and we can understand why. From the bee-related puns to their happy (and neutral) yellow colour, a bumble bee baby shower is a crowd pleaser. Customise an adorable invite and go hunting at your local party store for the perfect decorations to make your bee theme baby shower a party reflecting all the joy your baby will bring you.

Other ideas

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If you’re still looking for inspiration, here are a few more baby shower themes that we love:

Whichever theme you choose, once the day arrives your job is to sit back and enjoy being showered with love (and a few presents!). A close friend or relative will usually hosts your baby shower so that means that you can remain stress free and really be in the moment. Before you know it, your life will have changed completely, so be sure to soak this day in.

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