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Blue And Gold Baby Shower Invitations

Baby showers tend to be sweet and cute, with soft pastel tones, but you can always incorporate hints of metallic colors to make it more sophisticated and elegant. Keep in mind your baby shower is a celebration in your honor for your baby's arrival, so your personality can be reflected through some details. 

Choose the tone of blue you love the most. All of them look amazing when combined with gold. You can go for a deep royal blue or a soft baby blue. Then, add your favorite elements; they could be inspired by flowers, the moon, stars, royalty, crowns, or any other image you love. Paperlust has many available designs for you to add your information and personalize, or you can submit a custom order and create a unique design with our team's help. 

Order your blue and gold baby shower invitations timely, and you should mail them at least a month before your event. Paperlust makes ordering easy, browse thru our selection of royal blue and gold baby shower invitations, find the design you love, and personalize it by adding details such as the date, time, and location of your event. You can also change the colors and font, and if you want to customize it to make it your own, add a special-order request. Once the design is ready and you approve it, we get to work, and your invitations will be ready to ship within ten business days. 

Paperlust ships globally, and shipping is free on any order over $300.00 USD, your blue and gold baby shower invitations will arrive within 2 to 4 days after shipping. It has never been simpler to order and customize your invitations.