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Personalising your favourite invitation designs on Paperlust is now even more personal with the option to add unique print types.

Select from traditional letterpress, custom foil stamping, or modern digital printing, each presenting a different look and feel (literally they all feel different) to ensure your special event reflects you.

The varied textures, pigments and paper guarantee satisfaction for all different weddings as well as individual service. We provide premium printing services for customers, and with our luxe paper options, you won’t be disappointed.


Letterpress printing brings an extra touch of class and elegance to your wedding, and so it should considering that the art of letterpress printing dates back to the 15th century. Using our master printers, we letterpress directly on to Paperlust’s high-quality paper leaving indents of an inscription with a luxuriously smooth look and feel. Our letterpress techniques assure vibrancy of colour using the highest quality letterpress ink hand mixed to enhance the unique process.

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Paperlust is an expert in the latest specialty printing technologies and the addition of flat foil to our range has been an industry game changer. Gone is the need for a custom die meaning that we can produce amazing foil invitations at a lower cost and quantities as low as 10 (except for 350 gsm Heavyweight with minimum of 30 quantities). The only difference between this new technology and the traditional foil stamp is there is no impression on the card (also known as a deboss) however it is a much faster process and comes in all of your favourite foil colours including gold, silver, copper and rose gold. It looks amazing on our famous matt stock, or go for a heavier smoother finish on our 380gsm Premium.

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A classic and timeless look, foil stamp is a specialty printing process that uses heat, pressure and metallic pigment (the foil). Each foil stamped invitation requires its very own custom die to be produced. The die then applies the foil with pressure leaving an indentation on the stock (also known as a deboss). Foils come in a variety of different colours with the most popular being gold, silver, copper and rose gold. We use special textured stocks and cotton based stocks for foil stamping to get the best deboss effect. Due to the custom nature of the production technique the minimum order quantity required is 50.

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Paperlust offers foil in gold, pale gold, rose gold, silver, copper, red, green, blue, hot pink, celestial blue, and holographic on all our foil stocks.

To get a different coloured foil, simply click 'add a special request', Type in your preferred foil colour and we'll make adjustments to your design proof

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If you don’t want anything too flash, and just love the look of the design, then digital printing is the choice for you. Our professional digital printing is the simplest and quickest, allowing costs to be reduced. Although this option is simplistic, we do offer a range of unique finishes. This option involves the transfer of a flat printed digital based image with inkjet and laser printers. Digital printing is economical, ensuring that only exact amounts of invitations/stationery are printed on time in a fast and efficient method. 

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Metallic print is a new technology that gives you some sparkle, but without the cost associated with foil stamping. The paperlust metallic print process uses an actual metallic gold pigment (for the tech heads we use a dry toner machine rather than wet ink) which is applied to the fifth imaging station of the press working in line with CMYK print. The metallic pigment isn’t as blingy as foil stamping but is more of a subtle shine.

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White ink is another exceptional fifth colour in our printing process which brings colour stocks to life. It allows for sleek modern designs on dark coloured stocks and can even support CMYK printing on colour stocks by adding an under layer. White ink printing is a new technology that is applied at the fifth imaging station of our presses, working in line with CMYK print.

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Yes you read correctly, we offer invitations printed on real wood. At 1.5mm thick our wood stock is a real show stealer. We use a digital printing process to print on wood which yields aesthetically brilliant results. The timber is sustainably sourced and the inks and toner we use are environmentally friendly.

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We offer real foil on our top-of-the-range double-sided coloured card is sourced from Europe. It has a special super soft finish, on both sides and is environmentally friendly (ECF) and FSC certified. Also in this range is our vellum stock which is heat stabilised to avoid curling in the foiling process, Paperlust Vellum Foil has a beautiful matt translucent finish.

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Foil Vinyl adds a touch of glam to your signage just like our real foil invitations. Choose from gold, silver, rose gold and copper.

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