Everything You Need To Know About Birthday Invitation Wording

Birthday Invitation Wording

So you’re throwing a birthday party and you’re prepping your invitations, but then you sit down to actually write the things and… hmm… Birthday invitation wording can be a little intimidating, and actually getting started is often the hardest part.

Information that needs to be included in your birthday invitations:

The most important thing about your birthday invitation wording is that it communicates all the necessary information as clearly as possible. So what information is necessary?


You should obviously let guests know who the party is for, but you should also clarify who exactly is being invited. Don’t leave your guest wondering if they can bring their boyfriend or their kids. Address your card to all the people you intend to invite.


A birthday party, of course! But what else can you tell them about it? If there’s a special birthday party theme or dress code, make sure this is clear on the invitation.


The date and time of your party are some of the most important details, since guests can’t attend if they don’t know what date to set aside or what time to show up!


Your birthday party location is another key piece of info: guests can’t show up if they don’t know where to show up to! Make sure you include the name of the venue and the address of the venue to avoid confusion.

Gift Information

If you want to request that guests don’t bring any gifts or you’ve decided to register for specific gift ideas, it’s perfectly appropriate to include this information on the birthday invitation itself. Alternatively, you might want to add a link to a website or even a Facebook event and include this sort of information online.

RSVP Details

Tell guests what date you need an RSVP by, and how they can RSVP. That will probably just be a phone number or email address: most people today don’t comply with requests for formal written RSVPs when the event is just a birthday party. If the event is particularly formal, though (think black tie), it’s totally fine to include a dedicated RSVP card and ask guests to return it.

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Types of Birthday Invitation Wording:

Think about what sort of birthday party you are having and match your wording to the style: some options might include formal, casual, funny or minimalist.

Formal birthday invitation wording

Formal birthday invitation wording is your best choice if the party is black tie or some other kind of ball or gala, or if you’re channelling that aesthetic into a more casual royalty-inspired party. If you’re opting for formal wording, it’s a good idea to write everything out in full.

Formal Wording Sample:

Your presence is requested as we celebrate the fiftieth birthday of

John Allen Lukac

Saturday the first of July, two thousand and seventeen

At seven o’clock in the evening

In the Savoy Ballroom, Grand Hyatt
One-twenty-three Collins Street, Melbourne

Please use the enclosed card to RSVP by

Saturday the twenty-fourth of June, two thousand and seventeen

Black tie dress code
In lieu of gifts, please make a donation to the Red Cross

Casual birthday invitation wording

Casual birthday invitation wording is appropriate for most birthday parties, since these events are usually laid-back compared to other events like weddings or christenings. Write as you would talk to your guests.

Casual Wording Sample for 50th Birthday Invitations:

Please join us as we celebrate
John’s 50th Birthday

Saturday 1 July, 2017, 7pm

CRU wine bar & kitchen,
916 Glenferrie Rd, Kew

RSVP to Lucy: 0446782943

Funny birthday invitation wording

Funny birthday invitation wording is not for the faint of heart! There’s a lot of room in written communication for misunderstanding, especially where humour is concerned, so this works best with close friends and people you know well so you can be sure that they understand your sense of humour, which will help avoid confusion or unintended offense.

Funny Wording Sample:

Not dead yet.

Celebrate with us over cocktails,
Saturday 1 July, 2017, 7pm

CRU wine bar & kitchen,

916 Glenferrie Rd, Kew

RSVP to Lucy, 0446782943

Minimalist birthday invitation wording

Some people choose to keep their words short on their birthday invites, leaving it to an attached information card to give details or linking to a website to elaborate the necessary information.

Minimalist Wording Sample for 60th Birthday Invitations:

John 50



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Whichever sort of birthday party you are having, and whichever sort of birthday invitation wording you have chosen to match, the key is to communicate all the necessary information as clearly as possible. Don’t overthink it! So long as your guests can find their way to you on the right date, your wording was perfect.

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