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12 Fun Baby Shower Games and Activities

We’ve all witnessed too many baby shower games that make us want to melt into the carpet, but baby showers are actually supposed to be fun. No matter if you’re searching online for ‘printable baby shower games Australia’ or you’re up for a DIY project, many people struggle with this question: What is appropriate for a baby shower? While the answer may seem obvious, we’ve provided 12 great ideas for unique baby shower games and, armed with these, there’s no reason for your friends to be looking for excuses to decline! Whether it’s a baby boy shower or a baby shower for a girl, we can show you how to plan the perfect baby shower games.

The first thing to note is that it helps to have good prizes and advertise that fact right from the beginning of the shower, or at least the games section. The best baby shower games are ones that everyone can get involved in, and prizes help motivate people to take part! Here are some baby shower games ideas that are unlikely to make any of your guests uncomfortable.

1. Baby predictions

Everyone’s already making their predictions anyway (Boy! Girl! Tennis player! Lawyer!) so why not make a game out of it with baby shower prediction cards? Let the baby know-it-alls get all their predictions out on paper and mum and dad can save them all and get a laugh out of it later. Who knows? You may be freaked out by how accurate some of the baby prediction cards turn out to be! It’s a fun way to include everyone, and it’s not an active game, so great for older people like grandparents to participate in. Paperlust has got you covered with some adorable baby shower games templates to work with. Your baby shower prediction card can follow the example or be totally customised!


2. Wishes for baby

Out of all the baby shower games, wishes for baby is one of the most personal and sentimental - while still being loads of fun. Have guests finish a list of sentences starting with ‘I hope…’, such as ‘I hope you become…’ with personal things that they are wishing for baby. This game works for both a boy and baby girl baby shower. Have a template ready, either from our collection of designer templates or using free baby shower games printouts, but make sure guests know that it’s totally okay to add their own personal wish or two at the bottom of the page. When it comes to baby shower games, printable templates are often a quick and simple choice, or this activity is something you could easily type out yourself to put some personal flair into it. Get guests to sign their name before handing them in so that you can see who all the wishes are from. It is a great way to remember your shower, and you’ll have some meaningful keepsakes for years to come.


3. Nursery rhymes quiz

If you’re looking for free baby shower games, then a Nursery Rhyme Quiz is the way to go! It’s so quick to prepare and is one of those great printable baby shower games that brings back fond memories of childhood for everyone. If you’ve got the time, you could write your own quiz, or if you’re after modern baby shower games you could use pop songs that feature the word ‘baby’, or even a Disney quiz. With a quiz, the possibilities really are endless, and you can make it as original and personal as you like for a boy or girl baby shower. If you’re looking for baby shower games great for people in Australia, why not make an Aussie themed baby quiz?


4. Fun twists on baby shower bingo

We’ve all heard of Baby Shower Bingo, but here are a few modern baby shower variations that you may not have tried:

  • DIY Bingo: to be played while presents are being unwrapped. Have guests write down 9 or 16 baby gift ideas and cross them off as the mother-to-be opens that item. The first one to get three or four in a row wins a prize.

  • Sweet Bingo: use little chocolates or lollies as the markers on the bingo board (you will have to have something to stabilise so the chocolates don’t fall off) - guests get to eat the sweets at the end. The more correct answers, the more you eat!

  • Ice Breaker Bingo: (This is great for when you’ve got a large party and want to encourage mingling.) Guests start with a blank sheet of paper divided into nine squares of personal facts like ‘has been to Europe’ or ‘owns their own bicycle’ and they are encouraged to chat to other guests while trying to find someone’s name to put on each square (it has to be a different name for each section). The first person to fill all nine squares wins!

  • Predictions Bingo: within the first few minutes of arrival each guest writes down nine things that they predict will happen during the party like, ‘Jane will be the first one to eat a cupcake’ or ‘someone will make a baby pun’. The first person to fill their sheet tells the host and receives a prize (you can do runner up as well).


5. The peg game

Every host loves easy baby shower games. Whether you’re looking for baby shower games for girls or baby shower games for boys, this game is a crowd pleaser because it is simple, non-obtrusive and best of all: has no cringe factor! As guests arrive, give them a peg to place somewhere on their clothing and tell them that no one is allowed to say the word ‘baby’. If they catch someone saying that word they can steal the person’s peg, and vice versa. The person with the most pegs at the end of the shower wins a prize (probably your biggest prize because it’s the longest game and hardest to win). Your strategic thinkers will love this one; it’s also a great game to engage any older kids at your shower who may need something more than chatting to keep them occupied.


6. Time capsule

This one requires being organised as a host. On the baby shower invitations ask guests to bring something to put in a time capsule for the baby. It could be a newspaper article, a letter, or a photograph. It doesn’t have to be sentimental - it could be a funny article from the media, or a really corny pun for them to roll their eyes at on their 18th birthday. 


7. Items in baby’s bag

Have a bag with 7-10 baby items and take turns with each guest putting their hand inside the bag and feeling the items. Whoever has the most correct guesses gets a prize and the mum-to-be gets to keep a bag full of practical baby goodies. Everybody wins!


8. Baby ‘Price is Right’

It’s like the TV show, with guests guessing the prices of baby items. They get items on a card and the one with the highest total without going over wins a prize. This is especially fun if you have someone funny and outgoing in the role of ‘game host’. As prizes you could have baby shower themed treats to hand out to guests.


9. Battle of the sexes

This one is great for co-ed baby showers because it gets the guys involved, particularly the soon-to-be dad. Ask both the mother and father-to-be the same list of questions (while out of earshot of each other), record their answers, and then sit them down in front of your guests to answer the same questions - but what they think their partner would have answered. Take a ‘hands up’ poll of guests to vote whether they think mum or dad’s answer is correct. This one is often good for a laugh, and gives the guests a bit of a break.


10. Baby sketch artists

Hands up if you love a good game of Pictionary! If you’re looking for funny baby shower games, then this one will get everyone laughing. Give each guest a marker (washable, in case of accidents) and a paper plate. Get them to draw a portrait of what they think the baby will look like. Seems easy, right? The twist: the paper plates have to be resting on people’s foreheads while they draw! Give them 60 seconds to draw and at the end the mum-to-be can pick the best portrait and the winner gets a prize.


11. Let’s get crafty!

If you’ve been searching for free printable baby shower games, maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to get a little crafty! We’ve got some great ideas for you, especially if you have creative friends:

  • DIY ABC Blocks: Buy blank wooden toy blocks from your local craft store and a bunch of colourful permanent markers (or paint) and get guests to create a personalised set of ABC building blocks for your new baby. Just make sure the paint or markers are child-safe, or cover them with a sealant that is.
    Note: You can do the same thing with books if you have pre-prepared cardboard letters which guests can decorate with pens, glitter, stickers etc. Later on you can make it into a book for bub.

  • DIY Baby Shower Bunting: Buy blank triangles from a craft store and let guests decorate them. String them together as bunting later on and put them up in your nursery as decoration.

  • Personalised Onesies: Lay out a bunch of waterproof fabric craft supplies and let your guests go crazy on a onesie, decorating it for the new baby to wear when they arrive.

  • Cupcake decorating: Pre-make cupcakes and provide a range of pastel coloured icing for guests to decorate cupcakes in baby themed ideas (they can take their cupcakes home as a thank you gift).

  • Play-Doh Babies: Use colourful Play-Doh to bring out everyone’s inner child as they sculpt their own idea of what baby will look like.


12. Late night nappy notes

Any games for baby showers that have word ‘nappy’ in them often make people cringe, but don’t stop reading, because we’ve saved our favourite game for last. Late Night Nappy Notes is great because it’s creative, original and serves a purpose beyond the baby shower. We all know that tired new parents need a little (or a lot of) encouragement, as well as a few laughs thrown in between nappy changes. Grab some permanent markers (don’t worry, nappies are thick enough that they won’t bleed through to bub’s bottom) and ask guests to write words of encouragement, funny quotes or even an in joke to lighten the task of late night-time nappy changing. Mum and Dad can have a giggle as they read the words that guests have written to them over the first few days, or months of bub’s life (depending on the size of the guest list).




Baby shower cards

Now that the games are done and dusted, we thought we’d throw in some baby shower card ideas. If you’re searching ‘free printable baby shower card’ or ‘baby shower cards to make’, why not shop online for your baby shower invites and we can take care of the stationery details while you organise your party?

If you’re planning to come as a guest, finding the right card for a baby shower can be tricky - whether from your local store or online printable baby shower cards. For parties where you know the sex, you can pick an ‘It’s a boy!’ or ‘It’s a girl!’ card. If not, you can personalise any of our Paperlust greeting cards to suit a baby shower occasion.


Decorations and details

There are so many details to a shower, aside from the games; you can either shop for your baby shower decorations online or locally. While the internet will contain a wider range of baby shower products, you will have to be more organised and factor in shipping times and costs. You can go simple with baby shower balloons or even use a balloon for a gender reveal! Baby shower accessories are another fun, simple and cost effective way to decorate for a shower, especially one hosted in a home. It’s your special day so if you’ve got the budget and want to go all out, why not hire a decorator to blitz the venue and really make your baby shower a day to remember? 

Another nice touch can be ‘baby shower packs’ or gift bags to give out as people are leaving as a way to thank your guests for their participation and all the presents they’ve so generously ‘showered’ you with. While the package can be baby themed, make sure the things inside are something that anyone can appreciate (did someone say chocolate?).


In summary...


After seeing some of the funnest baby shower games Australia has to offer, you can pick the ones that appeal to you and create a combination of written and interactive games to entertain your guests for hours on end. Whether you want to go traditional, or revamp the old games with twist, make sure you have plenty of prizes and food and everyone is sure to have a blast. Happy planning!