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Invite the men also with these Couples Baby Shower Invitations

Girls-only baby showers are a thing of the past, now couples are involved every step of the way, and they celebrate the arrival of their baby with a couple's baby shower. A couple's baby shower includes all the important women and men of both families. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and gather some knowledge from those who have already been there.ย 

Choose your couples baby shower invitations to match the formality and style of your celebration, and it could be a backyard barbeque or a dinner party at an elegant venue, you decide. Paperlust has many options for all types of baby showers. While you customize the wording with our editing tool, make sure you specify both men and women are invited, along with details like:ย 

  • Address.ย 

  • Date and time.ย 

  • Name of the mother and fatherย 

  • Name of the baby.ย 

  • Registry information.ย 

Mail your invitations six to four weeks before the baby shower, and start planning the menu, decorations, and activities. You can plan some competitive and entertaining games for everyone to play and have some fun. Do not forget about drinks and music, since it is a celebration.ย