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We have put together a list of the best fonts for wedding invitations and print stationery which we hold commercial license to use, and free fonts for commercial use.

You can use any of them in your designs. However we have the commercial license for these fonts, we cannot provide them for download.

We encourage you, our designers to let us know what you want to see in the list.
If there is a free or commercially licensed font that is not here,
feel free to incorporate it into your design and we'll assess it for future inclusion.


Use 8pt size or above, although check the legibility of typeface by;
Add stroke weights to thin fonts (for letterpress/foil)
Add stroke weights to thin fonts (for letterpress/foil)
Test print work
Test print
View work at 100%
View work
at 100%
Any lines added need to be bigger than 0.25pt
Any lines added need to be bigger than 0.25pt
sans serif

Wedding Invitation Fonts

The font you choose for your wedding invitations says just as much as the words themselves. When it comes to best wedding invitation fonts, you want easy-to-read, beautiful fonts that match your wedding theme.

Let's talk typography - the art of arranging text to deliver a message beautifully using the right font and styling.

Not all fonts are easy to read and this is a must because details about times and venues are extremely important. You also want the text to look clear and a combination of fonts can help present text in an easy-to-read format.

Of course, your wedding invitation font should be beautiful. The font you choose will be enhanced by the paper texture, colors and other stationery such as envelopes and stamps. The font is all part of the package and has to be gorgeous.

If you have a wedding theme already picked out, you should keep it in mind while selecting fonts. An elegant church wedding invitation would look lovely with calligraphy, while an industrial warehouse wedding might need something more chunky and bold. You have a huge amount of creative freedom and how you interpret matching font and theme is personal and unique to every couple.

Often you will pair two wedding invitation fonts together to add impact and clarity. Serif fonts and sans serif font achieve this perfectly as they contrast nicely. Simply put, a serif font has tails on it, making them often pretty, artistic and interesting, while sans serif fonts have no tails making them bold, striking and dramatic. For example, you might use a serif font like LTC Bodoni 175 for your names and a sans serif font like Calibri for other details.

Script and decorative fonts also look nice with a serif or sans serif font. Calligraphy and hand-written fonts are really nice for wedding invitations.

Some of our most popular wedding invitation fonts are code, proxima nova, quicksand and questa grande and petit formal script but there are endless combinations to use that will look lovely.

When it comes to wedding invites fonts, we say it is a little like shoes - can you ever have enough?

That is why Paperlust has a really huge range of wedding invitations fonts. We are sure your “font for wedding invitation” search is over because we have so many wonderful options.

You can request a custom font when you customize your design and if you get the proof and decide to change the font, we are happy to make it as you desire. We have live support and fast email response times if you need help choosing the right font for your wedding.

We are here to make your wedding invitation perfect right down to the last letter and dot.