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Confirmation Invitations

Confirmation is a significant rite of passage in a religious person’s life as they move from childhood to young adulthood, learning to embrace their beliefs individually and take responsibility for their actions. Confirmation invitations couldn’t be more important. Whether you specifically want religious confirmation invitations or you’re after a more modern confirmation invitations template, here at Paperlust we have plenty of confirmation invitations ideas to inspire you.


Confirmation celebration invitations

Not every confirmation has to be accompanied by a big blowout but, just like a wedding, it is lovely - and popular - to have some kind of celebration after the ceremony. Invitations for a confirmation party certainly don’t have to be overly festive. It’s perfectly alright to maintain the solemnity of the occasion, including in your confirmation party invitations. For confirmation party invitations free of stress, take a look at our designs and decide whether you want to add to one or create a custom design of your own.

Confirmation invitations wording

Wording for confirmation invitations may seem a bit tricky but once you break it down it’s not too hard. Luckily, there are some examples of confirmation invitations to help you out. Whether you want to look at the Catholic confirmation invitations wording from our designs on this page or take a look at our wedding invitations wording page and modify one of the examples to suit a confirmation, the choice is yours. Most people like somewhat formal wording for confirmation invitations, but there’s no rule saying it has to be. There are some confirmation invitations wording samples that include casual wording and also a quote or poem to create balance. Confirmation quotes for invitations could be verses from the bible or an excerpt from a favourite poem. 


Catholic confirmation invitations

If you’re wanting your child’s confirmation to have specifically Catholic invitations, our designs are fully customisable so you can add any wording, symbols or images that you like. Holy communion and confirmation invitations can even be easily created from the same template, simply by making small edits to the wording. You might be looking for confirmation invitations while in Ireland or with an Irish twist. The best part about shopping online is that you can access Paperlust anywhere and we ship worldwide. For those on a budget, free Catholic confirmation invitations that are printable might seem like the best option, but you are likely to end up being disappointed with the quality.


Lutheran confirmation invitations

Confirmation invitations for a Lutheran ceremony don’t differ too much from a Catholic one, however you may want to add some special touches like the holy trinity symbol or the Lutheran symbol with the cross, love heart and flower. Paperlust have the best invitations for confirmation, no matter which denomination you belong to.


Photo confirmation invitations

A great way to customise your stationery and event is with confirmation photo invitations. It guarantees your invite will be unique and your loved ones get to keep a beautiful photo of your child up on their fridge leading up to the confirmation. This stress free confirmation invitations from Paperlust can also be used as meaningful souvenirs afterwards to be framed or go in scrapbooks alongside a family photo from the ceremony. 


Confirmation invitations for boys

Confirmation invitations for a boy would typically involve the colour blue, but depending on how casual versus traditional you choose to go, you could include other design elements based on their hobbies. Boy confirmation invitations could mean so many things, from an olive branch/greenery or masculine style cross to sporting or video game motifs. At the end of the day, confirmation invitations for a boy depend on his personality and your preferences.


Confirmation invitations for girl

We all want unique confirmation invitations for our daughters, so whether it’s pink, glitter, flowers or just a simple rose gold cross, make sure you get her input. It’s her special day, after all. Sample confirmation invitations for girls are easy to find. Browse our selection to find one that suits you and your daughter.


Cheap confirmation invitations

Of course we don’t all have endless budgets for events stationery, so you may be looking for free printable confirmation invitations, but a word of caution before you jump. Beware of hidden costs or low quality graphics if you go this route, not to mention the fact that to be free, it’s likely that this design has been ripped off from an artist who is now not receiving the credit. Printable confirmation invitations, as the term would suggest, require a printer and they can often end up becoming more expensive than you might expect, especially with envelopes, postage and possible mistakes factored in (requiring a reprint). Why not choose confirmation invitations templates free of stress instead and just customise one of the designs on this page?


DIY confirmation invitations

Similar to the section above, deciding to make confirmation invitations at home is a big commitment, and something that people often underestimate. “Make your own confirmation invitations for free.” Although that concept may be advertised, they usually don’t end up actually free. There are still ink, paper, envelope and postage costs - and that’s all in addition to the time and skill needed. If you or someone you know is strong in the craft arena, go for it, otherwise you can get affordable confirmation invites with Paperlust by sticking to digital printing.


Online confirmation invitations

Undoubtedly the best way to get personalized confirmation invitations is through shopping online. Searching for confirmation invitations online gives you the best range, the best prices and the most control of your card’s customisations. You can add pictures, change the colours and sizing and more - it’s all up to you!

Now that you’ve got the 4-1-1 about invitations for your child’s confirmation, check out our confirmation invitations templates and see which one you’d like to customise. Contact us directly if you’d like to ask about confirmation invitations cards or an order of service. Happy shopping!