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Corporate Event Invitations

Corporate events make an impression on behalf of your business and are a huge part of creating the culture of your company. Whether the event is internal or external, it plays a role in telling your story and bringing your community together. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, Paperlust has corporate invitations and business invitations for all your events in a huge range of print types and styles. You might be looking for a corporate cocktail party invitation or business anniversary invitations, or other corporate party invitations, or to create save the date cards. Whatever the case, we can help. 

What are corporate invitations?

Events and entertainment are a huge part of doing business. Relationships are everything, whether with clients, staff members or other businesses, and these relationships are built through events. There are hundreds of different events you might host as part of your business, including:

  • Product launch

  • Conference or convention

  • Corporate party, such as:

    • Cocktail party

    • Christmas work party invitations

    • Retirement party

    • Achievement party, etc. 

  • Fundraiser

  • Openings

  • Awards night

  • Ball or gala

  • Information session

  • Training day.


Each of these categories will require event invitations. A business invitation or corporate party invitation is the first impression guests get of the event you are hosting, and often of your business itself.  A corporate event invitation or corporate party invitation will look very different depending on the industry, the size of the business, and the nature of the event. Every industry will have its own events with unique needs and features. Some of the most common industries requiring business invitations and stationery are: 

  • Legal

  • Medical

  • Academic

  • Business

  • Finance

  • Real estate

  • Retail 

  • Hospitality

  • Public service

  • Education.

Regardless on the industry, we have corporate event invitations and business event invitations to suit. 


When to send out corporate invitations

The timeline for sending out corporate invitations depends in part on the nature of the event. A big conference that people will be travelling to attend might require notice of a year or more, while a small gathering or party might only require a few weeks. Generally, if it’s important enough to send hard copy invitations and not just an email, it’s best to give at least 4-6 weeks notice. Aim to send invitations as close to the date as possible (so they don’t put it out of their mind and forget about it) while still allowing sufficient time for guests’ planning, purchasing tickets, RSVPs cards and similar. If you need RSVPs finalised weeks before the event, make sure you factor this in when planning out the invite timeline. Of course, it’s also possible to give people advance notice by email or newsletter and then send the physical invitation as a formality closer to the big day. 


Popular corporate invitation styles

The most popular print types for corporate invitations are:

  • Digital - This is ‘standard’ printing, ink on paper. It is affordable but very high quality

  • Letterpress - Make an impression with text or patterns pressed into the cardstock

  • Foil or raised foil - Add metallic shine and sophistication with real foil or raised foil

  • White ink - This really makes a statement on black or navy paper.

There are also other print types such as metallic ink and print on wood, and you can choose to combine print types (e.g. a foil and letterpress invitation) for your corporate invitation or business event invitation. 


Some of the most popular styles for business invites include:

  • Geometric

  • Minimalist / simple

  • Typographic

  • Classic

  • Modern

  • Botanical

  • Patterned

These are only some of the most popular options. Corporate event invitation design spans the whole spectrum of styles and is as varied as the landscape of business. Whatever style reflects your company and the nature of the event, we’ve got your business invitations covered. 


Choosing the right corporate event invitation

When choosing the event invitations for your corporate party or business event, there are a number of things to take into consideration beyond just your own taste in design. These include:

  • The industry you are in - your industry may influence the style and/or wording of your business invitations, as each industry has its own conventions. Know what’s expected and how you will come across to others in your field. 

  • The size of your company - you may wish to express the size of your company with your corporate event invitation design, or you might find a way to project yourselves as larger or smaller than you really are for a particular effect. 

  • The culture of your company - your business event invitations should always reflect your brand personality and the culture of your company in both design and wording. 

  • What the event is - you will need very different types of stationery for different events: business anniversary invitations, Christmas party invitations, awards night invites, and corporate cocktail party invitations will all be very different. 

  • Who is invited to the event - event invitations for an internal event will always be very different from event invitations being sent to potential clients or the general public. Keep in mind your audience when choosing your business invitations. 

  • How casual or formal the event is - a formal business event will probably be reflected in a formal invitation choice, while a casual gathering will be more likely to make use of a fun party invitation. 

  • The size and significance of the event - if you’re planning your biggest event in years, with 500 people in attendance, your event invitation should reflect the grandeur of the occasion. For an event that is smaller or held frequently, you are likely to choose a more casual, laid-back invitation. 

  • Your allocated budget - with a tight budget, you might lean towards digital print or white ink on a single invitation. With more to spend, you might be interested in letterpress or real foil, and a selection of other cards like RSVP cards and information cards. 

Of course, some of these things will be more significant than others, but it’s worth keeping them all in mind when you approach your corporate event invitation design choices.


Choosing corporate invitation wording

Your business invitations need to point guests to all the information they need to be able to attend your event. This doesn’t all have to be on the invitation itself, but the invitation should include enough to help them decide whether or not they are able to attend. You can then follow up with an email, website, or information package that contains more details. 

An invitation for corporate event guests should specify:

  • Who - Make sure recipients know which organisation or company is hosting the event. If it is being hosted by a specific department or even one or two people in particular, this can also be specified.  If the invitation is exclusive to a particular individual, make sure you specify their name and whether or not they are allowed to bring a guest. 

  • What - It should be clear immediately what your guests are being invited to. Is it a party or a training event? A fundraiser or a product launch? Some events will have multiple purposes, so feel free to specify more than one, just be sure to keep the focus on the primary purpose of the event so things don’t get confusing. (e.g. a Christmas party that will also be donating profits from ticket sales to charity is still primarily a Christmas party). 

  • When - Make both the date and time of the event clear. Some events run over multiple days: It’s really important that guests can tell easily whether this is one event open for several days that can be visited on any given day, or a multi-day event that will require attendance at every day. Sometimes there is a broader event that will be the same but with smaller things changing, like when information sessions and talks run at trade shows or conferences. Just make sure guests are clear about what to expect so they can plan accordingly. 

  • Where - Give the name of the venue as well as the street address, and be sure to include the city, state and even country if inviting people from all over the place. 

  • RSVP or ticketing - If guests need to RSVP by a certain date, make sure they know when and how to do that. For ticketed events, make it clear that tickets must be purchased, and make it clear how they can do so. 

  • Other information -  There’s usually a lot of extra information associated with corporate events, including dress code, travel and accommodation details. Again, this information doesn’t all need to be included on the invitation itself, but consider including a website address where people can get all the details they need. Alternatively, you might send out an information packet upon RSVP that contains travel information, schedules and other details. 


Corporate invitation sample wording

Join us to celebrate the

Grand Opening

Of Lucas Hills Boutique

7pmFriday August 25, 2017

121 Bourke Street, Melbourne

RSVP by Friday August 18, 2017



You are invited to 

‘Once Upon a Christmas’

A ball to benefit

Mercy Road Hospital

6.30pm, Sat July 26, 2017

Lohan Golf Club, Conan Rd

NSW 2075

Individual tickets $170

Tables $1500


Western Industries Annual Training Day

10am-7pm. Wednesday 26th July 2019

Endeavour Room, Etihad Stadium 


The pleasure of your company is requested

at the

Nineteenth Annual Christmas Ball

To benefit

The Fred Hollows Foundation

Saturday the twentieth of December

Cocktails from six o’clock

Dinner at seven o’clock

The Queen Anne  Ballroom 

Melbourne, Victoria

Black tie


London Fine Dining Launch

7pm    28-7-17 


You are invited to

The Melbourne Wood & Metal Show

June 1-5 2019, open 9am-7pm daily

Melbourne Convention Centre


Corporate Christmas invitations

Corporate Christmas invitations are one of the most commonly ordered types of corporate event invitations throughout the year. Regardless of the size or industry of a company, they are likely to have some sort of Christmas celebrations or other end of year celebrations. Christmas invitations for business organisations need to be classy, fun and on brand. For some businesses, corporate Christmas cards need to be very professional and formal, while others will need to keep it casual and full of personality. Know your context and choose accordingly. 

Another popular seasonal business event invitation is the secret santa invite. It’s common for offices and departments to hold secret santa or kris kringle gift pools, and a secret santa invite is the best way to make sure everyone knows about it and is prepared with a gift on the day. Any of our corporate Christmas invitations can be easily converted into a secret santa invitation template that is perfect for your organisation. 

We ship corporate Christmas cards Australia wide, and internationally.