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Shipping update 18th OCT: We are experiencing intermittent delays with both DHL and Startrack couriers at the moment. Please contact us if you have a time-critical order you wish to place.

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Our maximum expected delivery times from day of proof approval are currently: Digital print: 3-5 working days Photo print: 3-5 working days White ink printing: 3-5 working days Metallic print: 3-5 working days Foil print: 7-10 working days Letterpress: 10-12 working days Letterpress + Foil: 10-12 working days Print on wood: 5-7 working days Magnets: 5-7 working days If your order is a mix of print types, please use the longer of the delivery timelines as all products will be dispatched together unless detailed by our customer service team. Before going to print a design proof will be sent to you to review and approve. If you selected postal address printing on envelopes, your order will not be sent to print until all required mailing addresses have been uploaded and confirmed by you.
Paperlust delivers free of charge to Australia and New Zealand. We also ship to the USA, Canada and UK via DHL for a flat fee of $35 AUD. If you are from somewhere else in the world, please contact our customer service team for a quote. All deliveries must be to a physical address, not a P.O. box. Your order will be delivered between Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm and for your piece of mind may need to be signed for, so please provide a home or workplace address that works best during these hours.
We encourage you to print your digital proof to sense how closely the on-screen colours, images, and text will match the printed version of your design. Keep in mind that an image on your computer screen has light shining through it from your monitor. That same image printed on paper is likely to appear a bit darker. Some colors that look great on your screen may not reproduce well with ink on paper. Very bright and intense colors, especially neons, will print with less detail than they had on your monitor. Although your home printer is not going to be an exact match for the printers we use, a printed version of your digital proof will give you a much better idea of what to expect.
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