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Wedding Program & Wedding Order of Service


Wedding program ideas and themes

There are endless ideas and themes to choose from when it comes to your wedding program. While many couples match it to their other stationery, there’s no reason why you can’t mix and match or come up with a totally new wedding program design idea. 

Here are some theme ideas to get you started:

  • Rustic wedding program
  • A photo of you as a couple (the perfect way to personalise wedding program covers)
  • Catholic wedding program (ideal for a cathedral or traditional wedding)
  • Minimalist/simple wedding programs (often complemented by calligraphy)
  • Funny wedding programs (think puns, rhymes, in jokes)
  • Beach/nautical themed order of ceremony
  • Church wedding program
  • newspaper wedding program
  • Indian wedding program
  • Infographic wedding program
  • Hindu Wedding Program
  • Unique Wedding Program

A great middle ground can be using a colour or style element (i.e. gold foil) from your other stationery and incorporating it into your wedding programme.

Wedding program templates

It’s a relief to know that you don’t have to invent your wedding programme from scratch. Others have gone before you and you can benefit from their experience. You may research example wedding programs and find one that you want to basically copy word for word. While that can be a great option, you may prefer to pluck individual lines from a range of sample wedding programs and combine them to make your own unique creation (like many people do for their vows). Some couples draw inspiration from wedding program examples and then customise a wedding ceremony program template. Don’t feel restricted by the template and remember that with Paperlust we can bring any vision to life, no matter how different it is!.  Let your creativity shine, and consider our wide range of wedding program samples to ignite your imagination.


Wedding program Fan

Sometimes it gets a little warm as the couple are saying I do, so many a considerate duo have provided wedding fan programs as a way to combat stuffy rooms. Unsurprisingly, wedding programs fans templates are really popular in tropical areas and for destination weddings. The fan design kills two birds with one stone and can be an adorable keepsake for close family members (we’re looking at you, Nana!). Additionally, remember to include a heartfelt thank you message within the wedding program, expressing your gratitude to all your loved ones. Think ahead and consider whether your ceremony could benefit from a few fans flapping away. Another great idea is wedding programs that have instructions to be folded into a paper plane and thrown at the exact moment of the couple’s kiss.


Wedding program wording

The wording for your wedding program should ultimately be determined by your ceremony (and larger wedding) style. Is it the tone formal, casual or perhaps even jovial? Your wording can be customised to anything from country and western or tropical to royal wedding or an Australiana theme. Whatever you’ve chosen for your day, why not customise that stock standard wording to become something a bit more personal? Check out our wedding invitation wording page to gather some handy tips.


Cheap wedding programs

Sadly a lot of wedding programs don’t come cheap so what are the best ways you can cut costs in an already expensive season in your life? While DIY wedding programs seem like the obvious option, at home craft projects can be time consuming and stressful (especially DIY wedding programs that double as a fan). Instead, We recommend customizing our stress-free wedding program template and sticking to digital printing to keep costs down.. That way you have the program, the price and peace of mind you need.


In summary…  

On the day stationery is crucial to a smooth running wedding - none more so than the important order of ceremony. So whether it’s your main invitations, wedding programs or your thank you wording that you need help with, Paperlust has plenty of templates and examples to help you out. If you’re ordering with us and need further assistance, feel free to chat to us live or leave a note for our designers on checkout. See you soon!