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Purple Baby Shower Invitations

Pink is the conventional color for a baby girl shower, but if conventional does not describe you, then purple might just be the right color for your baby shower invitations. It is a feminine and cute color, and you can find many different shades to fit your decoration. Paperlust has many different designs to fit your needs, from little purple elements like flowers or garlands to full purple backgrounds. 

Ordering online your purple baby shower invitations has never been easier. You need to start by browsing thru the many options we have to offer. Once you have one you love, you can customize the information and make small changes like color and font style. If you like the design but want to make it more personal, you can always add a special request. 

And if you already have a design in mind, Paperlust design team can work with you to develop the idea and make it happen, and you only need to request a custom design. You can also personalize your envelopes and choose from a variety of paper. Plus, we ship globally, and shipping is free on orders over $300.00 USD.