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Create your perfect Wedding Seating Chart with Paperlust

When preparing for your wedding, seating charts may just seem like another thing you can’t be bothered with, but we’ve made a one stop shop for your seating chart for a wedding, so sit back and relax as we tell you everything you need to know and some great seating chart wedding ideas, to help you get this job ticked off the list ASAP. If you’re wondering who makes a wedding seating chart, which design to choose or even why to have a wedding board at weddings, we’ve got the answers.   


Why have a wedding seating chart?

Why are seating charts important? Let’s discuss a few ideas for and against wedding seating charts. The downside to using seating charts for a wedding is that they are usually time-consuming, stressful and complicated to organise (by that we mean deciding who sits where). A wedding table seating chart can also seem a little bit formal for a small, afternoon, casual or cultural wedding.

However, we firmly believe that the ‘fors’ outweigh the ‘against’ when it comes to the wedding table seating chart. Here are some of the reasons why you should strongly consider table seating charts at a wedding:

  • They prevent awkwardness (especially for single people) and confusion.
  • If your reception has a buffet, they help avoid a bottleneck at the end of the food table when people can’t decide where to sit - or with whom.
  • Efficiency - getting everyone seated is far quicker when chairs (or at least tables) are assigned. This saves time for more important things and your day runs more smoothly (i.e. bridal party and ushers aren’t answering as many questions).
  • Wedding Seating charts help when a large number of guests have dietary requirements or the reception provides multiple courses/meal options.


Wedding Seating charts on a budget

Free printable seating charts may seem like a good idea initially, but in reality, printing in a large format is too difficult to manage without the help of professional printers. Smart wedding planners choose a stress-free wedding seating chart template with Paperlust. Simply pick the style and type (including round table wedding seating chart templates), add in the guest names, and we’ll do the rest. Maybe you’re an artist yourself and are wondering where to get seating charts printed. With Paperlust you can print your own design and see it come to life on this most special of days. 


DIY Wedding Seating Chart

For those who have time and resources on their hands, there are plenty of ways to make a cheap DIY wedding seating chart. One popular way is to print wedding seating arrangement cards and organize by table number or in alphabetical order in each card, string them up, frame each chart and display them at the entrance to your reception to guide your guests to their seat! If you have picked up some calligraphy skills somewhere along the way, here’s a chance to put that skill to use, you can write out your seating chart on a chalkboard or even use a mirror with the right tools! Be warned however, wedding seating chart diy isn’t for the faint hearted and can end up much more time consuming than using a professional printer. 


Wedding Seat Signs

Wedding seat signs are normally placed at the entrance of the wedding ceremony but not before the Wedding welcome sign. It is there to let guests know which side they should be seated as traditionally the groom’s guest and the bride’s guest are separated. But in the modern day, it is much more common for all guests to mix and mingle among each other. Alter any wedding seating chart or welcome sign design into a wedding seat sign to let your guest know the seating arrangements during the wedding ceremony. If there is no traditional seating plan, use cute phrases like “Choose a seat, not a side. We’re all family once the knot is tied” or “Pick a seat, either side, you’re loved by both, the groom and bride” allowing your guests to get the idea!


Wedding Seating Chart Etiquette

Arranging family and friends at the wedding reception is simpler than most think, simply follow the basic wedding seating chart etiquette to get the rundown on where everyone should sit. There are two ways to display your guests names, either alphabetically or by table numbers. If you have a bigger wedding it's best to display each guest's names alphabetically starting with surnames, this ensures that your guest finds their table fast and it won’t gather a crowd at the sign. Arranging your guest by table numbers is a fun way for your guests to mingle while looking for their seat and if each guest has designated seats, be sure to add a place card there to avoid any awkward collisions!


A note on reception seating etiquette

Seating charts for your wedding don’t have to be overly stressful if you pick up a few tips on setting etiquette. Here are some do’s don’ts for reception venue seating charts that will help you avoid any social minefields on such an important day:

  • Position parents and immediate family in a place of prominence (usually close to the bridal table) and be considerate of grandparents, especially if they need someone to take care of them.
  • Don’t force anyone to sit with a table of strangers unless they literally don’t know anyone else present. If you have guests from out of town or who don’t know anyone except you and your spouse at the wedding, ask a friend or family member around their age or who share similar interests beforehand to look out for these guests and introduce themselves as early in the day as possible (or better yet, at the rehearsal dinner) and then place them at the same table.
  • Seat divorced parents separately where they can each host a table of family members you know they will get along with.
  • If you choose not to include plus ones, try to avoid a singles table and instead mix two or three single people into each table (the exception to this would be a teenager table).
  • When it comes to parents’ friends, if you’re unsure about where to seat them, let your mum and dad arrange those tables.

There are some seating charts templates that you can print off or photocopy so that you allow yourself a few practice runs at the layout. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. The other option is to write every guest name on a separate piece of paper then place them on a practice seating chart and you can shuffle them around until you find the winning combination.


Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

When it comes to wedding reception seating chart ideas, paperlust has many for you to choose from. And while your wedding seating chart is one of the most practical items and that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it! This is the one sign that everybody is guaranteed to look at, so your seating chart needs to be substantial, easy to read, while also fitting seamlessly with your wedding theme and color palette. There are plenty of creative wedding seating chart display ideas that you can incorporate into your big day. Whether you're looking for rustic wedding seating chart ideas, modern, elegant, bohemian, DIY or unique wedding seating chart ideas, Paperlust will have the perfect wedding seating chart ideas templates for you to choose from. Here are some of our favorite ways that you can display your wedding searching chart so take a seat! And let our wedding seating chart display ideas to give you all of the inspiration you’ll ever need! 

Final tips for best wedding seating charts

Wedding reception seating charts are a dreaded task on many a groom or bride’s list so why not take all the help you can get? Here are our final tips for seating charts for weddings:

  • For a large guest list, having two signs for table seating charts (either half and half or duplicates) is a good idea so that the flow of the day isn’t slowed down by a crowd gathering around one sign.
  • Ensure the area is well lit and that names are easy to read.
  • Choose a design that matches the style of your wedding - for creative seating charts for weddings browse our collection above.
  • Listing names alphabetically makes it easier for your guests or the other option is escort cards that contain guest names and table number.
  • If your wedding is less formal, you don’t have to put place cards. Just use your seating chart to direct people to tables and let them pick a seat from there.

Above all, try to be thoughtful and sensitive. Giving yourself sufficient time (we recommend 3 weeks) to organise where everyone is sitting is the best way to avoid mistakes, hurt feelings or awkward situations. Also, a separate kids table is okay - even advised. 

Seating charts for your wedding reception are one of the best ways to help create a seamless flow - everyone gets to their correct seat on time - no one feels awkward (hopefully) and everyone with dietary requirements are fully catered for. Browse our exclusive collection of seating charts for your wedding to find the one that suits your personal style.


Making a table seating chart for a wedding: Choosing the right wedding seating chart template

Choose a Paperlust wedding reception seating chart template because they are very easy to personalize online with our wedding seating chart tool. Using the Paperlust wedding seating chart maker you can edit all the written content on the sign, and even add new text field boxes. As an alternative you can request a wedding seating chart template in excel from our accounts team and we can merge it for you that way. Round table wedding seating chart templates are also available on request. 

Can I match my wedding seating chart board to my table cards?

Yes you can find matching wedding place cards and menus, and you can even find matching wedding invitations here. Using the Paperlust wedding seating chart maker you can edit your template in as little as a minute with a fast checkout and proof service from our team.

Can I print my own wedding table seating chart template?

Many online marketplaces offer free wedding seating chart templates or printable blank wedding seating chart templates. One of the questions we get all the time at paperlust is can I print my free wedding reception seating chart template on paperlust polycore board? And the answer is yes! This includes wedding seating chart templates with round tables and templates in excel, microsoft word and google docs. The only limitation is that we have standard sizing so one of our design team may need to resize your blank wedding seating chart template to fit our standard sizes:


Seating chart wedding template sizes are as follows:

A1: 841mm X 594mm (23-3/8 x 33-1/8 in)

A2: 594mm X 420mm (16-1/2 x 23-3/8 in)

Small Circle: 600mm X 600mm (23.622 x 23.622 in)

Large Circle: 800mm X 800mm (31.5 x 31.5 in)


Need help merging the data to your printable blank wedding seating chart template? Our customer service team is more than happy to assist you.



Wedding Seating Chart Poster

Instead of displaying your seating chart for your wedding on an easel, paperlust can also print seating chart posters for wedding receptions. Choose from any wedding seating chart poster templates that Paperlust offers and get us to print it on Paperlust polyboard or on light and durable paper. If you are planning on hanging these wedding seating chart posters, you can also request for holes in the corners for easy assembling. Hanging wedding seating charts should ideally be indoors only to avoid being blown away by any winds and like any other seating charts for weddings, should be displayed at the entrance of the reception so that guests can find their seats with ease! Paperlust offers a range of wedding seating chart posters that caters all types of weddings, from minimal and modern wedding seating charts to down to earth or vintage wedding seating charts.


Wedding Seating Chart Frame

Add a little extra to your printed wedding seating chart by adding it to a frame. Different types of frames and easels can be used to tie in your wedding theme while giving it a wow factor. There are plenty of beautiful and cheap frames you can source from local second hand stores or online marketplaces that sell used items. Frame your seating chart in an antique frame with gold, rose gold or copper finishes to bedazzle your guest back to an era of glamour and elegance. Using a wooden frame will add to the rustic theme and a simple black or white frame will create a formal look for your wedding seating chart.