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Elegant Bridal shower invitations: the basics

There are a number of frequently asked questions about a bridal/wedding shower that we’re here to answer before we go any further:


Q. When is the bridal shower usually held?

A. A bridal shower is typically held one to three months prior to the wedding, but if you need to hold it earlier or closer to the day because of a destination wedding or out of town guests, the important thing is that you give your guests enough notice.


Q. Who is supposed to throw the bridal shower?

A. The maid of honour usually throws the bridal shower, and in some cultures people have more than one, or even different themed showers (i.e. Christmas shower, kitchen shower, lingerie shower).


Q. Who do you invite to bridal shower?

A. The bridal party, female family members, close friends - usually any women on the wedding guestlist should receive bridal shower invitations.


Q. When to send invitations for a bridal shower or wedding shower?

A. We recommend sending invitations for bridal shower and wedding shower out 6-8 weeks before the shower, depending on how many guests are coming from out of town.


Q. How long are bridal showers?

A. Bridal showers are often held in the afternoon and usually last about 3 hours, depending on the activities you have planned. 


Create unique bridal shower invitations for all your loved ones

Wedding showers should be a fun occasion for the bride and her loved ones. What is a bridal shower? Traditionally they are gift-giving parties, where friends and family bring gifts to the engaged couple, to celebrate their upcoming wedding and help set them up for the future. Not every couple wants a bridal shower, and it’s up to you whether it’s something you want as part of your wedding. Regardless of whether you’re planning a rustic themed bridal shower, have plenty of vintage bridal shower ideas, or you’re planning something more chic and modern, everyone is sure to have a good time as long as you’ve thought of what the bride would like - and provided some good food!

Who gets invited to a bridal shower? Think about who you want surrounding you on that day, whether it be a big or small gathering. Friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances - you can invite anyone you like! Etiquette states that you only invite people on the wedding guest list, but if you’re not the traditional type, there’s no reason to stick to the rules. If you are going to be inviting people who aren’t invited to the wedding, though, just remember that there’s the possibility for some to be upset about not receiving a wedding invitation and you’ll come face to face with that disappointment. 

While traditionally a bridal shower is more of a women’s event, these days people are much more open to sharing the occasion with men as well. Talk to your partner about whether you’d like this to be a joint event for both of you and include men on the bridal shower invitation list. 


The etiquette for bridal shower invitations

Bridal showers and bridal shower invitation etiquette (like anything to do with weddings) can be tricky, especially because etiquette generally involves unwritten rules. Who throws the bridal shower? When to send bachelorette party invitations? Who do you invite to a bridal shower? There are so many different things to get right! 

Wedding showers are all about the gifts. If that doesn’t make you comfortable then it might not be the right event for you: consider a bachelorette party or wedding rehearsal party instead. The idea behind having a bridal shower is that your loved ones can bring gifts for you and your husband-to-be. Your guests don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on gifts, as it is acceptable at bridal showers to present smaller household items that won’t break the bank.

Because a bridal shower is about gift giving, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a gift directory to make it easier for your guests. You might send it out by post or email, either with your bridal shower invites or once you’ve received your RSVP’s. Keep in mind that some guests might like to choose something that’s not on the list so you should make sure to let them know that this is fine too, so there’s no confusion or worry. Put items on your registry at a range of different price points so that your guests have complete control over how much they spend. 

Hosting a bridal shower often falls to the close friends of the bride: usually the bridal party or a close family member like the mother of the bride. The bride is not expected to be part of the planning or hosting the event, but of course, if you want to have some input then make sure to have a chat to the people hosting it beforehand if there is anything you specifically want to be included. A bridal shower is a great chance to get together with friends and family and start talking about the upcoming occasion. It should be fun and stress-free for the bride.


Get your bridal shower invitation details just right with clever bridal & wedding shower invitation wording

There are many aspects to consider when planning a bridal shower, and you should start planning as early as possible to ensure you can send out bridal shower invitations and have everything ready in time.

Getting your bridal shower invites perfect is about more than just choosing the right design. You also need to consider how to get your wording for wedding shower invitation just right. 

Here are a few things to remember to include on your bridal shower invitations:

  • Who – are the invites just going to be for women or do you want to include men and children? Think about this before sending out bridal shower invites so that you can be specific about who the invite will be addressed to. If you want to invite whole families, include the couple’s names and their children. If you just want to invite the women, address the invites to them only, which should make it more clear for your guests.

  • When – send out your bridal shower invites with enough time for your guests to include the occasion in their plans, and avoid any problems with people not having enough notice to go out and pick a gift. 

  • RSVP – always clearly state an RSVP date so you don’t have to worry about chasing people down right before the shower. Also be sure to include a contact number or email address (or both) so your guests can easily respond.

  • Where – whether it’s at your house and people have been there a million times before, or you are having your bridal shower a specific venue, always include the address to prevent people getting lost.

If there are any other details you’d like to include, such as a dress code or a specific theme, you can include those in the wording as well. This information can be included in a lot of different ways, to match your invites. You might be interested in traditional tea party invitation wording, funny wedding invitation wording, or something non-traditional like couples shower invitations wording to let everyone know it will be a different kind of bridal shower. 


When to send out bridal shower invites

If you’re confused about when to send out bridal shower invites, think about who you are going to be inviting, when the event is, and how much notice they will need to be able to attend. Usually it’s a good rule of thumb to send out invitations about 6 weeks ahead of time, but if the bridal shower is within a couple of days of the wedding, it may be a good idea to send out invitations much earlier. That way, when people book in their travel for the big day, they can choose to extend their trip a few days to be part of it. They might be frustrated to find out a few weeks before their trip that they could have been part of more, had they known. Consider including a save the date with the wedding save the dates, or just let out-of-town guests know by word of mouth.


Create Bridal shower invitations Online in a range of themes

If you do have a theme for your bridal shower, instead of using words you can just let your invitations do the talking for you. Your bridal shower invites will give a lot away in regards to the theme of the event. If it’s a rustic floral inspired design, your guests might assume it’s an outdoor event, if you use bold metallic lettering on solid black paper they’ll likely think it’s a fancier bridal shower that may require them to dress up. You can also use the unique design of your bridal shower invitation to give your guests an indication as to what they can expect from the wedding itself through your chosen design. Choose something that reflects who you are, and cleverly set the tone of all wedding focused celebrations. 

We have bridal shower invitations to customize online of many different designs, including country, retro, modern, pretty and bold. With a wide range of colours and prints to choose from, as well as printed envelope liners, we have everything you need to make your bridal shower invites really special. From our new raised foil designs to our elegant typography, our talented Australian designers have some stunning invitations to choose from, with something sure to appeal to any bride.

Some of our most popular styles of bridal shower invites include tea party bridal shower invites and rustic bridal shower invites. Others, like beach bridal shower invites and tropical bridal shower invites are also popular. 

The best bridal shower invitations are ones that truly reflect your personality or interests, so why not branch out and get creative?

Here is a list of great themes for creating personalized bridal shower invitations:

Fall bridal shower invitations & fall wedding shower invitations

Fall is the favorite season of the year for many, and if your bridal shower happens to land in the fall months, you are in for a treat. Colors like orange, brown, burgundy, deep green and yellow are representative of this theme. Elements such as leaves, pumpkins, garlands, and trees are some of the most common for fall-themed bridal shower invitations. 

To filter by fall themed, click here

You could include those elements not only in your invitations but also within the decoration of your event and your catering service. Pumpkin season is one many waits for the whole year; you can include delicious desserts made from pumpkin and perhaps some hot beverages. 


Paperlust offers fall-themed bridal shower invitations with many options for you to choose the right one. When you choose a design, you can use our editing tool to customize the wording and include important details such as the name of the guests of honor, date, time, location, name of the host, RSVP information, and registry. 

Bridal shower brunch invitations & Brunch and bubbly

Who does not love a delicious brunch? You get to wake up late and enjoy food along with cocktails with your nearest and dearest, all while celebrating your bridal shower. A brunch is a mix of breakfast and lunch, which makes it perfect on timing, you do not need to wake up early to attend a breakfast, but you can still enjoy some coffee and pancakes. 

To filter by brunch themed, click here

Your bridal shower brunch can be casual or formal; it is up to you, but make sure you specify the formality of your event within your brunch bridal shower invitations. Choosing the right wording is crucial to communicate your plans; for example, you can include a phrase like, "join us for a formal brunch in honor of _____." Or you can write something like "Get ready to celebrate the bridal party of ____ with brunch and bubbly." 


A bridal brunch often includes a romantic theme, there are no particular colors associated with the theme, but it would be best to keep them light and bright. For example, a white stock with colorful flowers or a glass of bubbly. Once you find the right design within Paperlust, it is time to customize the wording and add details such as the name of the guest of honor, date, time, location, name of the host, RSVP, and registry information. 

Rustic bridal shower invitations & Rustic wedding shower invitations 

There’s often something simple and charming about a bridal shower. It’s a time when female friends and family members gather to celebrate your soon-to-be wedded bliss, and ‘shower’ you with gifts, love and support. It’s truly a special occasion, and a callback to simpler times and strong community bonds, so rustic bridal shower invitations are a popular choice. The rustic look is so versatile it will work for almost any decor or style of event. 

To filter by rustic themed, click here

Rustic bridal shower invitations are all about embracing nature, the countryside, and homemade touches. Some popular rustic design motifs for your bridal shower invites include florals and botanical touches, leaves, trees, and similar. You might also include patterns that resemble natural fabrics like lace and burlap, which can be carried over into your decor at the party itself. Text is often printed in script typefaces that look handwritten or resemble calligraphy, to add a diy touch to keep the rustic feel going. 

Paper choice is another significant part of creating rustic bridal shower invitations. Brown kraft paper is a common choice, but textured paper made from cotton or linen is popular as well. 

Vintage bridal shower invitations

When you’re in doubt, go vintage! Vintage style bridal shower invitations will never go wrong. Whether you are having a kitchen tea party or a brunch for your bridal shower, vintage elements and colours will suit anything. Speaking of vintage invitations means that you will use a lot of classic script font for headings and block sans serif letters for other details. You might find a lot of vintage bridal shower invitations use a bit of border and monogram as well, as those are the main distinctive characteristics of vintage style. In terms of colour, you can choose anything from cream to blush or maybe a touch of mint green that resembles the famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s! 

In terms of paper choice, we think our off-white cotton stock will match vintage designs just at the right amount. It has a subtle texture that feels very nice when being touched and it absorbs the colours really well so that it blends with the actual paper you can barely see if it’s a blush paper or is it just a white cotton paper printed with blush ink. 

Filter our vintage bridal shower invitations collection here


Sunflower bridal shower invitations

Whether you are a fan of the summer heat or just very much in love with that one song from Post Malone, sunflower bridal shower invitations will perfectly suit your event if you are having an outdoor shower event. Think about a picnic in a park with nice warm weather that you might have not done in years. Give them a perfect hint of this special pre-event wedding by adding a touch of sunflowers to your bridal shower invitations. Head up to this page to find our very own sunflower inspired designs! 

Sunflower bridal shower invitations look best on white paper so we recommend choosing our 300 gsm Matte Paper or 350 gsm Linen Paper. The bright colour of the illustrations will pop out more on a clean stark white paper instead of the off-white paper range such as cotton paper. To complement the summer look of the design, adding gold metallic ink will be a perfect final touch.


Check out these sunflower bridal shower invitations


Lemon bridal shower invitations

When you think of bright yellow things but don’t want something flashy like the sun, how about bridal shower invitations with a touch of lemon illustrations? Lemon bridal shower invitations are all about yellow, green, modern and fun types to represent your sunny bridal shower lunch. Its bright and colourful touches to your bridal shower invites will surely make your guests can’t help but love your invitations! 

We have a few designs in our library that will match your lemon inspired bridal shower. It isn't necessary to have lemons featured in it, as a splash of green and bright yellow colour will serve as a hint of the actual bridal shower event. To find Paperlust designs that coherent well with your lemon cravings, click here 

Same as the sunflower bridal shower invitations, these lemon inspired invitations look best on white paper. We recommend choosing our 300 gsm Matte Paper or 350 gsm Linen Paper for more vibrant looking colours. If you want to keep it classic and minimalist, we would suggest going with the standard digital print. You can opt for something flashy like the gold foil, but if you want to keep some budget for your actual wedding invitations, our digital print will work too for these lemon bridal shower invitations. If you are thinking of adding something bold to tie the theme together, get our yellow Banana envelope. It is something you will definitely not regret! 


Boho bridal shower invitations

There must have been some crossovers between boho and rustic design. They might be projected as something similar, but in fact, they are not the same. They might share similar colours or elements but there are a lot more distinct characteristics of each design style that most people might not realize. The rustic theme pertains to natural elements with greenery and an organic mindset. On the other hand, boho is more whimsical, romantic and eclectic. At a boho styled wedding, you might find a lot of dried leaves like pampas or dried wheat. The best thing about the boho style is that it is not limited to that. Boho bridal shower invitations can feature things like macrame, dream catcher, and even ivory colour to represent the very well-known boho dresses that you might, at least, pin once on your Pinterest. 

We have a lot of boho designs you can choose from at this link. You can find creative uses of dried leaves illustration, feathers and splash of colours that just look perfect for any boho bridal shower invitations. Click the link above and get yourself immersed in our vast collection of boho designs. 


Fiesta bridal shower invitations

Fiesta-themed bridal shower invitations will be a unique way to inform your guests about the extra fun event you are planning. Fiesta themes are related to Mexican culture; they are colourful and festive. Colours like yellow, hot pink, green, red, and purple are some of the options you can incorporate. Papel Picado, paper flowers, and cactus are elements you can add to your invitation design to make it perfect. 

To filter by fiesta themed, click here


Ordering online with Paperlust is simple; you only need to browse through the many fiesta bridal shower invitation designs and find the perfect one for you. Then use our editing tool and customize the wording adding information such as the bride's name to be, date, time, location, RSVP information, and registry. Once you add all the details, it is time to save them and let the design team review the changes. Now all you need to do is approve the design, and your invitations are on their way to being printed. 

Falling in love bridal shower invitations

Fall is not only a season related to thanksgiving and pumpkin patches; if your bridal shower has a fall date, you can make it more romantic by choosing a fall-in-love theme for your bridal shower. This will allow you to incorporate fall, but with the colors of your preference; for example, your invitation could feature a tree with falling leaves in bright red, soft blush, or even a metallic color. 

To filter by falling in love themed, click here

Succulent bridal shower invitations

Planning a bridal shower is no easy task; you must know the bride to be very well to organize an event she loves; it also requires a great amount of time and organization to keep plans moving in the right direction. Make sure you start early, so you have plenty of options when it comes to venues and vendors. Also, ask the bride to be for a guest list, so you invite those who are also attending the wedding. 

To filter by succulent themed, click here


If you plan a bridal shower during busy dates, you should consider mailing save the date cards well in advance, at least four months before the date. And formal invitations should be mailed 6 to 4 weeks before the celebration. Ordering online with Paperlust will make your life easier; you only need to browse through our designs and choose the one you love, customize the information adding date, time, location, and RSVP details, along with registry information. 

Simple Bridal Shower invitations

Most of the time, minimal designs speak louder than flashy colours. If you want something to represent your personality, a simple bridal shower invitation will be a perfect choice. With the minimum use of flowers or other decorative illustrations, your guests can focus on the important details. You are free to choose any background color that represents yourself and your bridal party as long as you keep the design simple and balanced without anything taking over the design too much. We have selections of coloured stock that can be perfectly printed with white ink. Our simple bridal shower invitations come in various shapes, the popular ones are the arch-shaped die cut invitations. Check out our designs here. We always have at least one design for every style so feel free to choose the ones that your heart says yes too!  


Mason Jar Bridal Shower invitations

Mason jars are the perfect theme for a bohemian, rustic, or relaxed bridal shower celebration. They are beautiful elements you can include within your decoration and even serve cute beverages to your guests. As decorative pieces, they are a great floral vase or candle holder, and you can personalize them by adding a ribbon or a piece of burlap. Since they have a versatile look because they are made from clear glass, you can adapt them to any color palette. 

To filter by mason jar themed, click here


Paperlust offers unique designs for your mason jar bridal shower invitations, and you can use our editing tool to include details such as the location, date, time, and registry information. If you wish to change elements like the color or font style, a special request will let our design team, and they will help you with it. For bigger changes or to create a unique invitation, you can always add a custom order and work with our design team. 

Travel Theme Bridal Shower invitations

For couples planning a destination wedding, travel-themed bridal shower invitations are the best option. You can start setting the mood for your guests and host a one-of-a-kind party; romantic and feminine options include blush colors, pastels, and earthy tones like beige, green, and orange. 

If you have a design in mind, our team can help you bring it to life; all you need to do is order a custom design. Elements like a vintage earth globe, suitcases, classic airplanes, and even hot air balloons can let your guests know the theme of your bridal shower. Other options are a plane ticket design, postcard, and even a train ticket. 

To filter by travel themed, click here


Your travel bridal shower invitation should be mailed at least four weeks before your event. Make sure you include the guest of honor's name, date, time, and location. Also, add RSVP and registry information. Order in Paperlust your invitations and matching thank you cards to send within a week or two after your celebration. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's bridal shower invitations

Bridal showers are meant to reflect the bride's personality, and if you are a sophisticated and classic bride, this is the ideal theme for your bridal shower invitations. Breakfast at Tiffany's bridal shower invitations includes the iconic tiffany blue color, black, and white. Elements like bows, chandeliers, and of course, Audrey Hepburn. 

To filter by breakfast at tiffany themed, click here

Your bridal shower can be casual or formal; make sure you match the formality with the wording of your invitations. This theme is particularly ideal for a brunch or breakfast bridal shower, and if you are a fan of the movie, you can include some lines or a quote in your invitations. 

Here are some examples of the wording you can include, "you are invited to join us and honor ____ with a breakfast at Tiffany's bridal shower." Also include the following information, name of the guest of honor, date, time, location, instructions to RSVP, name of the host, and registry information. 


Order your invitations timely and add matching thank you cards; you can ask one of your bridesmaids to keep track of who gift you what so you can mail the cards after your celebration. Keep an eye on the time; invitations should be sent at least four weeks before the event and thank you cards no later than two weeks after your bridal shower. 

Around the clock bridal shower invitations

When regular bridal shower themes are not your thing, and you wish to host a unique and entertaining party, around the clock bridal shower should fit exactly right. This is a popular theme that involves guests bringing a gift for the couple to use during a specific time of the day, completing a 24 hour with all the gifts. For the party to work correctly, you need to specify each guest the time of the day their gift should be used in. 

To filter by around the clock themed, click here

This is a creative and fun way to keep everyone engaged and participating. When customizing the wording of your invitations, make sure you include the phrase "please bring a gift appropriate for the time indicated." for example, if someone's invitation said 7:00 am, a coffee maker would be the ideal present. And so on until the 24 hours are covered. 

Creating a bridal shower guest list might be tricky but always follow the rule that those you invite to your bridal shower should be invited to the wedding. Plan your times accordingly to have your invitations ready to be mailed six to four weeks before the event. 

Around the clock, bridal shower invitations often include vintage clock designs, and you can find many designs browsing through Paperlust. If you wish to change colors, fonts, or the overall look of an existing design, you can always request a custom order and make it more personal. 


Couples bridal shower invitations

Have you ever heard of the Jack and Jill party? Yes, that is exactly what couples' bridal showers are. It might be closer to a cocktail dinner party rather than the usual bridal shower as it has more people attending the event (and a lot more fun too!). The party itself still revolves around gifts, but they are presented to both the soon-to-be bride and groom. It is always up to you to have your bridal shower and bachelor party separated, but if you think it will be more fun to share it with your partner (especially if you guys know each other's friends very well), a couples bridal shower would be perfect. 

You can filter our collection on couples bridal shower invitations here. There are a few selection of print types you can choose, but we personally think the flat foil will steal the spotlight instantly! 



Winter bridal shower invitations

While summer is considered the peak season for weddings, winter has special magic; there is something about cold and cloudy days. If you are hosting a winter bridal shower, the options for your invitations are endless. Some of the colors you can incorporate into your winter-themed event are white, blue, gold, burgundy, green, and silver. Snowflakes, forests, pine trees, and fairy lights are some of the characteristic elements of winter. 

To filter by winter themed, click here

Browse thru Paperlust and find the perfect design, customize the wording with our editing tool, change colors and font by adding a special request, or create a design from scratch with a custom design request. Do not forget to order your invitations at least three months before the event, and if you wish, you can order matching save the date and thank you cards to complete your order. 


  • Include details such as: 

  • Name of the bride-to-be. 

  • Date, time, and location. 

  • Hostname. 

  • RSVP cards and instructions. 

  • Registry information. 


Wine themed bridal shower invitations

Wine is a favorite for many, and if the bride loves a good glass of red or white wine, not making wine-themed bridal shower invitations. Wine is often associated with earthy colors such as burgundy, olive green, purple, pink, kraft, and brown. But you can adapt it to any color palette you prefer. 

To filter by wine themed, click here

Elements such as wine bottles, wine glasses, corks, and grapes are great to let your guests know you are hosting a wine-themed bridal shower. If you prefer to make it less obvious, a vine garland will do the work. You can also incorporate flowers within your design to make it more feminine. 

Other styles and themes we have include:

  • Other styles and themes we have include:

    Elegant bridal shower invitations

    Beach theme bridal shower invitations

    Disney bridal shower invitations

    Purple bridal shower invitations

    Beauty and the Beast bridal shower

    Nautical bridal shower invitation

    Floral bachelorette invitations

    Mexican themed bridal shower

    Garden themed bridal shower

    Pink and gold bridal shower invitations

    Black and white bridal shower invitations

    Country bridal shower invitations

    Alice in Wonderland bridal shower invitations

    Hawaiian themed bridal shower

    Surprise bridal shower invitations

    Rose gold bridal shower invitations

    Cinderella bridal shower

    Lingerie bridal shower invitations

    Italian themed bridal shower

    Paris themed bridal shower invitations

    Funny bridal shower invitations

    Simple bridal shower invitations

    Christmas bridal shower invitations

    Tiffany bridal shower invitations

    Cute bachelorette invitations

    Friends themed bridal shower


Don’t let such a long list overwhelm you! Go with what feels right to you, and personalise it to make sure the design is 100% perfect for what you need. 

Looking to add some premium bling to your bridal shower invites?

Rose Gold Bridal Shower Invitations

The inspiration for your bridal shower invitations can come from many elements, and if you are not into elaborate themes, a color will do the work flawlessly. For example, a popular color over the past years has been rose gold, a beautiful metallic shade that works great with colors like blush, burgundy, green, white, and black. 

To filter by rose gold, click here


A rose gold-themed bridal shower will probably be more on the formal side, but you can always add a hint of color to a casual event. Your bridal shower invitations are a great element to include color. Paperlust has many designs, including rose gold for your event, and once you choose one, you can personalize the wording and add the information of your event. 

Looking for cheap bridal shower invitations?

Sometimes you’re working on a tighter budget than you’d like, especially when it comes time to plan your bridal shower. With an entire wedding to pay for and all the other events and expenses around that, you might not have a lot to spend on this smaller event. In that case, cheap bridal shower invitations are the way to go. Luckily, cheap doesn’t have to mean sub-standard! We offer top quality designs you will love at prices that mean you can afford to fall in love with them. 

The best way to get cheap bridal shower invitations is to choose standard digital print invites. Options like letterpress and real foil are eye-catching but expensive, while digital print (standard ink on paper) is affordable. Other more affordable print options include white ink and metallic ink. It’s always better to choose a simple print type done to a high standard than to fall into false promises of premium print types done at unrealistic prices that will not meet your expectations. 

Inexpensive wedding shower invitations from Paperlust

When it comes to choosing cheap wedding shower invitations, your best option is to find a reputable company (like Paperlust!) and select one of their cheapest offerings like Digital Printing. A company like this has high standards of quality and a reputation to uphold, so even their cheapest paper and ink will be of certain standard. Paperlust also runs discount on wedding shower invitations once a year with our sitewide black Friday sale. 

Bridal showers by season

Unique bridal shower invitations can be inspired by the seasons. From a beach bridal shower in summer to a Maple leaf or pumpkin theme in fall, you can host a bridal shower that is beautifully season-appropriate for guests to enjoy.


Autumn or fall bridal shower ideas

Rustic bridal shower ideas are extremely popular for Autumn or Fall, whether that means going for a winery bridal shower or hosting the day in a barn, or simply incorporating a little burlap and twine in your decorations. A thanksgiving bridal shower theme is another popular choice for this time of year.


Summer bridal shower ideas

It’s easy to make your bridal shower beach themed if you live by the sea, and Summer is the perfect time for it! If you’re not near the water, consider a tropical bridal shower or Hawaiian bridal shower and incorporate tropical fruits and flowers to help you celebrate in the warm weather. 


Bridal shower themes for winter

What better way to celebrate the cool weather than with a bridal shower themed around it! A Winter Wonderland bridal shower theme is perfect for making the most of the chill in the air, or get your best girlfriends together with a cosy PJ bridal shower theme. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, a Christmas bridal shower can be another great way to embrace the season. 


Create Wedding Shower Invitations Online with a range of themes and styles

As more and more women are letting their guys in on the “girls only” affair, couple wedding showers, also known as Jack and Jill showers, have become much more common in the modern day. Much like a traditional shower, the point of the party is to honor the bride and groom, it will need beautiful printed wedding shower invitations sent out to the guests!


Wedding shower invitations etiquette

The couple wedding shower invitations etiquette do not differ much from traditional bridal shower invitations etiquettes, only that the invitations are sent to both female and male guests. Since this is a newer trend, the event can be a dinner, brunch, a day trip or a cocktail party, just be sure to let your guest know what to expect. Wedding shower invitations, like bridal shower invitations, should be sent out 6-8 weeks before the shower to guests that are already invited to the wedding. 


Wedding shower invitations themes and designs

Bridal showers often are more feminine, with the pinks, cursive writing and florals. If that suits the couple, go for it! But Coed wedding shower invitations are much more gender-neutral and should reflect the couple that’s being celebrated. You can get a range of minimal or rustic wedding shower invitations with colors, designs and text that represent the couple, just be sure that it’s not similar to the main wedding invitations.

There are also many fun couple wedding shower themes that can be followed through from the invitations to the event. Here are some cute and unique examples of wedding shower invitations themes and ideas:


Couples & Coed wedding shower invitations (or also known as jack and jill wedding shower invitations)

Who says it has to be a girls-only event! If you're looking to free yourself from tradition and invite other partners, then couple wedding shower invitations are for you. Our designer community has specifically created these coed wedding shower invitations for this occasion; you can click here to filter by these types of designs.


I do BBQ wedding shower invitations

Gather friends and family for a grill in your backyard. Prepare yard games, burgers (don’t forget those veggie patties!) and drinks to shower the couple with love.


Picnic party wedding shower invitations

The best part about picnic parties is that you can host them at the beach, at a local park and it’s children friendly!


Backyard bonfire wedding shower invitations

Great for camping couples who love nature and the outdoors. 


Taco Bout Love wedding shower invitations

If you know this is the couple’s go to date night, set up a taco bar and margarita station and take it up a notch by arranging one night latin dance class for all!


Virtual wedding shower invitations

Due to the pandemic, invitations for a virtual wedding shower have become popular. It is nice to send a physical invitation rather than the entire occasion being all online. Most of our wedding shower invitations are customizable to accommodate virtual wedding shower wording and virtual meeting addresses for your chosen platform.


Wine and Trivia wedding shower invitations

Everyone loves a good bottle of vino, toast to them at a wine-tasting wedding shower with finger foods to pair with!


Couples retreat wedding shower invitations

For those who want to take pre-wedding events to the next level! Organize a day for yoga classes,  a spa and massage to get the couple hyped and ready for the big day.