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Adorable Mermaid baby shower invitations for your little girl

Mermaids are beautiful creatures that inspire our imagination to run wild. If you are a fan of the sea and mermaids, you should definitely celebrate your baby girl shower with a mermaid-themed party. Little mermaids, starfishes, seashells, and corals are some elements your mermaid-themed baby shower invitations could include. Colors like pink, purple, aqua, golden, and green are ideal for this theme. 

When customizing the wording of your Paperlust baby shower invitation, you should match the words to the formality of the gathering. The design can help you communicate how formal your event is. For example, for a casual baby shower, you can choose simple but high-quality digital printing. And for an elegant and formal event, metallic print and real foil will suit you best. 

And it does not have to be so formal and serious; there are many fun and joyful designs to let everyone know you are waiting on the arrival of your baby. No matter the tone you prefer, always add the date, time, location, and registry information to your baby shower invitations. 

Paperlust offers many designs for you to chose from; you can customize some details without costs, such as the font and color. If you wish to change other parts of the design or have one in mind you want to develop, you can always request a special order, and our design team will accommodate your needs. And if you want to double-check which printing type you prefer, you can always request a sample.