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Personalized Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards For The Festive Season

Paperlust holiday cards are a great way to connect with the people you care about most during the festive season. 

With your Santa hat on, choose from an array of modern designs with bright colors and attractive fonts. There are holiday cards ideal for business contacts, workmates, friends, family and other people you care about, like your neighbors and children's teachers. Whether you are out of touch or see them every day, these people who matter most will be thrilled to receive a holiday card from you. If you are Christian you can also create Business Christmas cards here.

With the festive season always busy, it's never too early to think about custom holiday cards. Order holiday cards early in the year and get your messages written so you can mail them out in late November or early December. Then you can take your time penning words of love that hold meaning and sentiment. 

What to write in a Holiday Card?

You might be wondering what to write in a holiday card. For inspiration, you might write words like:


"Thank you for being such a joy in my life."

"Happy Holidays to the person who brightens up my day every time we meet."

"Wishing you all the joy and happiness in the world these holidays."


Keep it short and sweet, or write a long letter full of news, hopes, wishes and more. Sent alone or with a nicely wrapped gift, personalized holiday cards bring joy and love to the people who matter the most in your life. 

Looking for Cheap Holiday cards?

If you are looking cheap holiday cards to spread holiday cheer, digital personalized holiday cards save on printing and postage. You also can save time and send out last-minute cards, so nobody misses out, even if you are dashing around doing your shopping on Christmas Eve. 

Add a photo to your Holiday Card

As well as adding your own personal messages you can use gorgeous photos to decorate your cards. Book a family photoshoot to have a never-seen-before image for your holiday card, or choose a recent favorite taken on your phone where everyone is smiling and happy. Add the photo to Christmas holiday cards or Happy New Year holiday card and finish it off with a font that will shout out the holiday wishes.

Looking for Holiday cards Ideas?

You can even order a custom design if you have an idea in mind that isn't already on the Paperlust site. First, check out what Paperlust has on offer because their 650+ freelance designers have been busy all year to give you lots of amazing holiday card options this year. Their holiday cards ideas are fun and festive and ready to be personalized.

As you explore the holiday cards on offer, you can browse designs by style, theme, size, color, and more. When you find the right design, it is easy to customize it before placing your final order. 

Make custom Holiday Cards with Paperlust

With Paperlust holiday cards, you can choose a paper that is perfect for the occasion. You also print types like letterpress, flat foil, metallic, digital and white ink to make sure your cards are original and spectacular. As well as adding a family photo on the front of the card, you can also add a custom backside. When your loved ones open the envelope, they will see you have put lots of thought into sending them a sentimental personalized holiday card that they will want to keep on display well into the new year. 

The Fun Frame and New Year Badges cards are full of fun and color. Holiday cards like the Vacanza and Prussian Blue have space for several images. Then you can go past the creative Bright, Lovely, Luck and Joyeux Noel holiday cards that are so charmingly cute. 

Get samples of our Paper

If you are unsure which lovely paper to choose, Paperlust offers a sample pack containing all the paper options for only $5. Having those samples in your hand makes the decision easier and gives you a preview of what your loved ones will receive when they open your mail. 

When you buy three items, including holiday cards, Paperlust applies a generous discount and watch out for the Black Friday sale when you can get 15% off all products. Plus, the Australian-based company is environmentally friendly. For every purchase, they plant a tree as part of the thoughtful One Tree Planted initiative. Also, orders arrive in recycled packaging and papers are sourced sustainably. 

So all you need to do now is make your holiday Christmas cards list. Celebrate with cards that look wonderful and evoke all the happy holiday feelings, including happiness, joy and optimism.