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including a dad-to-be could is the perfect decision with these Coed Baby Shower Invitations

Women traditionally attend baby showers, but as times and traditions change, couples are starting to celebrate equally the arrival of their baby. The best way to do it is by throwing a coed celebration. Coed baby shower invitations tend to be more neutral in communicating the idea of a party where both women and men attend. You can specify your wishes on your invitation by adding the following: 

  • We are both having a baby, so we decided to have a joint shower. 

  • Join us for a couple's baby shower. 

  • You bring the diapers we serve the drinks. 

  • A bun is in the oven, and the burgers on the grill. Join us for a couple's baby shower. 

If you expect many friends and family, you can organize some fun games where everyone can have fun. Unfortunately, a man usually does not get to experience those activities, but they are always competitive, so you will be surprised by how much they will enjoy them. 

When it comes to coed baby shower invitations, you could be a bit confused regarding what theme will suit you better. When in doubt, always opt for a neutral and simple one; if you are hosting a backyard barbeque, add it to the invitation. If you serve drinks and appetizers, keep it simple with neutral tones or a contrasting dark stock and white ink. 

And do not forget to add RSVP cards and information so your guests know how to confirm their attendance at your celebration. You can also order matching thank you cards to mail after your coed baby shower and thank everyone for their attendance and presents.