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We just love these sweet and lovely Parisian baby shower invitations

Paris themed baby shower invitations are suitable for chic and sophisticated celebrations. Since Paris is known as the city of love, you can plan a romantic and elegant baby shower with black, pink, white, golden, and green colors. Depending on the formality and the time of the day you are hosting your celebration, you can incorporate romantic and lush floral centerpieces with many shades of pink, ivory, and green. Or, for an evening gathering, you can have black and pink as predominant colors.Β 

Since you are hosting a Parisian baby shower, your wording should always remain formal and classy. You can use words like join us for appetizers and drinks, or please join us to celebrate ____ for the arrival of baby ___. Paris is a city full of glamour, and you can arrange a dressy brunch or an afternoon tea party to match the theme.Β 

Browse thru Paperlust to find the right design for your Paris-themed baby shower invitations, and if you do not find what you are looking for, you can always request a custom design, and our team will help you implement it. While customizing your invitations, add information like the date, time, location, and gift registry. Or you can specify to your guests you only wish for their presence, no gifts involved.Β