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Mustache Baby Shower Invitation

If you are waiting for a baby boy, you probably are also starting your dreamed baby shower plans. While sweet and cute themes are classic, you can also have some fun and choose a unique theme, like mustaches. Of course, no one relates baby showers with mustaches, but you will nail the dreamiest event with the right decoration items. 

Choose one of the existing Paperlust mustache baby shower invitation designs and personalize the information using our editing tool; you can add details for your events such as the mom-to-be name, baby name, location, date, and time. Of course, if you need to incorporate a map, you can always request a custom backside. And do not forget to include registry information. 

If you already have a design in mind or look for something different and unique, you can request a custom design and work with our designers to develop a unique idea. Once the design is ready, all you need is to approve it, and it will only take 3 to 17 days to finish the product, depending on the print type you choose.