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Gift Tags

Gift tags (which are also called present tags, swing tags, or gift labels) are small pieces of card with the name of the gift recipient on them. A gift tag may also contain other information like the occasion and the name of the gift giver. Sometimes they also have space to write a message or greeting to go along with the gift. Beautifully designed or custom gift tags add a very personal touch to your gifts.

Gift tags are usually attached with twine or ribbon, but can also be attached with glue, adhesive, washi tape or similar so they resemble custom sticker labels or gift labels (of course, you can also buy labels stickers to begin with, if you don’t want to use glue or tape. Many people choose to order standard gift tags instead of a label sticker since it is more versatile and can be attached in a few different ways). Gift tags can be used in conjunction with gift wrapping paper and other decorative touches like bows, curling ribbon, flowers, sprigs of greenery and similar as a way to amp up your gift decoration. 

If you’re using a custom gift tag, you might choose to pair it with a customised gift or personalised gift bags for a completely personal gift. Alternatively, a custom gift tag can be what you need to add a personal, luxurious touch to something simple. Beautiful custom swing tags will make even cheap gift bags look chic. Some of the most popular types of gift tags include seasonal gift tags and rustic gift tags


Why use gift tags?

Gift tags can serve a few different purposes.

  1. Identify who the present is for

  2. Identify who the present is from

  3. Communicate other important information, like the occasion

  4. Add a stylish, personalised touch to the gift wrapping

  5. Sometimes they may allow space for a small message or note.

Personalised gift tags and custom gift tags

All gift tags are personalised gift tags to some extent, because they have to include the name of the person getting the gift, and often your own name as well. Truly personalised gift tags, however, are printed with this information rather than just having it written on a plain gift tag. Custom gift tags may have all their information printed, or you could choose to order tags customised with your name as the giver, with a space for you to write in each recipient’s name. At Paperlust we offer personalised gift tags Australia wide and around the globe. 


Choosing gift tags for any occasion:

Gift tags are appropriate for all sorts of events, and even for those ‘no reason’ gifts. You might order custom gift tags for a particular event -  like Christmas gift tags with a picture of Santa or a Christmas tree - or you can use a neutral gift tag design for any event you like. Some of the biggest events people choose gift tags for include: 


Christmas gift tags

Christmas gift tags are one of the most popular types of gift tags, since so many people are getting gifts that you really need to make sure you specify who each present is intended for. Popular Christmas tags include Santa gift tags, candy cane gift tags, nativity gift tags, Christmas tree gift tags, and similar Christmasy motifs. Christmas gift tags are often used as Christmas present labels or Christmas gift labels, since sticking Xmas labels on can be far less time consuming than stringing tags onto every single gift. We ship Christmas gift tags Australia wide in days, but remember to order early to avoid any Christmas mail delays. 


Wedding gift tags

There are two kinds of wedding gift tags, both of which are popular: gift tags to go on the gift for the happy couple, and wedding favour tags which can be put on any gifts from the bride and groom to their guests. Bomboniere tags and wedding favour tags are often ordered to be tied to jam, candles, plants or other favours that will also be used as place cards on tables (let us know if you’ve got any other great cheap bomboniere ideas!). These tags often include text to thank guests for their attendance, so they serve as wedding favour thank you tags. Any wedding tags template on Paperlust can be edited to work as thank you tags for wedding favors. 

Custom wedding gift tags work perfectly with personalised bomboniere (or personalised bonbonniere, depending on the prefered spelling in your part of the world), for a fully customised gift. There are a number of options for personalised favours Australia or internationally, but you could also use custom bomboniere bags Australia or personalised lolly bags for weddings to add a personal touch without actually getting the contents personalised. 


Bridal shower or Baby shower gift tags

Baby and bridal shower gifts are the perfect opportunity to use gift tags for a friend. Whatever you’ve chosen as gifts for a bridal shower or baby shower, it’s a great time to set yours apart from the crowd with something creative and personalised. If you’re giving monetary or gift card gifts for bridal shower or baby showers, a normal card is probably the right choice, but if you’re giving something physical, a gift tag is the way to go. 


Baptism and christening gift tags 

When you’re going to all the trouble of choosing baby christening gifts, you want to make the packaging special. Many people choose to use gift tags to add that personal touch. Whatever gifts for christening you have chosen, a well chosen gift tag will match and balance it out perfectly. You can complement modern baptism gifts or modern christening gifts with sleek modern gift tag designs, while traditional gifts for baptism or a traditional gift for christening will work perfectly with a more traditional gift tag. If you’re going to all the work of hunting down personalised christening gifts Australia, why not complement this with a sweet personalised gift tag?

Paperlust is your home for tags for christening gifts Australia or gift tags for baptism gifts Australia. We offer free shipping within Australia, and to many countries internationally as well, to make it easy for you to find the right christening gift tags. 


Thank you tags 

After any big event in your life, there are people to thank. Sometimes this is a planned ‘event’ like a party or wedding, and other times it is a life event like the birth of a new baby, or something difficult like an illness or a death in the family. Some people choose to give out a small thankyou gift to people for their support or attendance, and thankyou tags are perfect for personalising this. Any gift tag template on Paperlust will work as a thank you tag template just by adding personalised text that communicates that feeling. A thank you tags template should roughly match the nature of the event that led to you being thankful. You don’t want to send out a cheerful thank you tag for gifts after a death, or a baby-themed swing tag design after a 40th birthday party. 


Other occasion or no occasion gift tags

There are an endless number of reasons to give gifts in life, from baby announcement gifts when your friend announces she’s having a baby to birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and gifts for when there’s no reason except that you saw something you thought your friend would love. 

We offer everything from thank you gift tags to birthday gift tags, and everything in between. Christenings, newborns, sympathy gifts: we can help with a gift tag for every occasion or no occasion at all. 


Printable gift tags

Printable gift tags are a popular option for people looking to save money on their stationery. Free printable gift tags and gift tag templates are accessible online, especially if you’re looking for free printable christmas tags. If you’re looking into how to make gift tags, or considering printing diy gift tags, using a gift tag template or downloading free printable customizable gift tags, remember to factor in the price of paper and ink, as well as the time required to print, when making your decision. It’s sometimes your best choice to use swing tag templates, but you want to have a realistic idea of all your costs and the effort involved before you commit to it. Obviously home printed tags or home printed swing tags won’t be the same quality as professionally printed gift tags, and you won’t have the option of swing tag printing with techniques like letterpress or foil, but this may not be a priority for you if you’re working to a budget and just want cheap swing tags fast. 


Paperlust for personalized gift tags


Paperlust is your home for personalised gift tags Australia wide, and across the world. We also offer swing tag printing Australia wide, and internationally. Whether you’re buying a few gift tags for your family, or want to buy gift tags bulk to last you for a few years, we can help. Every gift tags template or swing tags template on site is fully customisable using our simple on site design tool. If you’re looking for cheap swing tags Australia, choose a simple print type like digital, but if you’re really looking to make a statement, we offer premium print types like letterpress and foil. Either way, we ship our custom swing tags Australia wide for free, and internationally.