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Pregnancy Announcement Cards

The time has come. Ever since you found out about your pregnancy, you have been filled with joy, ready to tell everyone you know and love about the excitement to come. Announcing your pregnancy is a momentous occasion. Paperlust is proud to be able to bring you a diverse selection of pregnancy announcements cards and share in your special moment with keepsakes that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Pregnancy announcement themes

While Paperlust offers a great range of classic floral pregnancy announcement cards, there are many themes you can choose from:

- Gender specific (if you know and are happy to share)

- A hobby or interest that you or your partner share (i.e. a miniature pair of running shoes if your family is into fitness)

- Travel (including estimated time of arrival etc)

- Famous/special quote

- Baby bump photo

- Farm animal/country

- Nature

- Cartoon

Whichever theme you go with, use it as a fun opportunity to reflect the individuality of you and your partner.


Pregnancy Announcement Wording

The best pregnancy announcements are short and sweet - people aren’t expecting an essay. You can keep it as simple as ‘We’re expecting!’ or ‘Baby on the way,’ or you may choose to include a few more details. The chances are that people close to you already know what’s going on. You and your partner probably want to keep your inner circle in the loop via something instant like a phone call or a face to face chat, instead of  the pressure of waiting for those We Are Having a Baby announcements to go out in the mail (good news travels too fast to risk it in this social media age). The rest of your friends and family only need the basics, and it leaves more stories for you to share next time you see them. 

Have a heading in larger writing, no more than about four words, followed by a few details in a smaller print. The most important information to include is the due date, either in full or just the month (it saves you repeating yourself to make sure this is included). The rest is up to you! Phrasing that highlights your joy such as ‘we are delighted to announce...’ or ‘a much-anticipated addition is on it’s way’ are great ways to set an exuberant tone. If you have chosen a softer theme, like sweet flowers or a black and white photo, maybe use more tender language, such as ‘our precious little one is expected on…’ Either way, your loved ones will be ecstatic for you!


2nd Baby Announcements

You may be wondering whether to do a 2nd pregnancy announcement. Do people want to hear about another baby? Are there any original ideas left? The better question with one child already might be, do you have the time? The best thing about spilling the beans about baby number two is that you can make super cute pregnancy announcements by taking a creative photo of your firstborn. These can range from outrage at being ‘evicted’ from the crib, to a smiling photo of them with a caption about no longer being an only child. If it’s around a holiday time, this can also be a fantastic opportunity to get a professional family photo before bub arrives.


Humorous Pregnancy Announcements 

It may seem like there are no original funny pregnancy announcement ideas left out there, but don’t despair. Paperlust is more than willing to help you word a seamless announcement. Remember that no one has your exact personality, and you bring something special to the world (as will your baby). Although Instagram celebrities may have made us feel like we have to be a pro at everything, remember that it’s family and friends that you’re sending this announcement to, and let that ease any stress. A few examples of funny ways to announce the coming of a little one is a mock letter to the landlord applying to add an ‘extension’ to the house, or choosing an idea that includes writing/drawing something witty on your baby bump that alludes to the precious cargo inside. 


Special Occasion Pregnancy Announcements

Here are some special occasion themes you could incorporate into your announcement:

- New Year’s Eve themed countdown

- Christmas pregnancy announcement (making creative use of a Santa hat, advent calendar or nativity scene)

- Valentine’s Day

- Easter pregnancy announcement

- Australia Day

- Halloween


Pregnancy Announcement Pictures

Although including a photo is most popular when announcing the baby’s actual arrival, many people also include pregnancy announcement photos when heralding the arrival of their little one. Needed an excuse for a beautiful maternity shoot? Not anymore!. Those photos can also go in your treasury of baby memories to be framed around your house. Including an original photo also adds a personal touch to your announcement cards, which is sure to be appreciated by your friends and family.



Starting a family is a big deal. While social media may (will definitely, who are we kidding?) get in first, it won’t be remembered or treasured for as long as a beautiful and personal pregnancy announcement card. This is a way to show people in your life that they are special to you and your partner. Receiving a printed announcement in this day and age will mean even more to your loved ones, so let us help you get it spot on (no DIY nightmare). Your only job? Put those feet up!

Let the whole world know how thrilled you are with these enticing pregnancy announcements from Paperlust. Contact us today to receive design advice and assistance at