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Sending love and gratitude to a family or friend can be done in various ways, such as flower bouquets, sending a gift or writing a personalized letter by hand. Choosing the right gift might be difficult, but once you decide on what special present you want to get, the next step you can’t miss is to write some sweet notes to ensure it’s not only presents that come with the package, but also your blessings. Here are few examples of occasions where you can send your personalized stationery:


1. Announcement

Announcing your job promotion, your first child or just any big news you want to share with your loved ones can be very much filled with love when a nicely printed personalized note card is incorporated. What’s better than receiving a nice quality card filled with happy news? Nothing more delightful than being the special person who received an important announcement of someone else’s life.


2. Thank you cards

There are times in our lives when we were having our bad day and someone just reached out their hand to help us and went through the day with us. There are also times when a friend of ours is celebrating their birthday, wedding or job promotion and we want to go a little extra in congratulating them. Having a pre-made personalized card can help save you whenever you need to send them one to remind them of the times you spent together. 


3. A ‘Hello, How Are You’ letter

Sending a letter does not always need a reason. Sometimes you just wake up and think of a particular person from your earlier stage of life. It might be a long-lost cousin, an elementary school best friend, or maybe someone you met at a music concert who was so special that you couldn’t forget about the moment you spent together. In these kinds of moments, all you have to do is just grab a pen and start writing a few lines. 


To help you express these various feelings and occasions in a most fun and loving way, Paperlust introduced premium personalized notes with your very own name and signature printed on our luxe paper. We are so delighted to be able to be a part of your journey to connect and reconnect with people you love. 



Having personal stationery does not mean you have to spend massive amounts of dollars just to have your names printed on a nicely designed paper. Paperlust offers inexpensive personalized note cards starting from $78 for a pack of 20 cards in a nice luxe box printed with matching designs. Every card comes with a white premium envelope so you have everything essentials in one package. The note cards are just perfect to write on and be sent along with your gifts or even on its own. From wedding wishes to a birthday gift, a wholeheartedly personalized note card is perfect for any occasion. By making sure you have a few cards in stock at your home desk, you do not have to run every time you need a greeting card to write on. 



Designing your very own personalized stationery is super easy if you have access to a user-friendly online editing tool just like the one Paperlust offers on this website. You do not have to spend hours finding designs online or trying to make your own from scratch on premium design softwares such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. We love to make everything much simpler and convenient for our customers so we’ve built a special customising tool after a couple of research and development processes. You can conveniently change the text to your own and even see the live final preview for both the cards and the personalized box before you decide to put them on the shopping cart. The customizing tool can be accessed using a computer, ipad or even your smartphone so you can basically save your personalized note card designs anywhere and anytime. Here are the few important elements and things you can customise from our designs:


- Paper Quality: Select one of our quality papers ranging from texture, thickness and finishing. Consult with our customer service representatives to understand the difference of each paper's nature or you can check out our resources here.


- Font colours: Our designs come with default font colours which can be changed to any colour without extra cost. Simply leave your notes in the special request box and our designer will update the design preview once you place your order


- Select your envelope colour: All cards come with free white premium envelopes which have an off-white shade and a very delicate texture. However, if you’re looking for a coloured envelope to give an extra touch to your personalised card, we have a bunch of envelope colours to suit any colour scheme that is available upon request. From almond to ebony, find your colour of the year from our massive range of envelopes.



We are very proud of our designer community that comes from all over the world. Therefore, we’ve curated carefully-selected beautiful designs created by these awesome designers. Now you can sit, be amazed and check them out right on your fingertips. Each design has its own beauty and personality. We are sure that there is at least one design that will perfectly match your needs and preferences. If you think that a design is just a tad from perfect and need some slight adjustment (such as changing font or background color) hesitate no more because a professional designer will adjust this for you once you place your order. Our customer service will always be few clicks away from you starting from the earlier stage of your design customization, order processing, production and the final stage of shipping them out to your address. 



Speaking of our print quality, our 500 5-stars reviews on our Google business page speak for itself. As stationery printing specialists, we’ve spent a lot of time researching quality paper, ink toners and machines to make sure we only offer the finest product to you. We’ve selected our best quality papers which are very convenient to write on. They come in various weights, texture and finishes to your likings. Our warehouse located in Oakleigh South, Melbourne filled with high quality printing machines which will ensure the best print outcome. We have test printed our designs to make sure they look as beautiful as they are on screen. If you would like to see the magic yourself, we recommend ordering specially-curated sample packs that can be purchased on our website for as low as AUD $5. Have access to 7-8 various paper and print types that will help you choose (or worse.. makes it hard for you to choose because they are perfect as equally!). If you still can’t decide on which paper that works best for you, chat to our customer service right from our website. 



If you think finding the perfect design is a bit too hard particularly after browsing tons of our newest personalized note cards design, we always have an answer for you so let our super customer service team help you. Simply go through our custom order process on our website by adding any details we need to know about your dream design. Our account executive will then be in touch with you to discuss the quote and the best possible options we can offer for you. If you have specific time issues, our expedited printing service will be available at your disposal. 



In Paperlust, we value every customer and try our best to fulfill whatever your needs. As we have grown bigger to not just be a wedding stationery company but a one-stop shop for any stationery needs, we have made our website very comfortable for anyone who wants to purchase multiple products for various occasions. If you are planning for an event and want to get some beautiful personalized stationery along the way, a special discount of 15% OFF is available for any purchase of three kinds of cards or more. This special discount for bulk order has no time limit or expiry date so feel free to place your order anytime during the year. During some festive seasons, we also occasionally offer special promotions such for Christmas, New Year and Black Friday. Make sure you signed up to our website to ensure you do not miss our promotional events.