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Frequently Asked Questions

All of your questions, answered.


Customer Care & Help

We want you to be 100% happy with your order. All Paperlust orders are triple checked for quality assurance but if for any reason you are not 100% happy with your order contact us and we’ll be happy to help you by reprinting, issuing credit or refunding you.

If you are not happy with your customised stationery because of the wrong text, or a misspelt word, we’ll happily help you fix it and share the cost of reprinting with you.

Contact Us

Contact :

Live Chat : Chat now

Australia customer enquiries: 1300 176 727 - 9:00am - 8:00pm Australian (AEDST) Monday – Friday

New Zealand customer enquiries: +64 800 527 555 - 11:00am-11:00pm (Auckland) Monday - Friday

United States customer enquiries: +1 (888) 942-3447 - 3:00pm - 11:00pm (West Coast), 6:00pm - 11:00pm Monday - Friday.

Canada customer enquiries: +1 (855) 946-4949 - 3:00pm - 11:00pm (Vancouver), 6:00pm - 11:00pm (Toronto) Monday - Friday. 



Melbourne Head Office

23 Manton Road

Oakleigh South Vic 3167

All corporate enquiries: +61(0) 3 8060 4888 


Where is Paperlust based?

Our head office is located at 23 Manton Road, Oakleigh South, Victoria, Australia. We ship to and service customers worldwide.


Design Proofs & Reviewing Your Design

After purchasing your order and before printing we will email you a design proof. The design proof will have been reviewed by a Paperlust design associate who will double check and tweak your design to make sure it’s perfect.

Any minor changes to the design will be applied from your 'special requests', and you will be required to approve the final proof before it goes to print.

Making changes after you have placed your order

If you need to make a change to your order please contact us immediately. Changes cannot be made once your order has gone to print.

What kind of tweaks can I request in the ‘special requests’ function?

Minor tweaks and requests are welcomed by our creative team. However, we can’t completely change the design for you that will attract a custom design fee, we can resize elements for you, make the design text fit in symmetry, change the font, change colours for you, change foil colours, adjust elements that will be printed in letterpress, and add more text content.

What are the minimum quantities I can order?

The minimums for orders depend on the print type and in some cases the type of paper used.

Minimums down to Qty 10

This is available for Digital Prints, Photo Cards, White Ink, Mettalic Prints and Flat Foil


Minimums down to Qty 30

This is available for Print on Wood. 


Minimum is 50 for all other print types.

You can still order 30 foil stamp or letterpress invitations for example, but this will be the same price as 50 due to setup costs.


Do you have a studio I can visit?

Yes, you can make an appointment to visit our Richmond studio here by clicking on the Book Here button. 

Refunds and holds

We understand that sometime things don't go according to plan and you may need to postpone or occasionally even cancel event. As our products are completely custom-made we cannot issue refunds after the proof design period. We can apply a store credit if you have to change your event after order, but before print approval. If you need time to change the date on your event, we will happily hold it in our order system with no penalty until you confirm your final details before print. 


Printing & Shipping Time

Custom printed stationery production timelines

Each print type has a different process timeline from the date of approval. Our maximum expected delivery times for invitaitons and cards from day of proof approval are currently:

timeline faq

If your order is a mix of print types, please use the longer of the delivery timelines as all products will be dispatched together unless detailed by our customer service team.

Before going to print a design proof will be sent to you to review and approve. If you selected postal address printing on envelopes, your order will not be sent to print until all required mailing addresses have been uploaded and confirmed by you.

If an unexpected delay is encountered our customer support team will notify you as soon as possible.


Signage production timelines

Our signage options have the current expected production times:

Digitally printed foamboard: 3-5 working days

Vinyl Foil foamboard: 5-7 working days

All Acrylic boards: 10-12 working days.

Unfortunately we cannot expedite signage orders.


Domestic & Worldwide Shipping

Paperlust delivers free of charge to Australia using Startrack's Premium next day* service in Australia. 


Free worldwide express shipping for orders over $300 USD

Paperlust also has free express worldwide shipping to all countries including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and Europe via DHL for all orders over $300 USD and arrives in 2-4 business days.

Please note that you are responsible for any local duties, tariffs, taxes or fees payable on delivery


All deliveries must be to a physical address, not a P.O. box. Your order will be delivered between Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm and for your peace of mind may need to be signed for, so please provide a home or workplace address that works best during these hours.

Any special delivery notes such as authority to leave at the door can be authorised on the Payment page of the checkout flow, please note Paperlust does not take responsibility for lost or damaged packages that have been left with authority to leave at the doorstep.

*Next day deliveries in Metro areas only. Please allow for additional time for rural or regional orders. 

Can I pick up a finished order?

Yes, we offer a click and collect option which can be selected at checkout. Orders can be collected 9am-5pm Monday - Friday from 23 Manton Road, Oakleigh South Victoria, Australia, 3167.

Expedited printing

Left your ordering a bit late, or want to make sure your on-the-day stationery arrives in time for the big day? We hear you. You can speed up our printing process and jump the queue with our expedited print service on selected products.

For a $50 fee we will print your order faster than our average delivery timeframes. We will also prioritise your digital proof to approve, but please note we cannot start printing until this has been approved.

Expedited print is available for the following print types in the following papers:


Digital print (expedite to 24 hours production) in the following papers:

Paperlust Matt

Paperlust Premium

Paperlust Linen

Paperlust Metallic

Paperlust Cotton


White ink (expedite to 24 hours production) in the following papers:

Paperlust Kraft

Paperlust Colourstock


Flat Foil (expedite to 3-5 working days):

Paperlust Matt

Paperlust Premium


To order expedited print, please select the option when checking out. Please note, expedited print will only appear as an option on the products listed above. 


Can I add variable names (guest names) to my invitation prints?

Yes - for Digital Prints, Metallic Prints, White Ink, Photo Cards and Flat Foil Print types only. For a small fee per card, when you go to customise a design of these print types you will see a function at the top called "Add Guest Names". Here you can add guest names for your cards and or table numbers also (for place cards and menus).

If you don't have all of the names ready, you can also still edit / add more names before it is approved for print in the My Order section of the site.

Can I choose different fonts than what the design tool gives me?

Our designers have selected the best fonts for their design to work with, however, if you have a particular font in mind, please submit a ‘special request’ and our designer will assist you after checkout. We are working to integrate Adobe Typekit at this time with our development team to give access to a full range of fonts for each design.

Paperlust fonts section

You can also check out our invitation fonts page here, it's for our designer community but might help you to find a special font that you are after.

The text I'm trying to get into the design isn't fitting. What should I do?

Firstly, try and fit in all the text as best you can. After you check out, one of our Paperlust designers will find a solution to making your text content fit beautifully into the design as part of the proofing process.

If you have a lot of text please add the extra text and instructions in the 'Special Requests' button at the top right of the customise page (just under Save & Next).

I want to add a second side to the design

How to add a second side

You can add a second side to the design by clicking the 'Create back side of design' button when customising the design. On the next screen, you can then add text to the back side of your design. Please note that adding a second side to the design is only available for the following print types at this time: Digital Print, Flat Foil, White Ink, Metallic Print, and Photo Cards.


How to remove the back side of the design

Adding a second side to print on for your card will alter the price, to remove the second side of the design, click 'Remove back side of design'.


How to add text to the back side of the design

Once you have loaded the back side of the design, right click on the background of the blank design and click 'Add text', here you can add as many text boxes as you like.


Special requests

If you would like a design element added to the back of the design, describe what you would like into the 'special requests' box and our designer can prepare this for your first proof after checkout.



Supporting Independent Creatives

You Rock! By ordering your stationary through Paperlust you have chosen the very best in independent design. Your orders support our community of very talented global independent creatives. So on behalf of all our amazing and talented artists we salute you!


The PL Creative Community

I really like a design, but it doesn’t have the Thank you card, Gift Registry or other card available in that design?

During your checkout process, you can ‘Request additional cards in this set’ and specify out the extra cards that you would like to include also with your order. To get an idea of pricing on these cards, they will be the same price as the invitation (178mm x 127mm) or rsvp card (107mm x 140mm), depending on the size that you want.

How to request additional cards

On the design page, scroll down beneath the design section and price and you will find this section that says, 'Request additional cards', when you click this you can specify which cards you would like and the quantity.


How do I know what the price will be for additional cards

It depends on the print type, size and quantity for the additional cards, it will either match our main invitation size (178mm x 127mm) or save the date cards size (107mm x 140mm).

To find this select one of the two types of designs, and your quantity and ensure you are in the right print type you are after, this will match the price.

Fees for additional cards

We will design these new cards for you free of charge with the order.

I’m ordering a wedding invitation, RSVP card, and an information card, will this all fit in the envelope?

Yes, you can comfortably fit up to 5 digital cards in an envelope, and we recommend no more than 3-4 for the thicker foil and letterpress stocks.

I saw a beautiful design on your Instagram or Pinterest, but I can’t find it on the site?

Thank you for the kind comments! It is likely that this design is in the queue to be uploaded into our system, or it was a custom order for another client, either way, please take a screenshot of this design as we are likely to have it in our system and we can customise this for you. Head over to our custom order page to make this request.


Colours, Photos, & Text - On-Screen vs Printed

We encourage you to print your digital proof to sense how accurately the on-screen colours, images, and text will match the print version of your design.

Keep in mind that a picture on your computer screen has light shining through it from your monitor. That same image printed on paper is likely to appear a bit darker. Some colours that look great on your screen may not reproduce well with ink on paper. Very bright and intense colours, especially neons, will print with less detail than they had on your monitor.

Although your home printer is not going to be an exact match for the printers we use, a printed version of your digital proof will give you a much better idea of what to expect.

Can I get my own design printed with Paperlust?

Absolutely. Send your details of what you would like printed as well as an image of your design and we can quote this up for you on our custom order page.

Why is the pricing more for less cards?

Printing costs are setup on volume, the more printed the better the price gets due to setup fees and charges.

Colour matching & Colour consistency

Due to variations in the colour between our different stocks, stock batches, printers and processes, Paperlust cannot offer colour matching. Customers should be aware that if they purchase different stocks across the same design set, or different print types, there may be variation in the colour printed as our stocks do vary in whiteness. If you have concerns about colour and how it will present across our stocks please contact our customer service team.


How much is the design fee to get a custom design?

The design fee is $150.

How much am I required to deposit to get the custom order process going?

20% deposit of the order is required to commence the project.

If your custom order spans more than 3 months.

If your custom order spans over three months, we will need to invoice 50% of the custom order total.

Does Paperlust print invitations if I organise the artwork?

Yes we do, the best place is to fill out our custom invitation form at this page here, from here you can specify the print types and quantities you are after. 


Can I request a sample of a specific design on the site?

Depending if we have that design in our studio left over as extra, we will try our best to accommodate your requests to see a particular design. We are working to create samples on demand shortly; you can order a sample pack here.

Check with our customer service team on live chat if we have that design in the studio.

When will my sample pack arrive?

Priority mail sample pack

All sample packs will be sent the same or next day of receipt; if you choose the priority mail option your pack will arrive in 2-4 business days.


Express sample pack

Express sample packs will arrive the next business day after it is shipped.


Worldwide sample pack orders (outside of Australia)

For international sample pack orders please see the estimated time for samples shipping when you select your country on the Get samples page.


Free Envelopes & Envelope Printing

Premium envelopes

When you purchase any invitation card, thank you card, or rsvp card you have the choice of free premium white envelopes, or selecting from our range of premium coloured envelopes at small additional cost.

Envelope Printing

Postal addressing: Make life easier and have Paperlust print recipient postal addresses on your envelopes. Simply select recipient addressing during the customise envelope page and after checkout you will be able to upload you contact names and addresses, which we will print directly on your envelopes. After checkout you can upload your contact names and addresses, and we’ll print them directly on your envelopes.

Managing & Submitting Address Data

Envelope Printing

Make life easier and have Paperlust print recipient postal addresses on your envelopes. Simply select recipient addressing during the customise envelope page to pick your print options and enter your data.


Address manager

After checkout, you will have access to our Paperlust Address manager tool.

Gathering your guest address details just got easier with the Paperlust Address Manager. Import friends and family details (via our Excel sheet provided) into the Paperlust address manager, add them one at a time or invite them to submit data via Facebook or Email directly into the tool.


Importing via Facebook

With our address manager tool, you can invite one-by-one guest postal data directly into the tool that you can send to friends and family, directly via Facebook. To use the tool you will need to be signed into your Facebook account. 

To send and invite, click the ‘Invite via Facebook’ link at the bottom left of the page, and you can invite your first guest to submit their details.


Sending from multiple Facebook accounts: Once you have exhausted your Facebook friends, and need friends or family details of your partner, simply Log out of your Facebook account and sign into your partner's Facebook account.

Once signed in go back to the address manager screen and hit refresh in the browser, and then you can start the process again.


Important - How not to open group chats when sending invites via Facebook: Make sure to only invite one guest at a time, and then repeat the process. This will prevent Facebook opening a group conversation.

Invitations via Facebook are discrete, the form will only invite the exact recipient you are sending to on Facebook and not their Partner, you can edit their entry later if you would like to also invite their partner.


Organising in the tool

Once you have added your guest details and edited any entries that came in via Facebook or email. You can select Continue at the top right to assign the addresses for print.

On the next screen, select all the addresses you want to print or tick the tickbox to select all.

Once submitted assign these addresses to your order.

Note: We will print on envelopes for all data provided and provide any remaining blanks also.




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