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Belly Bands

When you choose more than one stationary element and wish to keep them beautifully together so your guests don't miss out on any of them, a belly band will do the work for you. Belly bands are a piece of paper that surrounds the middle of your wedding invitations, holding everything in its right place. Belly bands for wedding invitations can complement the design by having similar elements or contrasting colors. 

Belly band wedding invitations can keep tight a standard-size wedding invitation, an RSVP card, an insert card, and any other element you choose to add. The belly bands wedding invitations can be the ideal element to hold it all together while being within the same style and design as the rest of your stationery. Remember that Paperlust offers many tools to customize a design fully, and wedding invitation belly band isn't the exception; you can personalize the wording with the editing tool, change the color and other elements with a special request, or fully create one by adding a custom request. 

When you receive your belly bands for wedding invitations and the rest of the stationery elements, you could have doubts about how to assemble them. By general rule, the largest item should be placed at the bottom of the bundle, usually the formal wedding invitation. Then you continue with the smaller pieces like the RSVP card and so on. When you have them all arranged, you can place the belly band and secure it with a clear sticker. 

Achieving perfection is simple when you order everything with Paperlust, from your wedding invitations to thank you cards, RSVP cards, envelopes, and so much more. You can rest knowing top-quality material will be used along with high-quality print techniques. Your wedding invitation belly band will be a unique element with a useful purpose. And if you want to stay within budget, remember to order 3 items or more from Paperlust to get a 15% discount.