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Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations

Themed baby showers are often hard to choose from, but if you are into the magical and shiny aesthetic, a sprinkle baby shower invitation will win you over. They are very flexible since you can use them for a baby boy or baby girl. And you can choose your favorite colors without having to choose pink or blue. If you add some metallic details, it will look amazing. 

Ordering online thru Paperlust is easy; you only need to browse our designs and choose the one you love, then it is time to customize the wording without editing tool. Once the words are right, you save it and send it to our design time to adjust, once it is ready, they will ask for your approval, and that is all you are good to go. 

When you go thru our editing tool, you must add the details of your gathering, such as: 

  • Time and date. 

  • Location.

  • Name of the mother and baby (if you wish) 

  • Registry information. 

Your baby sprinkle shower invitations should be ordered about two months before your event, so they arrive on time for you to mail them around four to six weeks before the big day. Add information regarding RSVP, so your guests know exactly how to confirm their presence. 

And remember to start your invitation with an inviting phrase like: 

  • We wished upon a star, and now we are waiting for baby ___ to arrive. Please join us to celebrate mommy to be. 

  • Join us for an intimate celebration of mommy to be ___. 

  • Nothing will make us happier than sharing this moment with you. Please come and join us to celebrate the arrival of our baby.