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Graduation Announcements 2022 / 2023 | Graduation Announcement Cards


If you’re not planning a party for some reason, college graduation announcements or high school graduation announcements are a really special way to commemorate this milestone with the important people in your life. When it comes to announcements, Paperlust has a lot of graduation announcement templates, and let’s discuss some logistics to help you sail through the process.


Ordering samples

If you’re feeling unsure about committing to a company online, we recommend ordering sample graduation announcements so that you can be sure your graduation announcements will be perfect. We offer $5 sample packs so you can touch and feel the luxury quality of our paper stock and printing techniques before committing to a purchase. Just make sure to order the sample packs a few weeks before you plan to order.


When do I send the announcements?

When to send graduation announcements is really up to you, especially if there’s no party that the recipients have to prepare for. We recommend you order graduation announcements 3 weeks before you want to send them out. Most people send them before the graduation ceremony, but you can send them afterwards if you’re too busy leading up to commencement.


Who do you send graduation announcements to?

The more important question might be about who to send graduation announcements to. When deciding, a parents’ perspective can be both helpful and thoughtful as they may have specific people they want to include. The list is really up to you, and depends on your budget. Think of it like a party (even though it’s not). Who would you invite to an intimate 10 people gathering? Who makes the cut for a dinner party? Who’s on the list for a big bash? Keep in mind that the more cards you order, the cheaper per card they will be (however your postage costs will also increase).


How to address graduation announcements cards

When addressing graduation announcements, you’re not totalling a final head count like a party, so it can be nice to write it in a way that includes the whole family, such as, ‘To the Petersons’. Whether you include formal titles like Colonel and Mr depends on how formal your announcement style is.


How to assemble graduation announcements

If you order from Paperlust, the only assembly necessary is inserting the invitation card into the envelope and adding a postage stamp where necessary. While you can get us to print the recipient names on the envelopes, if you prefer to do it yourself, follow the instructions above.

For those planning picture graduation announcements or wondering about graduation announcements wording, both of these topics are covered in the invitation section above and the information can also apply to announcements.

Whether you want cheap, traditional, graduation announcements trifold or custom graduation announcements designed from your own design, Paperlust has the flexibility to help you achieve the look, feel and price you’re after.