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Why you should order invitation samples

Wouldn’t it be great to see a sample of wedding invitations before you commit to buy? You might think that choosing an online company like Paperlust means you won’t have the chance to see their products in person. Wrong! To make sure we are delivering exactly what you want, Paperlust offers premium sample packs. Each pack contains sample wedding invitations templates, giving you a chance to see and touch seven different designs. The wedding invitations sample package also includes one envelope and gives you a chance to get the feel for a range of our beautiful premium papers.

We wish we could give everyone free sample wedding invitations but have made the packs available at such an affordable price that no one needs to miss out. For only $5 you will receive $20 worth of samples, including premium print types like real foil and letterpress. That’s the price of a coffee, and the satisfaction you will get from nailing your event invitations will last a lot longer than a latte. We like no fuss so we’ll have the sample packs to you in five business days at the most (you can pay a little extra for express postage) and you can have your invitations finalised in no time.

Order Sample Wedding Invitations with Paperlust

Wedding invitations are the first impression your guests receive of your wedding, so choosing the right design and paper can feel like a weighty decision. Whilst browsing photos and creating mood boards of what you like can help you narrow down your choices, the tactile nature of paper is best judged in person. Ordering wedding invitation card samples is an essential part of this decision making process.

When it comes to deciding between different white paper stocks; judging them onscreen is virtually impossible. Mixing and matching between papers can sound like a great idea but often, even if all the papers are white, there are subtle shade differences between them. Paperlust offers a wide selection of textured paper stocks as well and those details can only be appreciated in person. The importance of seeing the physical results before ordering are crucial as the texture and weight of the paper can play a huge role in determining which one you choose.

When it comes to designs which rely on lots of solid colour, it becomes even more important to see sample wedding invitations of that design first. Each paper can react differently to the colour printing and yield subtly different results. If matching a certain colour is important to you, it may be a better option to order custom sample wedding invitations so you can see the design you’d like printed on the specific paper type. This can provide absolute peace of mind before you go ahead and order a large quantity of your wedding invitations.

Seeing sample wedding invitations beforehand can also be helpful in deciding on invitation wording. Wording changes depending on how traditional the wedding is or how much the couple’s families are involved, so having a few samples of wedding invitation wording can provide a really good idea on all the variations.

When it comes to ordering anything online, there is always uncertainty that what you’ll receive looks exactly like it does on a screen. Any opportunity to see samples of products beforehand should always be taken to ensure full confidence.

What to look for

You want people to feel like they are getting a little piece of you as a couple when they receive your wedding invitation. But how do you make it look and feel great, ensuring it includes all the necessary information--all for a decent price? There are a few tips that will help you get it spot on. A wedding invitation should first of all be pretty. You want your loved ones to pull it out of the envelope and pause for that ‘aww’ moment. Secondly, the colours should complement each other. The samples we send you (and the large range of options available on our website), can give you some ideas for what goes together. Take note of which colours we’ve paired together and use that as a guide if you are planning to create your own design or have an existing design tweaked. The ratio of writing to blank space is also key to producing a balanced, professional look. Don’t bog your guests down with an essay, but if all necessary information is included and it still looks too bare, you can always enlarge the font or space the page differently. The good news is that your final design can be tweaked by a Paperlust designer to ensure that your invitation is just right for your big event.

When it comes to a sample, though, you’re not looking for the same things as when you’re looking for the right design for you (although sometimes people do find their dream invite in a sample pack!). Instead of looking for things like aesthetics, wording and layout, you’re looking at quality and the raw materials. A sample pack features different print types like letterpress and real foil so you can see how they look and feel, along with designs on a range of different paper types so you can feel the difference and choose the one you like best when you place your order. It also allows you to look at how well aligned the print is on the paper, how vivid the colours are, and other details. You usually can’t request a specific design in a sample pack, because the pack is put together to show all the different materials and print types, not designs themselves.

So what you’re looking for is:

The paper

We know that sometimes it can take a life event like planning a wedding or building your first home to realise just how many shades of white there are. Likewise, you may not have known how many types of paper exist. We just love paper! It’s our thing, and Paperlust can offer you a premium range of textures and thicknesses so that you can find the exact feel and look you’re after.

Some of our popular paper types include:

  • Matt
  • Linen
  • Metallic
  • Kraft
  • Cotton
  • Vellum
  • Wood (yes, you read that right!)

Paperlust also offers coloured paper sourced from Europe for both your invitation and your envelopes. You may want to make an impression with a splash of red, or keep it simple with a classic navy, and we offer a range of choices. Our sample pack will offer you the opportunity to see a design printed on coloured paper as well as a selection of other paper types so that you can feel the difference between them.

The print types

Whether it’s letterpress, custom foil stamping or the latest in digital printing, our different print types not only look but also feel different to each other. Because these processes vary so widely, it is crucial to know exactly what you are getting into. You can’t feel beautifully raised rose gold foiling from a website. We want to help customise your invitations to suit the style of your event. What better way than a tactile experience with the best that Paperlust has to offer?

Quality and heart

Paperlust are committed to supporting local designers and preserving the environment. We were founded in Melbourne and operate as a platform linking talented designers to customers worldwide who want luxury invitations for all their special events. All of our digital stocks are acid free, elemental chlorine free and are sourced sustainably and accredited by Sustainable Forest Product ™. Our quality shows we care, and choosing the paper, lettering and design that is most ‘you’ shows that you care.

I’m looking for sample wording

Ah, the all important wording. It’s a simple task but can go terribly wrong at times (just not when you’re in our hands). If you’re just looking for sample invitation wording, you don’t need to order a sample pack! Paperlust provides sample wording for wedding invitations free online. Setting the tone is important so make sure to match how formal or casual the invitation wording is to how the wedding will be. If you don’t include a dress code, your wording will imply one so be intentional. You may want to use Paperlust’s wedding invitations sample wording as a base and then tweak it to add a little personality. Remember that the wording also indicates who is hosting the wedding, so try not to step on any toes with parents (especially if divorced/separated).

Save the Date Samples

Ordering wedding save the date samples are the perfect way to know exactly what you’re getting when you order the real thing. It allows you to feel the quality and thickness of the cardstock as well as experience first hand luxury techniques like raised gold foil and letterpress.

Our sample packs are just $5 and we can include for free save the date examples, as well as RSVP cards and wedding menus. Customers can also request save the date magnet samples to be including in their pack, depending on the options they are considering. Before ordering your pack, think about the style of your wedding as well as the techniques and materials that you are interested in, and ensure you include one of each so that you can make an informed decision.

Save the date samples from Paperlust generally try to showcase as many different colours, designs, and print and paper types as can fit into a pack. The variety helps customers to choose elements that perfectly suit their wedding day.

A tip to remember with save the date wedding samples is that you have to be organised to have time to order them before you need to order your save the dates and the rest of your wedding stationery. Depending on your own personal timeline, you may be in need of engagement invitations before save the dates or vice versa, so carefully plan your wedding timeline ASAP to avoid nasty surprises. Order one of our sample packs today to experience a taste of the premium designs and materials that Paperlust has to offer.

Now that you know what to look for, order your very own sample pack today so that you can experience all these amazing products for yourself!

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