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Premium Rustic Wedding Invitations for your 2022/2023 wedding


Rustic wedding invitations - sounds like kraft paper, floral designs, and a banjo to boot! Rustic wedding invites are a personal favourite at Paperlust, especially when combined with premium printing like letterpress wedding invitations, metallic print, photo cards or wooden wedding invitations. There are loads of rustic designs available in black and white or in a range of colours like black, blue, gold and purple. Paperlust designs have been created by local Australian artists hailing from around Australia, from Sydney and Melbourne right across to Perth, and everywhere in between, so we know what Australian rustic chic looks like.

If you are looking to go beyond just rustic invitations and create a whole wedding card set we recommend finding the wedding card design you love and then looking through the matching stationery options including save the date cards, thank you cards, wishing well and engagement invitations. It may also be worth taking a peek through some other popular design styles which may have a similar rustic feel to what you are looking for, like vintage wedding invitations, beach and lace invites. 

Found a rustic wedding card you love but have no idea what wording should be included? No worries. Head to our wedding invitation wording page. Once you’ve nailed the wording, you can choose your own font style to complement the design, for your ideal rustic wedding invitation cards. 



Your wedding invitation is the first part of your wedding that your guests will see. It will tell them everything they need to know about the when, where and what, but it also tells them a lot about the who - and I don’t just mean that your name is printed on it. Your wedding invitation will be the first touchpoint on the style of wedding, the theme. It is a physical representation of you and your partner as a couple, so like every other detail of your wedding, your invitation deserves proper attention. Whether you’ve already decided on the theme of your wedding or still aren’t quite sure, after looking through our collection of rustic invitations for wedding you’re sure to find something you love and get inspired. 


Rustic can look really lovely - just imagine bold black wording on some brown kraft paper, or a beautiful watercolour painted design. There are so many options to choose from, and you can find some really creative designs among our collections. Work with any of our rustic wedding invitations templates to customise them and create your own completely unique invite.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding or are simply going for something a little less traditional, choosing a rustic invitation can add some special style that your guests will keep forever. Here in Australia, outdoor weddings are a common occurrence, with so many great locations available and typical good Aussie weather. Another way to do rustic is choosing a stylish barn or having your wedding at a winery with some rustic chic wedding invitations pointing the way to your night of celebration and fun.


Paperlust now offers all in one rustic wedding invitations with a trifold option that has a perforated tear-off option. Click here to get a quote to create the ultimate rustic wedding invitations with rsvp.


Paperlust even has rustic wedding invitations with photos that you can customize yourself; simply click here to filter by Rustic wedding invitations with pictures.


Yes, you read that correctly, we can print wedding invitations, and we have a range of rustic wood designs. Click here to browse our range of rustic wood wedding invitations.


Rustic has become a popular style of choice lately, perfect for a country style wedding. It has been a top trend for a few years now, with more and more people opting for a natural design with their rustic style wedding.

When some people hear the word rustic, they may think of something old and rundown, but after looking through our rustic wedding invitation designs you’ll be sure to have a different take. There can be such elegance in rustic design, whether you choose something simple or more detailed for your country rustic wedding invitations. 

As well as their country chic wedding invitations, a lot of customers carry the rustic theme into their on-the-day stationery, including rustic place cards and a rustic wedding menu.  



People are loving the rustic design, whether sticking with a clean and simple design or featuring illustrations of nature, for nature wedding invitations or woodland wedding invitations. Owls and foxes are always a popular choice, or something with birds and hand painted trees - you could use a combination for some stunning tree wedding invitations. With a wedding invitation tree style it can be tempting to throw a lot of different elements in, but be careful. If you try to combine too many elements, the design can end up looking crowded and maybe even a little immature.

Through the nature theme, you can go with more creative invitation design options: old-fashioned style calligraphy, an image of nature in the background, or maybe even an artist’s impression of the location you’re getting married in as a nice tie-in. 



What makes a wedding invitation rustic? Some people think handmade elements are key, but luckily there are ways to get the DIY look without having to actually find time to do it yourself. Brown kraft paper is the perfect starting point for rustic wedding invitations; it sets a more natural tone and fits in well with the rustic theme. Brown kraft paper has become quite popular in itself as something that looks simple yet stylish. It is a great base for the natural colour palette of a rustic theme, which can then be further complemented by other feature colours. Kraft paper has the added benefit of ensuring you get the rustic wedding invitation look without needing to actually make your own DIY rustic wedding invitations: a huge win for people who are short on time or the inclination to diy. 

Printable Rustic Wedding Invitations

There’s nothing quite like the charm of a rustic wedding. Picture long outdoor tables set against a backdrop of rolling hills, twinkling fairy lights strung between the trees, or perhaps a refurbished barn decked out with glowing candles, mason jar table settings and farm-fresh flowers. None of this requires DIY! Of course, if you want to undertake some rustic DIY projects, you totally can - you just don’t have to stress about them. 

As with any wedding, guests will get the first taste of its style through your all-important wedding invites. So if you’re planning a country chic wedding, read on to find out more about the key elements of rustic wedding invitations.

Choosing to go for a rustic wedding invitations kit can be a great way to save money. A myriad of DIY rustic wedding invitations kits are available online but the downside is that you can end up wasting time learning how to put them all together, or ordering low quality materials by accident and having to start over. The good thing is that rustic elegant wedding invitations are just a few clicks away - without the risks of rustic wedding invitation kits. Save yourself the headache and fully customise one of our rustic wedding invitation designs to look both handmade and professional.



Cheap rustic wedding invitations that look designer are every bride’s dream. But are they just that: a dream? Not at all! Cheap rustic wedding invitations don’t have to look cheap. With Paperlust you can manage the expense by carefully choosing the printing, colour and paper type you select. Elements like white ink, colour stock, letterpress and raised foil will drive the price up, but the good news is that they usually aren’t elements of the humble rustic invite anyway. We recommend choosing Paperlust Matte and Digital Printing if affordable wedding invitations are what you’re after, but rustic weddings on a budget don’t have to mean compromising on style. 

If you are hunting for rustic wedding invitations cheap, beware of sites that will rip you off and not actually deliver what they’ve advertised. Instead of risking cheap rustic wedding invitation sets online, why not select one of our affordable rustic themed wedding invitations and rest easy knowing that you’re getting quality?

If you are trying to save those pennies, cheap rustic wedding ideas don’t have to stop at the stationery. You can buy lengths of lace and burlap from your local craft store and use them in different ways for your table settings, chairs, guestbook and even thank you notes. Consider using recycled items like jars with the labels removed to hold flowers or candles and sit as table centrepieces or hang from wooden beams or tree branches for other decor ideas. Vintage rustic weddings are perfect for those on a tight budget, since much of the decor can be thrifted or found in grandpa’s shed: proof that a cheap wedding can be a rustic romantic wedding with the right ingredients. 




While most people think of rustic vintage wedding invitations when they think rustic, others are more interested in combining modern touches into their rustic themed wedding. A rustic modern wedding may sound like an oxymoron but it is definitely possible. A modern rustic wedding combines two styles to form a super cool hybrid. You might combine wood elements, candles, or a rustic wedding background with industrial steel chairs and an ultra modern dress. This can make for an incredibly elegant rustic wedding: in fact, a ‘rustic elegance’ wedding is a common theme choice for those looking to bring both styles together. Just because you go for a rustic theme wedding doesn’t mean that everything at your wedding has to look old fashioned or like it belongs in a barn. You can still use glass, bright colours and jewels - or even a modern cake with quirky cake toppers. Don’t let any theme box you in: there’s no reason you can’t mix and match!



Are you from the country and fancy a western invitation for your big day? Country rustic weddings are a perfect way to celebrate for country and western fans, or for those who just love the idea of both themes. There are plenty of rustic country wedding invitations ideas to choose from with Paperlust and whether you are opting for lace accents, some beautiful foliage on kraft paper or even a custom artwork, country western weddings always have that unique character we love. Western theme wedding invitations and affordable country western weddings ideas are definitely possible. If you have access to a barn or (if you trust the weather) even a paddock, you can start with that as the venue and build your dream wedding around it. Western wedding decorations on a budget are realistic because the main materials used in rustic styling aren’t very expensive - think of fairy lights, hay bales, burlap, bunting, wildflowers and twine. Get some friends to brainstorm with you and make a plan for how to transform your space into a country and western dream.



Floral wedding invitations can be perfect for a rustic wedding. Are you having a laid back garden wedding in a friend’s backyard, or maybe in a field surrounded by wildflowers? Rustic floral backgrounds can be the perfect base for a simple typeface or classic calligraphy in your invitation. Whether it’s rustic foliage or a rustic flower background, we have a range of rustic floral wedding invitations to suit every taste. Depending on your wedding colour theme or bridesmaid dresses, you may want to select a rustic floral background that will match.

The flower most associated with rustic style has to be the sunflower. If you are planning a rustic sunflower wedding, the best place to start is with sunflower wedding invitations or even a sunflower bridal shower invitation. But there are ways to incorporate the sunflower theme beyond rustic sunflower wedding invitations. You could use sunflowers as bouquets, chair decorations, table centrepieces - but you could also use the colours to mix a bright pop of yellow or green with earthy rustic browns.




The farm

To some, country themed wedding invitations are synonymous with a barn theme. If you’ve grown up in the country or even just like the idea of the country life, a farm wedding could be the perfect match for you. You could pair farm wedding invitations or barnyard wedding invitations with burlap table runners, wildflower bouquets and twinkling fairy lights. Rustic barn theme not specific enough for you? If you’re an animal lover (maybe you even own some owl jewellery), owl wedding invitations could be your style. Personalise one of our simpler designs by adding a custom requested artwork of an owl. Whether you’re going for a country vintage wedding or more of a modern look set in a rustic country area for striking contrast, a farm wedding is sure to impress. 

The great outdoors

Outdoor wedding invitations can be the ideal way to celebrate your love of the great outdoors. Whether you’re getting more specific with rustic (maybe consider a long sleeve dress) or you fancy a ceremony by the ocean with navy blue rustic wedding invitations or rustic beach wedding invitations, the main thing is that your invites match the theme and feel of your wedding. Rustic styling can be blended into many different settings and sometimes a blend (like rustic and beach) can be the catalyst to create the most unique day.

Time of year

We know a lot of people are obsessed with country fall weddings and have been mentally planning them years before he even pops the question. We can understand why!

Fall is aflame with beautiful, rich colours - and all the better if earthy tones are part of your colour palette. If you want some rustic fall wedding ideas on a budget, consider using the leaves and boughs that can be collected for free from a park or woodland near you to keep decorating costs low. Use real leaves as table decor instead of shelling out for expensive flower arrangements, and consider in season wildflowers for your bouquets.

A rustic Christmas wedding can be pulled off with such style that it’s worth braving the Christmas craziness. Depending on where you are in the world, Christmas and winter fall at the same time. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere and want a Christmas feel to your rustic winter wedding invitations you could always do a Christmas in July theme. The bonus is that you skip all the mayhem of December. 



A key ingredient in the décor of any rustic wedding, burlap is a super versatile material that can be incorporated widely across decorations and invitations.

Burlap is a coarse woven fabric traditionally used for creating sacks to store goods such as grains and vegetables. Affordable and widely available from craft and fabric stores, burlap’s farmhouse charm will lend an authenticity and homeliness to your rustic wedding, as well as saving you a few dollars here and there!

You may wonder how such a practical, plain material came to have a place in wedding décor, which is traditionally quite expensive and ‘proper’ in nature. Well, the answer may lie in one word: personalisation. More and more often, couples are choosing to have more control over their weddings, allowing everything from the table settings to the invitations to reflect their own personalities and lifestyles. A great way to do this is through simple, stripped-back rustic décor and burlap wedding invitations, which often have a more natural, intimate feel than a lot of traditional ‘black-tie’ wedding elements. 

This is where burlap comes in! What better element to incorporate into a stylish handmade wedding than this multipurpose material? Combine it with other rustic touches and you’ll have some gorgeous decorations to rival any traditional silk-and-satin affair. (Check out our DIY Wedding invitation templates section for more inspiration and tips on homemade weddings.)

When it comes to your rustic wedding invitations, there are several ways you may choose to incorporate burlap. A simple and popular option is a feature strip of burlap at the top of your invitation, but here are some other ideas:

  • A strip of burlap binding all the components of your wedding invitation together: invite, RSVP card and envelopes
  • A larger piece of burlap layered as a backing element on your stationery, creating a pretty visual contrast and a tactile sense of depth
  • Burlap used to create a cute envelope to package invitations, whether it’s simply tied together or fashioned into a functional pouch with pockets



No matter what type of wedding you’re having, it’s more than likely that lace will be involved somehow. It is an especially essential element in rustic weddings and can be used in many unique ways to offer a point of difference from traditional weddings.

A traditionally handmade material, lace contributes to that personalised feel so important to rustic weddings. Adding another level to its traditional functions, lace can do the following things for your invitations (or your décor as a whole):

  • Provide a decorative, feminine contrast to the ‘rougher’ materials such as burlap and twine
  • Lift an otherwise plain colour scheme with delicate touches of bright white
  • Tie in with the bride’s dress, veil and accessories

There are many types of lace available to choose from, including cutwork, Chantilly, crochet and needle lace. Whichever variety (or varieties) you decide to use, there are countless ways to incorporate lace into your custom rustic wedding invitations. Here are just a few:

  • It is particularly effective as a bordering technique, especially if the paper of your invitation is beige, brown or kraft paper
  • Like burlap, lace is a clever binding element to keep your invitation bits and pieces together in the prettiest possible way
  • An alternative to a strip of lace is a whole lace (or paper) doily, wrapped around the invite and secured with twine or ribbon

Rustic lace wedding invitations can set the perfect tone for an elegant vintage day filled with personal touches from you and your fiancé. Instead of choosing, why not have a combination: burlap and lace wedding invitations?



Twine is a perfect way to tie everything together, if you’ll pardon the terrible pun! A light string made of small natural fibre strands twisted together, it’s another highly practical material that’s easily repurposed for decorative use.

Twine was traditionally utilised for things like drawstring bags, knots and plant tying (and is still a useful material for those things today). Historically, it was also commonly used to tie up personal letters and packages, so it will give your invitations that special vintage feel when your guests receive them in the mail.

Twine can serve both practical and aesthetic functions at a wedding. Like lace and burlap, it makes its own contribution to the personalised, handmade feel of a DIY rustic wedding – every twine bow carries the connotation of being hand-tied. It’s also a nice symbol of the bride and groom ‘tying the knot’.

Twine works super well as an element of rustic wedding invitations - plus it’s inexpensive, easy to acquire and can be effortlessly incorporated into your stationery. It looks lovely layered over lace or burlap in a simple bow:

Twine is the go-to material to tie your invitation pieces together, and it’s easy to attach an extra little decoration to your bow – such as a heart, a dried flower, a sprig of lavender or an extra tag.

With such versatile materials as these, your Australian rustic wedding invitations can be as simple or as unique as you want. And as soon as your guests open their invitations, they’ll know exactly what sort of lovely, intimate occasion your wedding is going to be.



You can’t have a vintage rustic wedding without wood featuring somewhere. It has such a warm, homey feel and rustic wood backgrounds make the perfect setting for a beautiful barn or winery reception. Rustic wood wedding invitations seem like a cool idea but can you actually use wood? The answer is yes, you can! Paperlust have real wood wedding invitations - we literally print on wood! What better way to give your guests a heads up about the style of wedding they’re going to attend? Print on wood invitations add a luxury feel to the humble rustic invitation and because they’re not common, you are getting something truly unique!



We’ve got the invites well and truly covered and have found the perfect rustic wedding invitation template: now it’s time to turn our attention to other aspects of the wedding. Earlier in your wedding season you may want to host a rustic themed bridal shower or send out rustic save the dates. Why not get all of your stationery on board with the same theme? If you decide on rustic wedding ring sets, make sure you truly love the style - not just the fact that rustic is popular - because you wear them for the rest of your life and want to make sure you haven’t been wooed by a passing fad.

On the day there are so many ways, apart from choosing great rustic wedding invitation sets, that you can include the rustic theme:

  • Rustic wedding reception
  • Rustic elegant wedding decorations
  • Rustic wedding photos
  • Rustic wedding frames and props for a homemade photobooth
  • Rustic wedding lights



We hope you love the amazing designs created by our talented community of local Australian creatives. Whether you are looking to make your wedding rustic with wedding invitations rustic style or for a nature themed rustic invitation style, or are looking for something else entirely, there is sure to be something to suit you on Paperlust.