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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Elegant Wedding Invitations & Cards

If you could choose one word to describe your dream wedding, what would it be? For many people, the answer is ‘elegant’. If you want your wedding to be classy, chic and beautiful, elegant wedding invitations might be the right choice for you. Elegant wedding invitations are also a great choice for people who aren’t sure exactly what style they want for their wedding, since elegance isn’t restricted to any one theme or style. 

Elegant wedding invites are most commonly chosen for formal weddings, but there’s no rule that they need to be restricted to them. Some people choose elegant wedding invitations for casual weddings or non-traditional weddings like beach weddings or backyard weddings. Elegance doesn’t only come in one form! 

Making your wedding invitations elegant doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. Get cheap elegant wedding invitations by choosing an affordable print type like digital print, white ink or metallic ink. Of course, if you have more room in your budget, you might choose to spend more to achieve instant elegance with a premium print type like foil wedding invitations or letterpress. These print tyfpes really make a statement all on their own. 

There are a number of sub-types of styles for elegant wedding invitation cards. These include:

  • Simple elegant wedding invitations - simplicity and minimalism makes for some of the most elegant wedding invitations, with premium paper, smooth lines and all attention on the type. 

  • Rustic elegant wedding invitations - add a country feel to your invites with rustic, understated elegance. These are often printed on kraft paper for a natural, handmade feel. 

  • Seasonal elegant wedding invitations - from elegant fall wedding invitations to elegant floral wedding invitations, matching the invites to the season is one of the most popular approaches to elegance.

  • Elegant pocket wedding invitations - pocket wedding invitations are a popular choice for people looking for elegant invites.


Paperlust is your home for elegant wedding invitations Australia. All our elegant wedding invitations templates are fully customisable using our intuitive on site design tool. Select your design, print type, and colour palette, and then use the tool to drag, drop, delete and resize elements of the design to make sure it is perfect for your needs.

We ship invitations across Australia, so if you’re looking for elegant wedding invitations Sydney or Perth, we can help. We offer fast, reliable, free shipping around the country, and to select countries internationally. 

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