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Burnt Butter Cakes - bridal shower invitations
Burnt Butter
Real Foil
Digital Printing

Burnt Butter Cakes
bridal shower invitations

by Burnt Butter
Burnt Butter Cakes - bridal shower invitations
Mermaid - bridal shower invitations
Abigail P.
White Ink

bridal shower invitations

by Abigail P.
Mermaid - bridal shower invitations
Mermaid - bridal shower invitations
Luminosity - bridal shower invitations
Heather P.
Real Foil

bridal shower invitations

by Heather P.
Luminosity - bridal shower invitations
Luminosity - bridal shower invitations
Luminosity - bridal shower invitations
Luminosity - bridal shower invitations
The Dress - bridal shower invitations
Joanna H.
Colour Stock + Foil

The Dress
bridal shower invitations

by Joanna H.
The Dress - bridal shower invitations
The Dress - bridal shower invitations
Joanna H.
Real Foil

The Dress
bridal shower invitations

by Joanna H.
The Dress - bridal shower invitations
The Dress - bridal shower invitations
Joanna H.
Real Foil

The Dress
bridal shower invitations

by Joanna H.
The Dress - bridal shower invitations
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Bridal Shower Invitations & Cards

There are a number of events and traditions that many couples go through before even getting to their wedding day, including engagement parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties and, of course, a bridal shower. An occasion most common in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US, a bridal shower allows the bride-to-be and  her nearest and dearest to celebrate the upcoming wedding, with gifts and games.  

We have a wide range of choices for creating completely unique bridal shower invitations and bridal shower cards. Depending on your personal style, you may choose styles like classic, floral, rustic and geometric. Whatever you choose to do for your bridal shower cards, you may have them printed in a number of ways such as letterpress, foil stamp and metallic print. 

Whether you need bridal shower invitations, kitchen tea invitations or other bridal party invitations, wedding invitations, save the date cards, birthday invites, or place cards, Paperlust have you covered for all your wedding and occasion stationery. This guide will give you all the information you need on bridal showers: when to send shower invitations, how to entertain your guests, and ideas for themes - all the tips to pulling off a bridal shower party without a hitch!


Bridal shower basics

There are a number of frequently asked questions about a wedding shower that we’re here to answer before we go any further:


Q. When is the bridal shower usually held?

A. A bridal shower is typically held one to three months prior to the wedding, but if you need to hold it earlier or closer to the day because of a destination wedding or out of town guests, the important thing is that you give your guests enough notice.


Q. Who is supposed to throw the bridal shower?

A. The maid of honour usually throws the bridal shower, and in some cultures people have more than one, or even different themed showers (i.e. Christmas shower, kitchen shower, lingerie shower).


Q. Who do you invite to bridal shower?

A. The bridal party, female family members, close friends - usually any women on the wedding guestlist should receive bridal shower invitations.


Q. When to send bridal shower invites?

A. We recommend sending invitations for bridal shower out 6-8 weeks before the shower, depending on how many guests are coming from out of town.


Q. How long are bridal showers?

A. Bridal showers are often held in the afternoon and usually last about 3 hours, depending on the activities you have planned. 


A bridal shower invite for all your loved ones

Wedding showers should be a fun occasion for the bride and her loved ones. What is a bridal shower? Traditionally they are gift-giving parties, where friends and family bring gifts to the engaged couple, to celebrate their upcoming wedding and help set them up for the future. Not every couple wants a bridal shower, and it’s up to you whether it’s something you want as part of your wedding. Regardless of whether you’re planning a rustic themed bridal shower, have plenty of vintage bridal shower ideas, or you’re planning something more chic and modern, everyone is sure to have a good time as long as you’ve thought of what the bride would like - and provided some good food!

Who gets invited to a bridal shower? Think about who you want surrounding you on that day, whether it be a big or small gathering. Friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances - you can invite anyone you like! Etiquette states that you only invite people on the wedding guest list, but if you’re not the traditional type, there’s no reason to stick to the rules. If you are going to be inviting people who aren’t invited to the wedding, though, just remember that there’s the possibility for some to be upset about not receiving a wedding invitation and you’ll come face to face with that disappointment. 

While traditionally a bridal shower is more of a women’s event, these days people are much more open to sharing the occasion with men as well. Talk to your partner about whether you’d like this to be a joint event for both of you and include men on the bridal shower invitation list. 


The etiquette of bridal showers

Bridal showers and bridal shower invitation etiquette (like anything to do with weddings) can be tricky, especially because etiquette generally involves unwritten rules. Who throws the bridal shower? When to send bachelorette party invitations? Who do you invite to a bridal shower? There are so many different things to get right! 

Wedding showers are all about the gifts. If that doesn’t make you comfortable then it might not be the right event for you: consider a bachelorette party or wedding rehearsal party instead. The idea behind having a bridal shower is that your loved ones can bring gifts for you and your husband-to-be. Your guests don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on gifts, as it is acceptable at bridal showers to present smaller household items that won’t break the bank.

Because a bridal shower is about gift giving, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a gift directory to make it easier for your guests. You might send it out by post or email, either with your bridal shower invites or once you’ve received your RSVP’s. Keep in mind that some guests might like to choose something that’s not on the list so you should make sure to let them know that this is fine too, so there’s no confusion or worry. Put items on your registry at a range of different price points so that your guests have complete control over how much they spend. 

Hosting a bridal shower often falls to the close friends of the bride: usually the bridal party or a close family member like the mother of the bride. The bride is not expected to be part of the planning or hosting the event, but of course, if you want to have some input then make sure to have a chat to the people hosting it beforehand if there is anything you specifically want to be included. A bridal shower is a great chance to get together with friends and family and start talking about the upcoming occasion. It should be fun and stress-free for the bride.


Get your bridal shower invitation details just right with clever bridal shower invitation wording

There are many aspects to consider when planning a bridal shower, and you should start planning as early as possible to ensure you can send out bridal shower invitations and have everything ready in time.

Getting your bridal shower invites perfect is about more than just choosing the right design. You also need to consider how to get your wording for bridal shower invite just right. 

Here are a few things to remember to include on your bridal shower invitations:

  • Who – are the invites just going to be for women or do you want to include men and children? Think about this before sending out bridal shower invites so that you can be specific about who the invite will be addressed to. If you want to invite whole families, include the couple’s names and their children. If you just want to invite the women, address the invites to them only, which should make it more clear for your guests.
  • When – send out your bridal shower invites with enough time for your guests to include the occasion in their plans, and avoid any problems with people not having enough notice to go out and pick a gift. 
  • RSVP – always clearly state an RSVP date so you don’t have to worry about chasing people down right before the shower. Also be sure to include a contact number or email address (or both) so your guests can easily respond.
  • Where – whether it’s at your house and people have been there a million times before, or you are having your bridal shower a specific venue, always include the address to prevent people getting lost.

If there are any other details you’d like to include, such as a dress code or a specific theme, you can include those in the wording as well. This information can be included in a lot of different ways, to match your invites. You might be interested in traditional tea party invitation wording, funny wedding invitation wording, or something non-traditional like couples shower invitations wording to let everyone know it will be a different kind of bridal shower. 


When to send out bridal shower invites

If you’re confused about when to send out bridal shower invites, think about who you are going to be inviting, when the event is, and how much notice they will need to be able to attend. Usually it’s a good rule of thumb to send out invitations about 6 weeks ahead of time, but if the bridal shower is within a couple of days of the wedding, it may be a good idea to send out invitations much earlier. That way, when people book in their travel for the big day, they can choose to extend their trip a few days to be part of it. They might be frustrated to find out a few weeks before their trip that they could have been part of more, had they known. Consider including a save the date with the wedding save the dates, or just let out-of-town guests know by word of mouth.


Bridal shower invitations in a range of themes

If you do have a theme for your bridal shower, instead of using words you can just let your invitations do the talking for you. Your bridal shower invites will give a lot away in regards to the theme of the event. If it’s a rustic floral inspired design, your guests might assume it’s an outdoor event, if you use bold metallic lettering on solid black paper they’ll likely think it’s a fancier bridal shower that may require them to dress up. You can also use the unique design of your bridal shower invitation to give your guests an indication as to what they can expect from the wedding itself through your chosen design. Choose something that reflects who you are, and cleverly set the tone of all wedding focused celebrations. 

We have bridal shower invitations of many different designs, including country, retro, modern, pretty and bold. With a wide range of colours and prints to choose from, as well as printed envelope liners, we have everything you need to make your bridal shower invites really special. From our new raised foil designs to our elegant typography, our talented Australian designers have some stunning invitations to choose from, with something sure to appeal to any bride.

Some of our most popular styles of bridal shower invites include tea party bridal shower invites and rustic bridal shower invites. Others, like beach bridal shower invites and tropical bridal shower invites are also popular. 

The best bridal shower invitations are ones that truly reflect your personality or interests, so why not branch out and get creative? Here is a list of great bridal shower invitation ideas:

  • Sunflower bridal shower invitations
  • Travel themed bridal shower invitations
  • Fall bridal shower invitations
  • Vintage bridal shower invitations
  • Simple bridal shower ideas
  • Fiesta bridal shower invitations
  • Elegant bridal shower invitations
  • Beach theme bridal shower invitations
  • Disney bridal shower invitations
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's bridal shower invitations
  • Brunch and bubbly bridal shower invitations
  • Purple bridal shower invitations
  • Wine themed bridal shower invitations
  • Beauty and the Beast bridal shower
  • Bridal tea party invitations
  • Nautical bridal shower invitation
  • Floral bachelorette invitations
  • Mexican themed bridal shower
  • Garden themed bridal shower
  • Pink and gold bridal shower invitations
  • Rustic bridal shower invite
  • Black and white bridal shower invitations
  • Country bridal shower invitations
  • Alice in Wonderland bridal shower invitations
  • Fall in love bridal shower invitations
  • Winter bridal shower invitations
  • Hawaiian themed bridal shower
  • Surprise bridal shower invitations
  • Rose gold bridal shower invitations
  • Cinderella bridal shower
  • Lingerie bridal shower invitations
  • Italian themed bridal shower
  • Paris themed bridal shower invitations
  • Personalized bridal shower invitations
  • Funny bridal shower invitations
  • Simple bridal shower invitations
  • Christmas bridal shower invitations
  • Tiffany bridal shower invitations
  • Cute bachelorette invitations
  • Friends themed bridal shower

Don’t let such a long list overwhelm you! Go with what feels right to you, and personalise it to make sure the design is 100% perfect for what you need. 


Bridal showers by season

Unique bridal shower invitations can be inspired by the seasons. From a beach bridal shower in summer to a Maple leaf or pumpkin theme in fall, you can host a bridal shower that is beautifully season-appropriate for guests to enjoy.


Autumn or fall bridal shower ideas

Rustic bridal shower ideas are extremely popular for Autumn or Fall, whether that means going for a winery bridal shower or hosting the day in a barn, or simply incorporating a little burlap and twine in your decorations. A thanksgiving bridal shower theme is another popular choice for this time of year.


Summer bridal shower ideas

It’s easy to make your bridal shower beach themed if you live by the sea, and Summer is the perfect time for it! If you’re not near the water, consider a tropical bridal shower or Hawaiian bridal shower and incorporate tropical fruits and flowers to help you celebrate in the warm weather. 


Bridal shower themes for winter

What better way to celebrate the cool weather than with a bridal shower themed around it! A Winter Wonderland bridal shower theme is perfect for making the most of the chill in the air, or get your best girlfriends together with a cosy PJ bridal shower theme. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, a Christmas bridal shower can be another great way to embrace the season. 


Bridal shower themes for spring

The most popular way to celebrate in spring is with a garden/outdoor bridal shower, but if you’re more the indoors type, a floral bridal shower can be another great option. Since spring is full of colour, you might also choose a more subtle theme like a blue, red, orange, or white and gold bridal shower. 

A unique bridal shower theme shows guests something about the bride’s personality. Don’t let tradition or other people’s expectations box you in: choose what you really want. Whether it’s bridal shower invitations with a beach theme or a silvery snow theme, you want to look back on it knowing that it was what you had dreamed of.


Working on a budget: cheap bridal shower invites

People are often on a tight budget when they choose their bridal shower invites, since they’re in the midst of planning a wedding, so it’s common to be on the hunt for a cheap bridal shower invite. 

The most effective way to ensure you can get your bridal shower invitations cheap is to choose an affordable print type like digital or white ink rather than something more expensive like letterpress or real foil. A premium digital print looks amazing, and is printed on luxe, high quality paper, but won’t break the bank. Inexpensive bridal shower invitations don’t have to look cheap - a simple, quality design will always look classy.

If you’re looking for cheap bridal shower invites, this is by far the best way to approach it. This keeps you from falling into the trap of dodgy companies online offering free printable bridal shower invitations or premium print options at too-good-to-be-true prices that never arrive or that are sub-par and impossible to return or refund. Know what you are getting, pay attention to the reputation and quality of anyone you give money to online, and you can save money without getting into a bad situation. 

If your invitations are all done and you’re looking for other ways to save money, venue is the next place to start looking. Some inexpensive bridal shower venues are:

  • Your house or your parents’ house/backyard (for a casual French dinner or Mexican bridal shower theme)
  • A picnic in a public place like a park gazebo or at the beach (just remember to check the weather and have a plan B)
  • A restaurant that doesn’t charge an event fee, where guests can buy afternoon tea
  • A local church or scouts hall


Bridal shower invitation templates 

You may consider tracking down bridal shower invitation templates that you can print yourself from home. This is appealing because you’re in control of every step and it can seem like a great way to save money. In reality, there can be hidden costs involved, so it pays to carefully weigh up whether DIY bridal shower invitations are the right choice for you. 

While you may be able to find free bridal shower invitation templates online, designers usually don’t make their best work available as free bridal shower invite templates, so you may struggle to find something you love or that’s right for your event. Then you also have to factor in the costs of printing from a shower invitation template, including paper, ink, envelopes, and the time involved. You should also factor in the cost of reprinting if you make any errors in the printing process. If you want to make your own bridal shower invitations from scratch, there’s even more time and skill involved.

If you’ve got plenty of time and enough printing and diy know-how, bridal shower invitation templates can be a great choice for saving money. If time is money to you, or you’re not that good at hands-on projects, it’s will work out cheaper to just spend the money on buying invitations.


Lingerie Bridal Shower

What happens at a bridal shower all depends on what the bridesmaids decide or what the bride prefers. The theme for gifts is often kitchen or home items, but it doesn’t have to be. Maybe you’re just not an avid baker or you and your partner already live together. 

One common theme instead of homewares or kitchen items is lingerie. Even if you own some nice lingerie already, there’s no harm in sprucing up the collection! It will help you feel more confident and sexy on your honeymoon and avoids double ups for a kitchen that is potentially already full.

You don’t have to call it a ‘lingerie bridal shower’ but if that is your theme for the gifts, you should start by letting whoever is throwing you the shower know (whether a bridesmaid, sister or mother). It might be best for you to subtly work the theme in, like with lingerie themed shower invites, food (cupcakes decorated with lingerie), decorations or games, rather than using the word lingerie, but it’s all up to your preferences. If you are doing a registry, then it’s made easy, but if you have a note about gifts at the bottom of the invitations, perhaps word it something like this: “Marina’s kitchen is full but if you’re looking for gift ideas, some beautiful lingerie or pajamas would be greatly appreciated.” If you have a go-to gifts person (often the one receiving the RSVP responses, you can request that they tell any enquiring guests that your gift preference is lingerie). Some people may view bridal showers as a time to only give kitchen items, or some may feel uncomfortable giving lingerie, so give thought to your guest list and the way you word your invitation for a lingerie bridal shower.


Brunch and lunch: the afternoon tea alternative

Bridal showers are typically afternoon tea affairs, with a popular history of kitchen teas, tea parties and high teas. But more and more women today are considering the idea of a bridal shower brunch or luncheon. When looking for bridal brunch invitations or bridal luncheon invitations, your theme could be anything from your favourite colour (or wedding colours) to chick flicks or fairytales. 

Hosting a brunch or lunch is a good idea for brides who feel uncomfortable receiving presents (although it’s best to state ‘please no presents’ discreetly at the bottom of the bridal shower brunch invitations to avoid confusion). Some bridal shower brunch ideas include a Hawaiian tropical boozy brunch, vintage style brunch or French buffet breakfast. These ideas also work for a luncheon, and you could host it at a restaurant or cafe venue so that everyone involved is able to relax and enjoy the shower. Your brunch bridal shower invitations can work with any theme, just the same way an afternoon tea bridal shower would have.


Kitchen Teas

But what about a kitchen tea: is a kitchen tea the same as a bridal shower?

A kitchen tea is a form of bridal shower that is sometimes held on its own, but may be held in addition to a hens party or standard bridal shower. A kitchen tea is quite a traditional celebration that is held shortly before the wedding and is usually planned by a bridesmaid or a close female family member (usually a mother, sister or aunt). It used to be very common, but these days you’re far more likely to be invited to a bachelorette party or a more casual bridal shower than to receive a kitchen tea invitation. 


What is a kitchen tea?

A kitchen tea is a more traditional version of a bridal shower. It usually involves all the female members of the family and female friends coming together to celebrate a young woman becoming a wife and to initiate her into the world of the married women. They typically share recipes and give gifts of kitchenware to help prepare the woman to be a good wife and to feed her husband well. It is also common to share general advice about life and marriage at a kitchen tea. 

The full traditional kitchen tea has fallen out of favour for a number of reasons: many brides live out of home before they are married or are already living with their partner, and some people are uncomfortable with the expectation that they will be cooking for their husband. Despite the move away from the traditional event, many people continue to use the term ‘kitchen tea’ to refer to a bridal shower, particularly people from earlier generations who are used to that label. Due to the confusion in terms, always be clear with both guests and family when planning an event. 


Who to invite to your kitchen tea

Who gets invited to the bridal shower is often a little more relaxed than a kitchen tea. A kitchen tea is a ladies-only event, and is typically an inter-generational occasion. Usually all female family members should be sent kitchen tea invitations - sisters, cousins, aunts, grandmothers - along with close female friends of the family or personal friends. This is important because it sets the tone of the occasion, creating the right atmosphere of feminine support and wisdom.


Styles of kitchen tea invites

A kitchen tea is usually held in the afternoon as a sort of tea party or high tea, and invitations tend to reflect that. High tea invitations are a very popular choice for a kitchen tea - think teapots, teacups and saucers, scones and cake. 

Whether or not you are having a high tea, feminine styles are very popular for kitchen tea invitations: think florals, lots of pink, lace and similar motifs. There are plenty of different ways this can be done, from big feature illustrations to cute patterns or simple colour blocking. 

Of course, the real ‘theme’ of a kitchen tea is the kitchen, so invitations may include items of kitchenware: wooden spoons, whisks, scales, ovens, aprons and similar bits and pieces.


Wedding Showers

Wedding shower vs bridal shower

There are so many different terms that refer to different kinds of shower, so it can be confusing! Some of the most common questions we get asked are “What is a couples shower?” or “Bridal shower vs wedding shower: what’s the difference?” The term ‘wedding shower’ is most commonly used in the United States and Canada, and doesn’t necessarily have to mean a coed bridal shower, but it often does. A coed wedding shower is also known as a ‘Jack and Jill’ shower.


Who do you invite to a wedding shower?

Now that you’re no longer wondering, “What is a wedding shower?”, it’s time to figure out that all-important guest list. You can choose to do a coed wedding shower instead of an engagement party and include everyone on your wedding guest list, or you can make it an intimate gathering of just close family and friends. Similar to bridal showers, couples wedding shower etiquette usually states that, in order to avoid misunderstanding or hurt feelings, you don’t invite anyone to shower who isn’t invited to the wedding.


Who throws the wedding shower?

Wedding showers are usually thrown by the maid of honour, or a close female family member. Because the purpose of showers is to ‘shower’ the bride or couple with gifts, it’s usually best not to throw your own shower, as it can appear rude to some guests. 


Wedding shower invitations

Wedding shower invites don’t have to specify the name of the host, but generally guests will know from the name on the RSVP. The invitations should match your theme and make it clear whether the event is women-only.


Wedding shower wording

For all-girls or couples shower invitation wording, the opening line usually says something like, “Please join us for a wedding shower honouring [bride and groom’s names]...” Any mention of gifts should be done tactfully and not make it sound like you are demanding anything. Although traditionally the purpose of a shower is to bring gifts, it is best not to expect that everyone will bring a gift.


Wedding shower invitations

As well as the guest list, couples wedding shower invitations often reflect the interests of both, not just the bride. Coed wedding shower invitations can be humorous, a chance to express hobbies, or a reflection of personality. Whether you’re reading this to find out more about wedding showers or to glean couples wedding shower ideas, you’ll find the A to Z information here.

Some popular couple bridal shower ideas for themed invitations are:

  • Rustic wedding shower invitations
  • Pizza party couple shower invitations
  • Cocktail couples bridal shower invitations
  • Jack and Jill wedding shower invite theme
  • Wine bridal shower invitations


Wedding showers as a guest

Two main things a bridal shower guest wonders are: what do I bring as a gift and what kind of wedding shower card do I buy? A bridal shower gift is traditionally for the kitchen but if you want to add variety, why not buy them a fun board game, or a couples massage? If you want to save money or be more personal when brainstorming wedding shower ideas, why not write out a tried and true recipe for the couple to use in their home? Bridal shower recipe cards are available as templates or you can just write it out on a nice piece of paper - or better yet, in a nice blank notebook so the couple can continue to gather recipes. When attending a coed shower, the great thing is you can often use wedding cards as wedding shower cards, as long as they aren’t too specific.

What is the appropriate bridal shower attire? First check the invitation. If it doesn’t state a dress code, take note of the style of invitation (is it floral, or black with gold foil?) and venue to guide your wardrobe choices. If you’re still in doubt, a quick call to the bride, groom or shower host will clear up any confusion. Wedding showers can vary from casual backyard barbecues to fancy cocktail parties at an inner city bar; you want to be wearing the right outfit.

Whether it’s searching the web for bridal shower brunch ideas, knowing when to have a wedding shower or finding the perfect wedding shower theme idea, think about the guest(s) of honour and let their preferences and taste guide you.


Other details

Besides your bridal shower invitations, the outfit you wear to your shower is one of the most important details to consider. When looking for wedding shower dresses consider the theme of your event (tropical, mexican fiesta, rustic). The best thing about a wedding shower dress for bride is that you can wear whatever you like without fear of outshining anyone - you are the focus of attention. For a rustic or traditional theme, consider a lace bridal shower dress, or for something more casual and outdoors, a light sundress. 

Your bridal shower pictures will be something you cherish for a long time so consider hiring a professional or asking a friend to do your bridal shower photography for the event, then later you can compile your bridal shower images into an album or scrapbook. 

What are you going to do at your bridal shower? Simply socialising might be enough for you, or you may want some fun games or activities at your event. Research some games, a gift bingo, an ice breaker or even send out recipe cards for your bridal shower along with your invitations so that friends can share some tasty recipes and you can gather them into a recipe book. 


Bridal party invitations summary

Here at Paperlust, we want to help you get your bridal shower invitations, kitchen tea invites, wedding shower invitations or other bridal party invitations just right by creating unique and personal invitations, from the design style, to the print type, to the wording. Have some fun with your bridal shower invites and let our friendly team help you out with all the details. If you are looking for sample bridal shower invitations, order one of our sample packs for $5 to feel the quality for yourself. With Paperlust’s offer of free shipping in Australia (and affordable flat rate shipping to most of the world), complimentary envelopes and a customer satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong!

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