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Let us create the perfect custom all in one wedding invitations for your special day.
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Custom designed for you by our talented creatives

For couples who are after simplicity, convenience or value on a budget, all in one wedding invitations
(also known as wedding invitations with RSVP or tri fold wedding invitations) can be the perfect choice.


Your trifold wedding invitations contain all the
information you need on one beautiful card


Include an easy tear-off perforated RSVP Postcard
as a convenient response card.


Your invites can easily be folded and displayed in
any way your guests choose


Our talented design team is available to custom design an all in one wedding invitation just for you.
Whether you already know exactly what you want or are looking for help coming up with ideas, we can help.


Create the invitation of your dreams. The process is simple:


Explain what you have in mind by filling out the form below with details of your custom design request.



On approval of quote, one of our design associates will create your perfect invitation. The process usually takes about 7-10 working days.



After you approve your proof, we print and ship your order to you.


1. How many design changes/review rounds are included?

2 rounds of edits are included in the fixed price (additional review rounds are $35 each). We rarely require more than 2 review rounds. We take the time upfront to finalise the design brief with you.

2. How long does my custom invitation take?

You should allow 2-5 working days from submitting your design brief to delivery of your first design proof depending on the complexity of the custom design.

3. Do you offer invitation printing services?

We certainly do! We offer various printing techniques using Paperlust's premium paper stock.

4. What type of card printing do you offer?

Our print options include letterpress, foil stamp, flat foil, metallic print, print on wood, white ink, and digital print. We are professionals in all printing techniques and have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

get your own special design

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All In One Wedding Invitations

All in One wedding invitations are perfect for couples who want a stylish customized wedding invitation that is simple to create, looks fabulous and is also really affordable. Also known as all-in-one wedding invitations or tri fold wedding invitations, these gorgeous creations are a popular choice for modern couples with busy lifestyles.

On the inside, you have the wedding invitation details, including your names, wedding date, venue, times and any other relevant information about your wedding. You might wish to include details on RSVP, dress code, gift registry, directions and pre and post-wedding day events. There is space to include all the essential details and some sentimental words of love to your guests too.

Customising Wedding Invitations with RSVP

If you are interested in one of Paperlust’s designs and want to turn it into an All in One wedding invitation, hesitate no more. Our designer will be happy to work closely with you in creating your very own customised All in one wedding invitations. Simply gather your text, message our account executive team and let us handle the rest of the process, from quoting, designing and printing. We usually go with a standard three-section invitations which contains the main section, information section and RSVP section. Should you have any special design and layout in mind, you can always discuss with us and we will be happy to share with you our professional thoughts on the available options.

If you would like to select the print type to suit your wedding theme or style, we have many gorgeous options for your best day ever. Foil gives a premium finish and is one of our most popular options, closely followed by metallic and white ink. Or you might prefer to go for the digital print option to make the wedding invitations a touch more affordable.

So far, hasn't designing your trifold wedding invitations been blissfully easy and fun as well?

Designing and Printing Process

Now you have your seal and send a trifold wedding invitation that measures 140mm x 351mm. There are three sections and the flap. Your custom design proof will take about 3 to 5 working days and two rounds of edits are included in the price. A professional designer will be assigned to work on your design proof to make sure everything is perfect and all information is included. After you approve your wedding invitation proof, we will print them which takes 3-10 working days depending on the print type you’ve chosen. Without delaying it any further, as soon as they are packed safely, we ship these beauties out to you.

Adding special touches to All in One Invitations: Cheap Wedding Invitations with RSVP

There are some options for your all in one wedding invitations to make it more dazzling and chic. You can choose to have a perforated RSVP section included on the all in one wedding invitations. Perforated RSVP section allows your wedding guests to tear off the RSVP card and send it back via mail while keeping the other details they need. Sending the RSVP card back would not require any envelope if it is already in postcard format, which we highly suggest if you’re thinking of saving more cost. All in one wedding invitations with a perforated RSVP card is a great way to keep your budget low and simplify your entire wedding invitation suite in an effective way. Seal and send wedding invitations with tear off RSVPs can also be folded into that artistic triangle shape to sit on a flat surface.

Adding a splash: Wedding invitations with rsvp cards and envelopes

Some couples like to add tri fold wedding invitation envelopes for extra protection or to add a splash of color. If you do, it's an option during ordering and we have more stunning shades to choose from than the piñata exploding at your bachelorette party. Choose from blush to burgundy to deep rose to forest green and many more. Premium white envelopes are offered complimentary for any purchase of wedding invitations with rsvp card.

Sending Out All in One Wedding Invitations with RSVP

Sending out all in one wedding invitations is nothing but easy. They can be shipped on it’s own by folding it up and adding the postage - no envelope is needed as the invite is all part of the handy package. To make it extra convenient, you can send us your guest list with addresses and we will print the recipient addresses and your return address right onto the outside of your invite for only as low as $0.2 per address. Just a few extra pennies to avoid you from five hours stuck in handwriting your addresses, not to mention that sometimes you can mess up with the writing and need some extra copies to replace them.

This convenience extends to your guests’ side too. Having a perforated RSVP which they can easily tear off and send back over the mail is the easiest way to reduce the efforts that your guests need to take in confirming their attendance, especially when the RSVP is in postcard format, which can be sent on its own without envelopes. Talk to our customer service team about having this specific format to ensure we got everything covered for you. Another thing that will blow your mind is how long lasting this invitation is. Guests can assemble folded wedding invitations to sit on their desk so they can count the days to the big day with you.

Inexpensive seal and send wedding invitations are trending this wedding season. One reason is their beauty and simplicity. Custom seal and send wedding invitations let brides and grooms have a hand in the design process without taking up hours of precious time.

We bet you never imagined the process of designing your wedding invitations could be so quick and easy. These high-quality tri fold wedding invites will look like you spent days on the designing and creation and your wedding guests will be suitably impressed and excited. You can get back to more important tasks like finding the perfect pair of bridal heels and choosing the song for your first dance.

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