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Country wedding invitations

The countryside is the perfect setting for a wedding, whether it’s taking place on a farm, in an outdoor ‘chapel’ among the trees, or in a small town wedding venue. There’s just something about the peace of the country and its stunning landscape that makes for the most beautiful weddings. Setting the tone for your dream country wedding starts with the perfect country wedding invitations.

Rustic country wedding invitations are the most popular style of country themed wedding invitations. Country rustic wedding invitations typically follow a nature theme, with floral and botanical illustrations and patterns. They usually have a neutral colour palette and may be printed on kraft paper or even wood. Natural materials like burlap, lace and linen may be used to add embellishments, or may be incorporated into the design of your country rustic wedding invitations.

Country style wedding invitations may also be themed around a garden party, particularly if they are taking place in spring or are to be held in a country botanical garden. If that’s the case, neutrals may be replaced with bright colours and floral prints. Whether you’re looking for stunning red poppies or native Australian bush plants, your country wedding invites can match your location and set the scene for guests. Country style wedding invitations don’t have to be all about rustic burlap - consider traditional country styles like English roses and white baby’s breath.


Country western cowgirls

If you’ve grown up below the Mason-Dixon in America, or any area that prides itself on its country roots, you might be into country western weddings. There’s nothing more personal than including aspects of your culture into the most important day of your life. Western wedding invitations are the perfect place to start. Whether you want a garter made of flannel plaid or cowgirl boots for your bridesmaids (it’s more common than you might think!), a western wedding can celebrate how you grew up (or wish you had grown up) and give your out of town guests a real country western experience to remember.

But country western weddings ideas don’t stop there. You could create a photo booth for your guests to pose against different country western backgrounds or even exchange country western wedding rings (but make sure you really like them because you’re wearing those rings till death do us part).


The country in fall

Weddings in fall are a beautiful sight to behold - especially outdoors. Fall wedding invitations usually come in earthy tones like brown, burgundy, forest green and burnt orange. There are plenty of country wedding ideas for fall; it’s just about picking the ones that are right for you. If you are looking to save money, consider wildflower bouquets and homemade wedding favours. 

But there’s nothing wrong with splashing out if you can afford it. If your fall country wedding ideas lean more towards the fancy, you could enlist a florist to go all out for your ceremony and reception and create an autumnal wonderland. Have an overflowing fall harvest table stocked up with enough food and drink to give everyone a good time, then send them home with a spiced pumpkin candle as a thank you gift.


Other wedding stationery

Save the dates are usually the first bit of wedding stationery to send out to your guests. If you are choosing a country save the date, you may want to keep the country rustic theme for the rest of your stationery set too. If you are planning a country themed bridal shower, you could order your country bridal shower invitations, rsvp cards and even thank you cards at the same time as your save the dates.

On the day there is other stationery that you can also choose to theme, like country wedding signs, seating charts, programs, and a country wedding guest book. The country bridal look is a classic style and will fit perfectly with a barn, chapel or garden wedding.


Cheap country wedding invitations

Starting a life together can be expensive - we get it. But cheap country wedding ideas don’t have to mean tacky. We don’t need all the bells and whistles that we see on the glossy covers of bridal magazines. Believe it or not, it’s possible to have an amazing wedding without blowing out your budget by arriving to your ceremony in a horse drawn carriage like Cinderella. 

Simple country weddings can have the most heart of all weddings. What matters isn’t how big or expensive you go, but how personal and enjoyable the event is for you and your guests. Luckily, country theme wedding ideas lean toward the homemade look anyway (i.e. wildflowers in a recycled mason jar for table centrepieces). For the most affordable wedding invitations from Paperlust, apply the Digital Print filter to our country category.


Country wedding ideas

Invitations are only the start of a country wedding. Country style wedding ideas can be woven all throughout your special day in both big and small ways. Here are a list of some simple country wedding ideas.


  • Barn style venue
  • Country wedding decorations
  • Rustic country background/setting
  • Country wedding photo booth



  • Country wedding favors
  • A country wedding picture as a keepsake
  • Country scene silhouette on your wedding day signage
  • Country wedding ideas - mason jars

The right decor can really transform a space. If you’ve found a venue that’s affordable but not exactly the chic rustic barn you were dreaming of, search up some rustic country wedding decor ideas to create a country feeling wherever you are.


Why country weddings are better

Country weddings aren’t just great because of the homestead venues, rustic country wedding invitations and the excuse to use as much burlap and lace as your heart desires. There are other reasons to host a rustic country wedding away from the city:

  • Less competition for ceremony and reception venues - don’t have to book as far in advance
  • More affordable wedding venues
  • Can invite more people because the price per head is usually lower
  • Cheaper decorations (because of homemade style) and cake (naked cake with fresh flowers)
  • Don’t have to worry about traffic and parking for guests

A country style wedding with country wedding invitations is not about following a passing trend - it’s timeless. Even if you choose to host a country themed wedding in an urban location you can still use all of these rustic country wedding ideas and give your guests a break from the city hustle and a (theoretical) breath of fresh air with a classic country styled ceremony and reception. All it takes is a little creativity!


Print types

Country chic wedding invitations are available in a range of print types, including real foil, letterpress, metallic ink, white ink and print on wood. This gives you tons of options to make a statement, and means there’s something for every budget and taste. Looking for cheap country wedding invitations to help you keep within your budget? Consider choosing a more affordable print type like digital print or a photocard. 

Got more to spend? Splash out on foil or letterpress for a little something extra. The most important thing is that your country themed wedding invitations work with the theme of your big day and reflect the personality of you and your love.


In summary...

A country rustic wedding is a beautiful sight to behold - complete with country chic wedding invitations, rustic decorations and a personally designed vintage country wedding dress. Blow your guests away with an experience that is not only a feast for the eyes but a truly enjoyable experience.

Paperlust is the perfect place to buy country wedding invitations. We ship around Australia and internationally. Browse our collection today to find wedding invitations for country wedding bliss.