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Print on Wood Wedding Invitations and Wooden Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for a unique kind of wedding invitation, one that nobody you know has  used, Paperlust has a stunning option available: wooden wedding invitations. You simply can’t go past cards of wood for a special occasion. These wafer thin wooden cards come in all different design styles, including vintage wedding invites, rustic wedding invitations, beach inspired and even simple wedding invitations, so you can still get the design you love on your invitation, but in a more sturdy version of a regular paper invitation. It doesn’t matter which design you choose; with a unique wedding invitation like one of these wooden wedding invites from Paperlust, your guests will be proud to have this displayed in prime position on their fridge.


Invite your guests in style with Paperlust wood invitations

When browsing our variety of products like the save the date options, thank you cards and engagement invitations, keep in mind that printing wedding invites on wood will mean that colours, like our bold greens and subtle watercolours will vary between what you see on your computer screen and the final printed product. Carrying the modern rustic theme across to your on-the-day wedding stationery with wedding menu cards and table place cards is a great way to complement your wooden invitations. Paperlust has wood invitations and cards of wood for your wedding day and other special occasions, so invite your friends and family to your event with a fun, unique style that they’ve probably never seen before. 


Wood Veneer

Wood themed wedding invitations are just the thing for a wedding with a difference, no matter what your style. Wooden veneer is when high quality wood with beautiful grain is sliced into very thin sheets of wood and often layered with glue in between or backed onto a cheaper cut of wood to create an illusion. Thin wood veneer sheets are a sustainable and more affordable way to shop because you have created a luxurious look with just one piece of very thin wood.

A stunning wood veneer texture looks exquisite for rustic, country, fall or winery weddings. The wood veneer paper has a timeless essence that won’t date for years to come. A wood veneer sheet has the look and weight of quality that your guests can feel. For wood veneer samples, order one of our affordable $5 sample packs.


Wood invitations for rustic wedding

If you’re looking for rustic wood wedding invitations then you can’t get any better than laser cut wood invites. Print on wood using strong but thin wood sheets with black or white writing is the perfect way to add some luxury to your rustic wedding. Whether your nuptials are planned for a fairy lit barn or an old country chapel, real wood paper is the way to add authenticity and personality to your day without going OTT. It’s not every day that people see stationery and wood combined so your print on wood wedding invitations are sure to be an eye catcher.


Stunning wood: not just great for invitations

Unique wooden invitations are just the beginning of your creative wood themed wedding reflecting you and your partner’s personalities. It may seem obvious, by why not have your wedding actually in the bush or forest? This will encapsulate and embody the life of your wood theme like no decor can. Imagine floating down the aisle armed with a bouquet of native flowers, a warm breeze ruffling your hair while birds chirp along to the wedding song in the trees above.

Check out some of our wooden wedding ideas below:

  • Use wood cards for place cards
  • A wedding wooden arbor to say your vows beneath
  • Big logs covered in burlap for pew seating in an outdoor wedding
  • Research some unique wood products as wedding favours
  • Wood paper for your order of ceremony
  • Wood wedding frames for a DIY photo booth
  • A wedding wood sign on an easel framed by a floral garland

Wood wedding ideas are limitless and a little bit of research will deliver the ideas that resonate with both your style and budget.


Custom prints on wood make for unforgettable invitations

We know the power of custom wood pieces, whether they are furniture in our homes or pieces of stationery, there is nothing like making a statement. All of our wooden wedding invitations are customisable and we also offer completely custom made wedding invitations. If you want to personalise the invites yourself, you could create wood and lace wedding invitations by ordering Paperlust print on wood invitations and tying them together with lace or finding some lace envelopes.


Wood for sustainability

One of the best parts about wood grain wedding invitations using a thin sheet of wood is that they are sustainable. At Paperlust our real wood is 100% recyclable and if you like nature, wood printing is a way to feel in touch with the environment. Wooden postcards would perfectly suit a couple who wanted to facilitate donations to their favourite charity in lieu of a receiving gifts. Wood sheet has an appealing textured look and feel that will remind your guests of nature - they could be accompanied by a digital RSVP method in order to save trees.


Printing on wood DIY

Are you contemplating a DIY print on wood project and searching places to order wood and get the perfect wood template? Instead of learning how to print on wood yourself and finding printable wood paper at a fair price, why not browse Paperlust’s fully customisable wood templates and save yourself the trouble of trimming large pieces of wood sheeting with a Stanley knife? DIY printing on wood can be great fun and a way to reduce the cost of your wedding stationery but it can be more difficult than it sounds if you don’t have the right knowledge and equipment. 

Print on wood DIY has the potential to be time-consuming and costly, with mistakes being disastrous (not to mention a waste of money). If you want to make printing on wood more affordable, reduce the number of cards in your stationery suite or combine wood and paper cards for different parts of your invitation suite.  


Digital printing on wood

Digital printing onto wood is another way to make print on wood more affordable. A wooden postcard would look perfect on your guests’ fridges for an autumn wedding - and the paper thin wood could be easily held by a magnet. Our digital print on wood designs vary in style from polka dots and watercolours to beautiful Australiana florals. A digital wooden print on stylish grained wooden paper is a way to make a statement without breaking your bank account. How many friends’ weddings have you been to where they have used printing wood for their invitations? Wood invites are something unique for your friends to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over - giving them a taste of the unforgettable event that your nuptials will be.


It doesn’t get more unique than real wood invitations

If you love the idea of printing your invite on wood but aren’t sure we’ll have the design options you want, don’t fret! Paperlust has plenty of options across the design and print spectrum, from letterpress and metallic prints to real foil and so much more.  Our modern wood wedding invitations are designed and printed locally, so no matter where you are in Australia, you won’t have to wait weeks for them to arrive. 

Once you’ve chosen your design and are looking for the perfect words to include in your wedding invite, be sure to look glance through our super helpful wedding invitation wording page and make sure your words match the quality of your wooden wedding invitation.


Wooden greeting cards: a helping hand for guests

If you are attending a wood themed wedding as a guest, what could be more appropriate than a wooden card? Wood greeting cards say sophistication and are the perfect way to show the bride and groom just how much thought you’ve put into their special day. Cards of wood or veneer materials are a way to feel in touch with nature. Plus, anything made of wood is obviously recyclable. A wood card is luxurious and will ideally complement some butcher paper wrapping tied with a lace ribbon at a rustic wedding.

Don’t stop at wooden cards! Wooden wedding gifts like a cheese board, a game of chess (if you’re into that) or a wooden dinnerware set will make lifelong gifts that your loved ones can cherish - just remember to think carefully about something they will definitely use but don’t own already. 

If you are interested in wood samples to feel our luxury wood grain cardstock for yourself, order one of our sample packs to help you lock that decision down. At Paperlust our wood cardstock is of the highest quality and you can rest assured with our customer satisfaction guarantee, complimentary envelopes and free shipping. If you need help or have questions be sure to contact our excellent support team and we will help ship your wooden wedding invitations Australia wide by the date that you need.