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Hand Drawn Wedding Invitations, Illustrated Wedding Invitations

Planning your wedding requires a lot of time and there are so many things to care about. One of these things are the wedding invitations. As you already know, the guests are excited about seeing your wedding invite, so it requires to be carefully chosen, to make a stunning impression, right from the first moment. Although there are hundreds and thousands of beautiful invitations that you would like to see, illustrated wedding invitations are some of the most interesting ones, as they have that unique touch of originality. They are perfect for someone who was considering Handmade wedding invitationscalligraphy wedding invitations, hand-painted wedding invitations but doesn't have the time or talent required to make it happen. 

Hand drawn not for you? We have wedding invites in a whole range of other categories, such as vintage, rustic wedding invitations, beach wedding invites and lace.

One thing that is amazing for you is that you have the freedom to opt for the colours that you most like. So even if you would love your wedding invite to be black, blue, gold and purple, you would have a large amount of options and models to choose from.

Same thing applies to the print type. However, in this case, our experienced team would recommend you to go for a letterpress wedding invitations, gold foil wedding invitations, photo card and wooden wedding invitations to go with your event.

And if you wish to make it perfect until the end, then you can easily find a matching save the date, thank you cards, wishing well and engagement invitations to have a complete wedding set.

Should you also have a preference regarding the venue, you could choose your wedding set to be suitable to your desired venue. For example, you could find a wedding set created by a local artist from Online wedding invitations, Australia, Sydney and Melbourne.