Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

Whether you’re artsy or not, there’s no denying that calligraphy wedding invitations are stunning. A hand script font just screams luxury wedding invitations. They are a way to add an incredibly personal and creative touch to your special day and reflect just how much this day means to you and your partner.

What are calligraphy invites?

Wedding invitations calligraphy style are invites with decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering, usually in black. Calligraphy is an art – and usually requires a calligrapher for hire (unless you happen to be friends with one). Often calligraphy wedding invitations cost an arm and a leg, but they don’t have to if you play it smart. Stay tuned for details on how to get world class custom invitations at affordable prices.

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Why do people love them?

People are so enamored with hand calligraphy font on their invitations because it adds an extra element of elegance and uniqueness to your day and shows people that you really want to make an impression.

Luxuriously thick calligraphy font has a feeling of history that can’t be achieved just by bright colours and fancy techniques like white ink printing – it’s timeless. As the craft of penmanship and handwriting itself goes out of fashion, calligraphy begins to stand out more and more as a rare art. Calligraphy says, “I care about this event and have gone the extra mile”.

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What about the cost and hassle?

You may be wondering, ‘Can I still do calligraphy if I’m tight on time and budget?’ How about calligraphy style wedding invitations at half the time and cost? Yes, please! If you are counting the cost of wedding invitations penny by penny then hiring an artist to hand draw them is unrealistic.

We totally get it and there’s no need to despair. You don’t have to employ an artist to achieve the sought-after wedding calligraphy style; there are other options like calligraphy style fonts which we offer here at Paperlust. Digitally printing calligraphy designs is much faster and cheaper than opting for hand drawn calligraphy, so why not?

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More options to choose from

Another reason to use calligraphy printing instead of hand calligraphy wedding invitations is that you have far more variety to choose from. Combine wedding calligraphy fonts with stunning gold foil, letterpress printing or a delicate floral pattern. Australiana more your style? You can accentuate a few important words in the calligraphy font of your choosing and surround it with a gum leaf border.

If you hire a wedding invitation calligrapher and don’t love what they create, it’s a waste not to use it, while if you choose a digital option, our online design tool gives you full control to edit and customise the design to your liking. Blow up or shrink the text, change the font and customise the colours – make that design your own! Don’t worry about having a designer’s eye – a professional designer will look over your edits to make sure that everything is aesthetically on point before handing it back to you for final approval and going to print. There’s really no down side.

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Wedding invitation calligraphy is an elegant design style that will stand the test of time, but instead of commissioning calligraphy for wedding invitations, why not take the easier and more affordable option and take advantage of the beautiful wedding script fonts that our designers have created? This way you get the look you want without having to spend a fortune –  the best of both worlds.

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