To DIY or not to DIY? // Get the handmade wedding invitations look the easy way

handmade wedding invitations

Making your own wedding invitations

There are many reasons people decide to make their own wedding invitations. Whether you love the personal touch, appreciate some handwriting, don’t want to shop around or are trying to save some pennies, homemade wedding invitations are a beautiful idea. But are they just an idea? For many people, the months leading up to their wedding is one of the most hectic times of their life. What if you could get the homemade feel without having to go to all that effort yourself? If this is sounding too good to be true, read on.

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How to make wedding invitations? Design your own Wedding Invitations

Do you want to make your own wedding invitations online or print your own wedding invitations at home? There’s nothing like a personalised feel but if you’re wondering how to design your own wedding invitations, you may also be wondering if you have the time and resources available right now. Making your own wedding invitations can be a great experience – but if you’re not prepared for what you’re getting into it can end up being more hassle than it’s worth. Having to come up with your own design and then printing it with high quality ink and paper that will look professional is quite the feat. If the make your own wedding invitations idea is not sounding as great as it first did, there’s good news. At Paperlust you can completely personalise your design using our online design tool at no extra cost. Edit your chosen invitation obligation free and our tool allows you to see your changes in real time.

If you can’t find a design that’s quite right for you to edit, we can design custom stationery completely from scratch to fit your brief. Whether you want an invitation, artwork or map designed just for you, we can make it happen, saving you the hassle of learning how to make your own wedding invitations at home. Do we hear a sigh of relief? Websites that advertise dirt cheap make your own wedding invitations or offer for you to ‘make your own wedding invitations free’ often aren’t being totally upfront. Beware of shady websites that rip off other people’s designs to make a quick buck or have hidden costs that you would only find in their fine print. Often if something seems too good to be true, it is.

Another great option for those looking to add some personality to their invites is choosing cards from different design sets for a completely unique, hand-picked feel. You can put them together in an envelope or a belly band for eclectic layered wedding invitations.

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How to make wedding invitations? I want the hand drawn look

Do you want to create your own wedding invitations to achieve that stunning hand drawn look? Of course, nobody wants the stationery for their special day to look like it was mass produced in some factory. We all want something elegant, unique – something that is bursting with our personality. Handmade wedding invitations aren’t your only option. You could search for wedding invitations with a calligraphy style font or invites that have been hand drawn by a designer and printed digitally on beautiful high quality paper. Selecting an already perfect design is much safer than hand drawing them and just hoping for the best. Take the pressure off yourself and go for an artistic style instead.

Even when opting for our printed invitations, you can still achieve a genuine hand drawn look by addressing wedding invitations by hand. Get a couple of friends together, lay out the snacks and organise your production line! Why not make a fun night of it? The laughing and bonding moments will be remembered long after your hands have uncramped.

Are you a creative and want to design your own wedding invitations? You can use your very own design and get it printed with Paperlust. See your creations come to life on high quality paper and choosing any print style you like – from metallic or foil invites to white ink or print on wood. Making your own wedding invitations online has never been so easy!

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I can’t be bothered shopping around

We get it. Your pre-wedding life is already so crowded that you can’t find the energy to go traipsing around from shop to shop in search of your wedding stationery. Why not browse from the comfort of your own home without the stress of printing your own wedding invitations? Learning how to make your own wedding invitations is time-consuming – and often ends up taking more effort than shopping around anyway. Getting to make your own wedding invitations online free seems like a great idea, but the very phrase ‘make your own’ also implies a lot of bother.

At Paperlust we have a wide range of designs all in the one place – hand picked from the best of Aussie and New Zealand design talent. Look through hundreds of invitations if you’re keen to see it all or apply our convenient filters if you already know exactly what you want. The whole process can be surprisingly quick. Once you have decided on style, click a few buttons to customise your design and we take care of the rest. You don’t even have to leave the couch. You’re basically making your own wedding invitations, free of all the hard work!

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What if I’m on a budget?

If you’ve been considering print at home wedding invitations but are a bit intimidated at the idea of a DIY project involving the biggest day of your life, why not try another option? Free online wedding invitations don’t have to mean weeks of stress for you, but it also doesn’t mean you’re stuck with online-only wedding invitations (we personally think they’re no competition for real-life, on-paper, 3d wedding invitations, what do you think?!). Print your own wedding invitations kits can seem great at first, and while they can turn out really well, just make sure you know what you’re getting into before jumping in. Do your research on the kind of printer (and how much ink) these designs require to look quality. Think about the number of invitations you need to print, as well as other cards in the invitation suite like RSVP, menu cards and an order of service. Do you want to order your thank you cards now too, so you can continue the matching theme? If so, that’s more ink. Looking up a video on how to print your own wedding invitations first might be a good idea to give yourself an overview of the process. After gathering some information, decide if you still want to go DIY style.

If it sounds like too much and you’d like to try the other option, at Paperlust we offer affordable wedding invitations that are designed to look like handwritten wedding invitations. Choose a design with a calligraphy style font and be on the lookout for designs that say ‘digital print’, as these give you the best bang for your buck. Unless you are going for ecard invites, being able to create free wedding invitations online is basically a myth, because you always have to pay for printing and materials, and organising it yourself can be a headache.

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At Paperlust we have all the nitty gritty details under control. Let us worry about the boring stuff – all you have to do is pick your favourite design and customise elements to suit your exact taste with our online design tool. We pride ourselves on giving independent designers a platform to sell their work at a fair price, and you can be sure that all of our designs are original and created with passion. The best part about letting the professionals take over is that you can be sure the quote we give you is all inclusive. Hidden costs (like envelopes) are bound to pop up on a DIY project and the last thing you need is your wedding budget being blown out by your stationery. Know what you’re getting with us and enjoy our complimentary envelopes, free shipping Australia wide and customer satisfaction guarantee. Homemade style wedding invitations – without the risk.

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