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Elegant Purple Wedding Invitations

No matter where you are in Australia or around the world, Paperlust is the best place to find purple wedding invitations by independent designers. There are so many options for different colours and styles that it can be overwhelming, so narrowing it down to wedding invitations purple style could be the perfect choice for your big day. Purple looks great using a range of printing styles, including metallic, letterpress, digital and white ink. You can combine print types for your own unique style or pair purple with complementary colours to create purple and silver wedding invitations, purple and gold wedding invitations and much more. Whether you're looking for delicate lilac we've got something for you here. 

Some brides make the mistake of thinking that they have to go all out with purple decor if they choose purple decorations. Adding another neutral colour like silver or gold to your invites means you can keep the ceremony and reception decor elegant and simple. We also have purple and silver wedding invitations here. It also gives you more theme options for bridesmaid dresses and jewellery. A theme butchered is a theme overdone so it can be a good idea to mix your statement purple with some more pared back tones. Regardless of what colour you choose, it’s fun to give your guests a hint of what’s to come on the big day.

When looking for your perfect purple wedding invitation we think it is critical to consider how it will relate to the style of the event. If you have planned a watercolour themed ceremony, purple paint splashes on your invite could go a long way to setting the wedding day tone. Select one of our stunning watercolour designs and complete the stationery set with a wedding menu or a place card. We have Australia’s best design talent all in one place and we’ve got you covered for matching cards to meet all your ceremony and pre/post wedding needs.

If you’re a purple fan but also love the ocean, you could go for purple and turquoise wedding invitations. That way you can combine your favourite colour with your favourite place! Purple and blue wedding invitations are also perfect for those with a vibrant personality who want to bring a little pizazz to their wedding.


Do I have to go all out?

If you’re a more laid back person and are thinking that too much pizazz just ain’t your style, why not consider some softly accented lavender wedding invitations? They are an exquisite, dignified way to incorporate purple as your theme. Having a colour for your theme doesn’t have to be overboard. You could add subtle hints of lavender to your day in many ways - from a spray of lavender wreathing your bouquet or pansies in your hair to mauve linen napkins at your reception. With the right touches, you can bring a theme to life in a balanced way that will appear thoughtful and tasteful to your guests.

Can I get cheap purple wedding invitations that don’t look cheap? Absolutely! At Paperlust we have a range of designs to suit all budgets. If you are looking for something on the lower end of the price scale, we recommend applying the ‘digital print’ filter, as it is our most affordable option. This way you can get luxury printed invitations without the designer price.

To make sure we have the ultimate collection of the latest trends and styles, Paperlust’s design community is hand-picked from around Australia and New Zealand. We can proudly say that we have the finest local design talent in one marketplace with the best purple wedding invitation designs. As if supporting young Aussie and Kiwi talent wasn’t enough to get you excited about Paperlust, we offer free shipping, complimentary envelopes and a customer satisfaction guarantee, because we’re sticklers when it comes to quality.

Looking for cheap purple wedding invitations?

We have a wide range of cheaper wedding invitation options for those looking for cheap purple wedding invitations, in the left menu above, select Digital Print type and this will filter our cheapest print options