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Save The Date Magnets and Save the dates Magnets - Add your magnets to your order at checkout.

Save the date magnets are a fun and unique way to give your guests plenty of notice about the date of your big day. Whether you are looking for floral, geometric or watercolour save the dates, a magnet is a great way to show off the style. Our magnets come in a range of colours, just like our other invites, so there’s something for any colour palette, including green, blue, gold or pink. 

Paperlust brings you work from the very best independent designers Australia has to offer, all on premium cardstock with vibrant inks including all the bells and whistles. We have designers from all across the country, from Sydney to Perth, Brisbane to Adelaide. 

Complement your magnetic save the dates with other stationery products from our range of print types such as digital print, raised foil, letterpress and print on wood. You can choose from any of them for other card types like your wedding invitations, RSVP cards, wedding menus, and thank you cards


Everything you need to know about save the date magnet cards

Save the dates often take pride of place on guests’ fridge doors for three main reasons:

  • They’re super pretty
  • They’re a practical visual aid to remind the guests when the wedding is
  • There’s sentimental value in remembering that two friends are getting married


Even once they’ve served the second purpose and the wedding is done and dusted, wedding invitations, save the dates and thank you cards have a habit of setting up permanent camp on the fridge - especially for those of us who are a little lax about changing up what’s there (whoops) - thanks to the fact that they are both beautiful and sentimental. A save the date magnet is a brilliant way of acknowledging that a save the date does its best work when it’s on the fridge, and making it easy for your friends and family to put it there neatly.


What you need to consider with save the date wedding magnets:

If you’re thinking of sending out save the date magnets, there are a few things you should bear in mind as you make your decision. 



Your save the date magnet postage cost might be slightly higher than the cost to post a standard wedding card because it is calculated by weight and magnet backing is heavier than standard cardstock. Check with your local mail service for accurate postage rates before creating your stationery budget.


What save the date magnet size is a good fit for you? That all depends on how much information you want to include on the magnet, the cost of postage, and of course, your own aesthetic tastes. Save the date fridge magnets also shouldn’t be too large that they avoid dominating the entire fridge but large enough to be easily read. Postcard dimensions (roughly A6) make a good size, but you can go smaller if you are willing to use less words or after a cute effect. What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? Consider the different space requirements for these two different pieces of text: 


N & D
Save the date!
Nathan Moore and Diana Lorent
Are getting married
Saturday October twenty-sixth
Two thousand and eighteen


These both convey the same information but their different ways take up different amounts of space. Of course, if a picture or illustration accompanies the first piece of text, it could actually end up taking more space. Know what appeals to you and match the size accordingly, but remember that the size of the magnet will affect weight, and thus postage costs, as well as the appearance of the magnet on the fridge. 



Everyone has a different idea of the perfect save the date magnet. From the classic polaroid save the date magnet to the more modern save the date magnets with no photo, a save the date magnets DIY project or a stunning gold foil number to wow your guests, select a design that works with the rest of your wedding. 

Whatever design style appeals to you, think about how it will translate to a magnet on the fridge. Some styles make the leap better than others. For example, vintage save the date magnets can be tricky to pull off since paper and texture is so deeply connected with the vintage style as a whole. Is it possible? Absolutely! But factor in the tactile aspects when you pick the design on-screen. 

Some popular styles to choose from are:

  • Rustic save the date magnets
  • Fall save the date magnets
  • Sunflower save the date magnets
  • Vintage save the date magnets
  • Save the date wooden magnets
  • Save the date heart magnets
  • Minimalist save the date magnets
  • Watercolour save the date magnets
  • Geometric save the date magnets
  • Save the date mason jar magnets
  • Elegant save the date magnets
  • Acrylic save the date magnets, and 
  • Boarding pass save the date magnet.


Destination wedding save the date magnets

Whether it’s beach save the date magnets or save the date magnets for a destination wedding located in the Italian countryside, destination save the date magnets should ideally give a sense of the place you’re jetting off to, or have a passport/boarding pass theme. Save the date magnets beach theme can be as literal as a wave motif or as subtle as gold foiling on baby blue cardstock. Not all destination weddings call for beach wedding save the date magnets; consider just some of the different types of destination weddings you could have:

  • Mountains
  • Bali
  • Snow
  • Lake
  • French luberon region (lavender fields)
  • Hills of Tuscany
  • Country cottage
  • Prairie ranch
  • Forest
  • Outback
  • Safari (African game reserve)


Type of Backing

Most good quality stationery companies (including Paperlust) will offer full magnet backing for their magnets, but occasionally a sketchy online site offers very cheap magnet save the dates that seem too good to be true. How do they do it? Often, the save the date has simply been printed on paper and a small magnet attached to the back with glue. A lot of the time these magnets are tiny, not very magnetic, and not very well stuck to the paper. Know what type of backing you’re getting before you pay for save the date magnets to avoid disappointment. However, paperlust is one of only a few companies that offer save the date magnets for weddings on real premium paper and with specialty finishes such as foil and die cutting. So if you are after the best save the date magnets with a premium finish, then paperlust is the place to find them.

Price: Finding Cheap save the dates magnets for a wedding

Cheap save the date magnets may seem hard to come by, but some ways to cut costs include choosing digital printing or opting for smaller sized cards. Why is it so hard to find save the date magnets cheap? It is because the processes for producing fridge magnets usually require large minimums due to the high set up costs. 


DIY save the date magnets vs affordable save the date magnets

A DIY magnet save the date is an affordable option and quite easy to do, however it can be time consuming. If time is at a premium try our range of full magnet backed save the dates which come ready to stick on the fridge! Rather than buying your own magnets and spending hours attaching them to your invitation cards, get your cheap magnet save the dates at Paperlust with some of our tips above. Cheap wedding save the date magnets are achievable if you are savvy and know where to compromise in order to cut costs. Assess your budget and see what’s doable for you and your partner.


Save the date magnet ideas:

Using magnets on a save the date isn’t new and just having a save the date magnet isn’t automatically going to get you on fridges: you have to earn that spot! If you’re after something that really makes people want to take notice, consider a magnet that serves an extra purpose. Like what, you ask?


Photo save the date magnets

Most people love having photos of people they care about stuck on their fridge. Great save the date photo magnets serve the purpose of magnet save the date  cards as well as doing double duty as a photo. Photo save the date magnets are the ones most likely to stick around on fridges for years to come, long after the celebrations are over. Photo magnets as a save the date are also the perfect opportunity to share the pièce de résistance of your engagement shoot. Prefer to keep the words to a minimum but don’t want your card to look empty and boring? Save the date picture magnets are the answer!


Save the date magnets with calendar

Since save the dates are all about, well … dates, a lot of people choose to use a save the date magnet with a calendar of some sort so that the magnet is a useful fridge item. The nature of the save the date calendar magnet is up to you, and may include the month of the wedding, the year of the wedding, or just a list of dates. Pro tip: If you have a date in mind for RSVPs to be in (usually a few weeks out from the wedding), include that on the calendar! This is the date people are most likely to overlook, so it pays to be organised before you print and send your save the date calendar magnets. Choose our foil invitations for your calendar save the date magnets and get the date circled in real foil, exclusive to paperlust. 


A little bit different…

Not all save the date cards magnets have to be alike. Why not mix it up with something a bit out of the box?


If you are looking for some creative ideas to save that special date for your wedding, check out these ideas:

  • Save the date movie themed magnets (old Hollywood wedding)
  • Wood save the date magnets (rustic wedding)
  • Small save the date magnet cards (minimalist wedding)
  • Save the date postcard magnets (vintage or destination wedding)
  • Save the date magnets funny (see our range of funny save the dates plus magnet)
  • Heart magnet save the date (paperlust can die cut our magnets to any shape)


Unique save the date magnets

The best magnetic save the date cards are ones where you can see the couple’s personality shining through. Get custom save the date magnets without the designer price tag at Paperlust where we provide access to an online design tool that lets you view your changes in real time and make edits without committing yourself to buy. If you would prefer to design your own save the date magnets, we can print your design for you. Save the date custom magnets are also available if you would like one of our professional designers to create a totally unique card just for you and your day.

Wooden save the date magnets

One of the questions we get asked here at paperlust all the time is can we produce save the date wood magnets. The quick answer is yes, but it has some caveats. We offer stick on magents at checkout that can very easily be applied to our wooden save the dates, but if you are after save the date magnets wood that have a full magnet backing we are afraid we do not offer this product at this time. 


How to mail save the date magnets?

Mailing magnet save the dates versus standard save the dates could be costlier. There is no legal reason preventing the postage of magnets, however they may push your save the date into the next postage category. A stick on magnet is unlikely to do this, but a full magnet backing does more than double the weight of a save the date. Please check before posting with your local post office before lodging your magnet wedding save the dates.


Other events

Save the dates can sometimes be used for other important life events. If you like to give people plenty of notice, consider family reunion save the date magnets, sweet 16 save the date magnets, quince save the date magnets, or save the date graduation magnets.

Save the date magnets for your wedding are kicking things off on a good note, setting the bar high. There’s nothing wrong with going all out so why not make your wedding day one to remember long after the Instagram stories and Facebook posts have disappeared from people’s screens? Set yourself apart with elegant and practical save the date magnets and get back to planning the wedding of the year.