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Minimal - Thank You Cards
Amelia S.
Foil Stamped
Digital Printing

Minimal - Thank You Cards

by Amelia S.
Minimal - Thank You Cards
as low as AUD $1.97 each
Australian Native Colour - Thank You Cards
Tameka A.
Print On Wood

Australian Native Colour - Thank You Cards

by Tameka A.
Australian Native Colour - Thank You Cards
as low as AUD $5.20 each
Australian Native Colour - Thank You Cards
Tameka A.
Digital Printing

Australian Native Colour - Thank You Cards

by Tameka A.
Australian Native Colour - Thank You Cards
as low as AUD $1.97 each
White Paint - Thank You Cards
Amelia S.
White Ink

White Paint - Thank You Cards

by Amelia S.
White Paint - Thank You Cards
as low as AUD $3.39 each
Simply Carefree - Thank You Cards
Jacqueline Q.

Simply Carefree - Thank You Cards

by Jacqueline Q.
Simply Carefree - Thank You Cards
as low as AUD $5.00 each
Simply Carefree - Thank You Cards
Jacqueline Q.
Digital Printing

Simply Carefree - Thank You Cards

by Jacqueline Q.
Simply Carefree - Thank You Cards
as low as AUD $1.97 each
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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Wedding Thank You Cards | Thank You Card Notes

Everybody loves to receive a thank you card and have their effort appreciated. Unfortunately, writing wedding thank you cards online can seem like a chore – something you `have` to do. It is an overwhelming task, trying to make hundreds of notes sound heartfelt and grateful! However, with a little bit of planning and the right tools at hand the process can actually be a fun extension of the excitement of wedding invitation planning. Here is your guide to making post-wedding thank you messages painless.


Why send wedding thank you cards?

No matter how big or small your wedding, it is inevitable that a lot of people will have contributed in a lot of different ways to make it happen. It’s only polite to thank these people for their love, support and hard work in the lead-up to the big day (and for all those years before!). This is not just a social nicety either. You will likely be overwhelmed by the love your friends and family show, and eager to have the opportunity to show your gratitude in some small way. A great idea for this is to send photo thank you cards.

What you need to send a thank you cards:

  • Pretty paper products – Whether you order thank you cards to match the rest of your wedding stationery suite, diy thank you cards, or just find something new that makes you smile, make sure you love the paper you’re working with! It will make writing the notes a treat. And don’t forget about envelopes! They may come with the cards you’ve chosen, but it’s best to check this early on. Remember that envelopes don’t have to be boring, but can be as stylish as the cards within.
  • That perfect pen – There`s nothing worse than trying to write a lot with a scratchy pen that blotches ink across your page, stops working at inopportune moments or writes with an inconsistent colour. Get to your local stationery store and try the pens until you find "The One". Stock up on a few of them so you always have one on hand.
  • Details, details, details! – You will need a complete list of guests that attended your wedding, as well as anybody else who assisted in any way, made a phone call, sent a card or a gift, or anything else that should be acknowledged. You will need the addresses of all these people, as well as notes on what you are thanking them for! When you’re planning ahead for this stage, remember to make sure these are noted down as you open gifts, and remember to keep the list of contact details you used to address your invitations.

Like everything else wedding-related, a little bit of organisation and forethought goes a long way here. Try to have your thank you cards in your hands before the wedding actually happens, as well as all the necessary details of your guests. Keep a running list of people who gave you gifts, helped with the wedding, or otherwise showed you support during this time. Note down what they did or what they gave you so that you can thank them specifically. Writing these sort of details down can feel a little bit awkward, like you’re keeping account of who was the most generous, but it’s worth pushing past the awkwardness of writing such a list to avoid an even more awkward situation: forgetting to thank somebody for something, or thanking them for the wrong gift!

When to write/send your thank you card note?

You should get started on your thank you notes as soon after the wedding as possible, as they should ideally be sent out within three months of the big day. If you had a large wedding that doesn’t leave you a lot of time! It’s best to try to power through some each day to pace yourself and make sure you can give attention to each one. You can even begin to write your thank yous as gifts and calls come in before the wedding. With the right supplies, it will feel like a treat to sit down and knock out a few notes! Or if it was a baby shower you had be sure to send out baby shower thank you cards.


How to go about writing your thank you card notes:

  • Think about the involvement and contributions all your guests made to the wedding. When you begin thinking about all the work people put into your day it is overwhelming. Take that gratitude and channel it into your writing!
  • Keep it simple – you’re going to be writing a lot of these! Best to get to the point and be concise but sincere.
  • Unlike the save the date cards and wedding invitations, your thank you card wording doesn’t need to be uniform or put in any special way. The best thank yous are genuine, personal and from the heart.
  • Get your partner to help with the thank you notes, especially for their family and friends. Sign from both of you. It can seem impersonal for people to get a thank you card from you when they only met you for the first time at the wedding.

Wording your thank you cards:

Now to the nitty-gritty: how do you word the things? It can seem completely overwhelming.

The trick is to ask yourself:

  • Who am I writing to?
  • Did this person attend the wedding?
  • Did this person play a role in the wedding?
  • Did this person give a gift or a card?
  • Has this person had another significant role in our lives?

You want to be sure that you acknowledge all these points if they are relevant.


Who am I writing the thank you card note to?

It is up to you whether you use formal or informal greetings and terms of address in your thank you cards. It’s usually best to base this on what your relationship is to the person in question. No need to go all formal with your good friends, but best not to be overly familiar with your Dad’s boss.

Be sure not to leave anybody out in your address – mention both names if writing to a couple, and children’s names as well for a family.

If possible, mention the name of any plus-ones who also attended the wedding.

Most importantly, check and double-check the spelling of all names! It is the height of rudeness to misspell somebody’s name because you couldn’t be bothered to make sure you had it right. A word of warning: beware of using Facebook to find the name of people you don’t know. I’ve been at weddings where people have been thanked in the wedding program by the silly name they have listed on Facebook to keep their profile hidden from employers! If you aren’t sure of somebody’s name or who they are, always ask someone who knows. This might mean speaking to your partner, parents or in-laws. Again, this extra check can save you from a lot of awkwardness later.


Did this person attend the wedding?

  • Yes
    • Thank them for their time and support. Tell them it meant a lot to you that they came to celebrate with you.
    • Make special mention of any travel or extra effort they had to go to in order to attend.
    • If they looked fabulous on the day or drew attention with their winning dance moves, tell them! If you remember chatting to them at the reception about when they used to babysit you, reference that too. These sorts of specifics will tell them that you noticed their presence individually, not just as part of the group. But don’t grasp at straws. If nothing comes to mind immediately, keep it general.
    • e.g. It was wonderful to have you at our wedding, and we are so grateful for the effort you made to be there! It made our day even more special to have your smiling face beside us (looking gorgeous in that red dress, wow!).
  • No
    • Tell them you missed them on the day, but make sure you don’t layer this with guilt! The trick is to make sure they know you would have liked them to be there but also that you understand why they couldn’t make it.
    • If there was something specific on the day that made you think of them or that they would have liked, include it! This will let them know you thought of them in the midst of everything going on.
    • Of course, if they weren’t invited to the wedding there is no need to mention their absence at all. Simply thank them for their thoughts, love and support.
    • e.g. Thank you for all the love you showered on us in the lead up to our wedding. We felt it on the day too, even though you couldn’t be there.


Did this person play a role in the wedding?

  • This includes everything from your bridal party to people who picked somebody up from the airport for you. Did they refer you to a florist? Direct traffic in the car park? Lend you a decorative birdcage? Stay behind to help clean up? These are all things you want to mention.
  • Vendors should be included in this, even though they were paid for their services. Pay particular attention to anything they did that went above and beyond. Tell them why you chose them and what you appreciated most about their work. If you would recommend them to friends, tell them that too. If you were unhappy with their work, keep it brief and polite.
  • Thank them for their time and effort. Make specific mention of anything they did particularly well.
  • e.g. Thank you so much for picking up my friend Jess from the airport. She was so lucky to be entertained by your excellent car conversation and famous playlist selection.


If this person gave a gift or card, how should I word the thank you card note messages?

  • Money
    • Never mention the specific amount of money.
    • It’s a good idea to give some indication of where the money will go. It doesn’t have to be specific, but it reassures the giftee that you aren’t going to blow it.
    • e.g. Thank you so much for your generous gift. It will help us as we set up our new home.
  • Voucher
    • Do not mention the dollar value of the gift voucher.
    • Indicate as well as you can what the voucher will be used for.
    • e.g. Thank you so much for the IKEA voucher! We’re going to use it when we pick out the perfect sofa for snuggling and watching TV. Looking forward to having you come over for a Star Wars marathon and test it out with us!
  • Gift from your registry
    • There is no need to make special mention of the fact that it was chosen from your registry, but you can do so if you wish. It can be a good idea to give a brief explanation of why you selected that particular item.
    • e.g. Thank you so much for the gift of the kettle. We fell in love with that one because it is red and matches our toaster exactly! We will definitely think of you every time we make a pot of tea!
  • Note/Card Only
    • Thank them for the effort they made to reach out to you in writing. If possible to do so without sounding contrived, reference something that they wrote.
    • e.g. Thank you so much for your lovely card. It was so meaningful to us to have your support and words of wisdom.
  • No gift
    • Do we even need to tell you this? Don’t mention the fact that they didn’t give a gift.
    • Focus on thanking them for their attendance, contribution, or whatever else you are grateful for.
    • e.g. Thank you so much for making the effort to come along and celebrate with us! It made our day even more special to have so much love and support around us.
  • A gift you hate
    • It can be difficult to craft a thank you for something you genuinely wish you hadn’t received, but unfortunately that’s part of being an adult! Focus on the fact that the person went to the effort of getting you something at all.
    • If you can find something specific that you like about it, mention that. If there is nothing at all that you like, be brief and polite, and focus on any other contributions they made.
    • e.g. Thank you for your thoughtful gift. The towels are so fluffy! orWe really appreciate all your love and support. Thank you also for the lovely vase, as well as your help with setting up for the reception. We are so grateful!


Has this person played a significant role in your life?

  • The people involved in your wedding were likely invited to be there because they have played a role in your life, or your partner’s life, prior to this point. Thank you notes are a good opportunity to acknowledge their support more generally.
  • Pay special attention to parents, grandparents, siblings, important friends of the family, best friends, etc.
  • Be genuine. Don’t worry about wording here; just thank them honestly for the things you are thankful for. Tell them why you love them.


Words to use for your thank you cards:

Here are some key words to make use of so you don’t feel like you’re repeating yourself!

  • Thank you, thankful, thanks
  • Appreciate, appreciative
  • Grateful, gratitude
  • Overwhelmed, overwhelming
  • Pleased
  • Blessed, blessing
  • Glad
  • Generous, generosity
  • Thoughtful
  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Unexpected, surprise

Remember, even though it’s an overwhelming task, it is such a good thing that you have so much to be thankful for and so many people to thank!


Thank you cards can seem like a hassle, but they are a great opportunity to spend a little longer soaking in the love of your family and friends. The wedding day can pass so quickly that it becomes a blur! Writing your thank yous can be a fun process of reflecting on each and every person that was part of the day, and channeling all those good vibes into something tangible. Which is basically what you did to create your wedding, right? Get organised, make time, and have fun with it. 

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