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Rustic Save the Dates | Rustic Save the Date Cards

Rustic Wedding Save the Dates

When you’re planning your wedding, engagement, or another event like a baby shower or birthday party, it’s important to make sure all your guests can attend. Most people secretly fear throwing a party and having nobody show up! Save the date cards are the best way to prevent this problem, by giving everyone plenty of notice of the date, and giving them a glimpse of the feel of the day so they don’t want to miss it. One of the most popular ways to do this is with rustic save the dates. 

Rustic save the dates are extremely versatile and can work for many different styles of events, whether you’re planning a full rustic theme for all elements of the day or simply want to bring a little touch of rustic charm to your save the dates. Looking for a specific rustic save the date look? Well, check out our mason jar save the date cards and our chalkboard save the dates.


When to send out rustic save the date cards

Rustic wedding save the dates may be sent out up to a year ahead of time, since you need to start planning so far ahead and people are likely to be travelling to attend. For rustic save the dates for another event like a baby shower or birthday party, you obviously will not be giving a year’s notice. 3-6 months ahead of time is a more reasonable time period for these events. Just be sure you allow enough time that guests don’t receive their save the dates and their final invitations within a couple of weeks of each other. 


Rustic save the date ideas

There are common elements that contribute to a rustic theme. Some of these popular rustic save the date ideas include:

  • Rustic paper choices - popular choices include brown kraft paper, textured cotton or linen paper, or print on wood.

  • Rustic typography - script fonts that look like they are hand drawn are the most popular save the date rustic typography choices.

  • Rustic design motifs - design elements based on nature and the great outdoors are popular, including trees, flowers, leaves, and natural fabrics like lace and burlap. 


Alternatives: Rustic save the date postcards and rustic save the date magnets

Sometimes a standard save the date card isn’t quite right, and you need something that stands out. Two of the most popular ways of doing this are with rustic save the date postcards and rustic save the date magnets

A rustic save the date postcard is a rustic design printed on a card that may be sent with or without an envelope. Typically it has a large image or design on the front, along with the key information, and on the back the guests’ address is written and a stamp applied. This creates a unique effect that will have everyone’s attention from the moment they catch a glimpse of it in their letterbox. 

A rustic save the date magnet features all the information normally contained on a save the date card, but is printed on magnetic backing to be stuck to the fridge. This keeps your event front and centre in your guests’ minds. 


Looking for cheap rustic save the dates?

You can find out cheap rustic save the dates by filtering our designs by Digital Print in the left menu above.