Save the Date Ideas

Save the Date Ideas

Coming up with original save the date ideas isn’t easy in this social media saturated age. It’s hard not to feel like everything has already been done. Whether it’s save the date wedding ideas, save the date graduation ideas or even baby shower save the dates, there are many ways that you and your partner can put your stamp on this important little piece of stationery.


Cute save the date ideas

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There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by other people’s save the date announcement ideas and putting your own twist on them. For some original save the date magnet ideas, why not have a magnet puzzle that guests can piece together on their fridge or a magnet that also doubles as a bottle opener? A save the date coaster can be a super cute way to let guests know when to keep their calendar free.


Save the date picture ideas

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Save the dates incorporating pictures are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s the vintage lover’s polaroid or a postcard style that appeals to you, save the dates with photos create such a personal touch and fit in with the rest of the special photos on your guests’ fridges. Some great save the date photo shoot ideas are:

  • Incorporating pop culture references
  • Movie poster theme
  • Pictures including your cherished pet
  • Carnival theme
  • Beach theme
  • Photo booth theme
  • Photo of wedding day details on feet
  • Couple holding a chalkboard or sitting with a block letter wedding date.

Creative save the date ideas

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Why not get creative with totally unique save the date ideas? It’s time to celebrate you and your partner so do what will make you happy, not what you think a save the date should be. Whether you like a calendar save the date or have a bunch of quirky save the date video ideas (a good digital save the date option), think of ways that you can make it individual to you two. Some creative ideas include:

  • A save the date puzzle
  • A save the date wooden key chain
  • Sheet music save the dates
  • Tea towel save the dates
  • Recipe save the dates
  • 3D save the dates
  • Comic strip save the dates

Cheap save the date ideas

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Don’t have a huge budget and want to cut costs when it comes to save the dates? No problem! If you want something more than digital save the dates sent out by email, choose our digitally printed save the dates that combine quality and affordability. Keep this part of your stationery simple and then save the white ink and gold foil details for the main invite!


Destination wedding save the date ideas

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Save the date ideas for destination weddings often lean towards a tropical, travel or cultural theme. Either one (or a combination) is great, depending on the nature of your wedding. From general save the date beach ideas to something as specific as adding touches of French language to a save the date for a wedding in a French vineyard, your save the date should point towards the kind of wedding you plan on hosting.

Inspiration for wedding save the date ideas can be found all around you. Start with things you love – be it books, flowers, Star Wars or rustic decor – and build your whole wedding stationery story around passion. Your wedding will then flow naturally from the signature style you two have created.

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