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A Save the Date Calendar

Mark your calendar with a save the date or receive a whole calendar that doubles as a save the date with the wedding day circled - which would you prefer. It all comes down to personal preference, and a save the date calendar will not only look cute on the fridge, it is a much more visual and creative reminder of the big day for your family and friends.

Why not take it one step further and choose to add magnets? Adding magnetic backing to your save the date cards ensures that it will grace loved ones’ fridges for the lead up to the wedding, if not beyond. Adding a magnet completes the whole package, delivering everything you could want from a save the date: practicality, aesthetic, visibility and reminder. While you’re at it, why not mark the RSVP date too as that’s one guests can tend to overlook?

If you don’t want your save the date to be limited to fridges, consider save the date calendar stickers as the perfect solution for your friends on the go. Guests can attach your save the date not only to their fridge, but also to their planners, diaries and calendars, or even their laptops, scrapbooks or memory boxes. Ideally the size should remain small so that it can fit on a myriad of surfaces that your guest may find handy.

A really cost effective DIY idea is the save the date calendar stamp. Whether you’ve got a limited budget or you just love the handmade look, a save the date stamp can perfectly suit a rustic or vintage wedding (as well as many other styles). While it can be a cost cutter, just make sure you are aware of the time, equipment and expertise involved in the task before you undertake a DIY project. We understand wedding seasons are busy for everyone, especially the couple getting married, so if what you are is time poor, perhaps opt for something like a save the date calendar postcard printed by the professionals at Paperlust.

Save the date cards with a calendar are the best way to jog your guests’ memories and they are sure to look lovely up on the fridge. Browse our collection for your ideal calendar save the date today!