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Personalised Christmas Cards - Customize Instantly


Personalised Christmas Cards 2021/2022

When the Christmas season starts to roll around there are plenty of details that start occupying our minds. What are you going to do, where will you spend it and with who, presents, dinners, etc. Christmas is a busy time of the year, everyone has a lot of things to think about and organise, but it’s also a time to reflect on your year, spend time with you loved ones and let them know how important they are to you. One of the best ways to share how grateful you are to loved ones and spread the Christmas cheer, is through a beautiful card.

Christmas cards are a longstanding tradition at Christmas time, and while many people have turned to digital these days to send their well wishes, there’s still nothing quite as special as sending a Christmas card which is personalised.

Our Australian designers pride themselves on creating truly unique designs and will help you create the perfect cards for Christmas. Choose from any number of our diverse selection of design styles and themes such as snowman Christmas cards, tropical Christmas cards, etc. Once you have chosen the style for your festive Christmas cards, you can move on to pick how you would like these cards to be printed out. We have a great range of print styles available to let you personalise your Christmas cards even further with options including -- digital christmas cards, letterpress, foil stamped christmas cards and metallic prints. There are plenty of designs for Christmas cards online the Paperlust website.

Australian Christmas Cards are unlike anywhere else in the world, we have our own unique style and way of celebrating the Christmas season. With talented designers all over Australia, we offer you the opportunity to speak with someone anywhere you are, including places like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart. No matter where in the country you live, we can find you a designer close-to-home to help bring your Christmas design to life.


Get organised with your personalised Christmas cards: Create a Christmas card checklist

Some planning is definitely required if you intend to send out Christmas cards. It’ll make things a lot easier if decide early whether or not you’ll be sending out Christmas cards.

To help you keep organised with your Christmas cards, write out a list of what you need to do to keep you on track. It will also be helpful to keep a record of the names and details of Christmas card recipients and then tick them off once they’re done so you don’t accidentally miss anyone or double up.

Some important details to include on your Christmas card to do list:

Write Christmas card list

Once you’ve decided to send out cards at Christmas, you need to write a list of everyone you want to send a card to. It might just be close family and friends, or maybe those who are living far away that you don’t get to see often. Also think about people who have sent you cards in the past, it’s a nice gesture to return the favour by sending them a Xmas card, and they are sure to really appreciate it!

Collect all addresses for your Personalised Chirstmas Cards

Ensure you have all the addresses you need! Before you send out Christmas cards you should also double check people’s addresses to make sure you have all the information right. You don’t want to get any details wrong when you send out your cards, so make sure everything is updated.

Choose card design/create personalised message

Make your Christmas cards truly special and unique this year by customising your own design with one of our talented designers. You can choose everything from the colours, style and even the message on the inside.

Note down international/interstate postage deadlines

Give yourself enough time to have your cards designed and sent out so it doesn’t get too late, you don’t want to be doing it last minute. Posting at Christmas time is always hectic, and the process is slower than any other time of year. The closer to Christmas it gets the higher the risk of your cards taking longer to arrive at their destinations, especially if they’re going overseas. It might be good to have your Christmas cards ready to be sent out early December, so your loved ones receive them in time.

Buy stamps

A small detail, but make sure you get your stamps early to avoid any long queues at the post office, and save you from having to pick them up last minute if you forget them.


Adding the personal touch with personalised photo Christmas cards

There are plenty of different ways to personalise your Christmas cards, from the message you write on the inside, to the colours and design you choose. But to make them really personal, why not include a photo on your cards this year and create personalised photograph Christmas cards?

Christmas photo cards have always been a fun way to really customise your holiday cards. Family and friends will love receiving a card with a photo on the cover, it makes it more of a special memento that they can keep.

You could choose to have new photos taken, of you and any family or friends you want involved, or you could find a photo you already have that you love and use that. For your photo Christmas cards you can use a fun and silly photo, something festive or one that brings good feelings, something that will bring a smile to people’s faces when they receive it.

It’s easy for you to upload the photo of your choice to be incorporated in the design of your holiday cards. If you choose to do a photo card for Christmas, our designers at Paperlust can help you create customised cards that your family and friends are sure to love.

Looking for cheap personalised Christmas cards?

You could get the affordable Christmas cards because this year we are running 25% off personlasied Christmas cards so this makes just buying 20 Digital Print folded cards a very cheap option.

Customise Christmas cards with your own written message

Writing a personalised message in your Christmas cards is a great way to make them that little bit more unique. Instead of just the classic “Merry Christmas and happy holidays”, which can seem a little generic on its own, why not add something a little more thoughtful?

When you’ve decided on the design of your personalised Christmas cards, and who you want to send them to, make sure you’re also thinking about the message you would like to include on the inside.

Do you want to write something different for every person receiving a card? Or are you writing one message to send to everyone, conveying how much they mean to you?

Keep in mind if you intend to write a separate message in every card it will take a little bit longer and you’ll spend more time coming up with each message. It definitely is a more personal touch though, and those who receive a card will see that it is tailored to them and are sure to really appreciate that extra thoughtfulness.

If you choose to use one message for all the cards be sure to put a lot of thought into your words to make sure everything is just right and that you are happy with what you’ve written.

If you get stuck on what to write, just write down a few different messages on how thankful you are, or how much you appreciate people being in your life until you come up with a message you like. You can also look for some inspiration from some of your favourite quotes or messages online.

Coming up with your own thoughtful message in a Christmas card will make your friend’s and family’s’ Christmas that much more special.


Something extra special at Christmas

Personalised Business Christmas cards are a great to send out around Christmas time. It’s a small thing but can really makes someone’s day, and for those friends and family that you know you won’t be able to see at Christmas time, sending them a personalised Christmas card is a nice way to let them know you’re still thinking of them.

You can choose a truly unique design this Christmas for your holiday cards, something different from the norm that you really love. Some people choose to go with a specific colour aesthetic at Christmas time, from their wrapping paper to their decorations, so why not choose a card design that fits with your aesthetic preferences as well.

Do you have a Christmas colour palette or theme that you want to use? Embrace a Christmas look that reflects your personal style and add some festive touches to the design of your xmas cards.

Our designers will help you create something unique that suits your style, in various colours and print types. With all the colours to choose from, pastels to metallic, or the use of prints such as stripes and checks, there are plenty of design options to think about. You can get inspiration from all different colours, patterns, decorations and styles you love. Think of the design you love at Christmas time and you can choose a design to incorporate those details.

You won’t have to worry about not being able to find a card design in stores that you don’t like and having to settle for something that’s just okay. By looking at Paperlust’s Christmas cards online you’ll be able to customise your own cards, and create something that no one else will have.



At Paperlust, we believe in the beauty of a personalised and unique card. There’s nothing like receiving personal cards in the mail, especially when it’s become so rare in a time of emails and social media. People will love receiving a handwritten envelope and opening it to find a thoughtful personalised Christmas card inside. Christmas is such a great time to send something truly special to your loved ones.

We have a great selection of Christmas cards online for you to look through, and our designers will help you to create a fun and festive design you and all your friends and family are sure to love if you place an order for Christmas card. We've also got Christmas invites to make planning your Christmas party a breeze! 

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