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It always starts to feel like Christmas when that first Christmas card or Christmas party invitation finds its way into your mailbox or on your desk at work. If you’re the one writing the cards or throwing the party, the pressure’s on to make them perfect. We can help! Christmas is a time when businesses of all sizes and in all industries take time to reflect on the year just past and the year ahead, and it’s a great opportunity to thank the people around your company for everything they’ve done. Christmas cards are the perfect way to do this, and Christmas parties are sometimes also used to boost good cheer among staff and clients. 


Why send business Christmas cards, and who to send them to

Sending out business Christmas cards is an important tradition in many industries. Corporate Christmas cards may be sent to a number of different categories of people. This may include: 

  • Executives and managers

  • All staff members

  • Suppliers 

  • Industry contacts

  • Clients or customers

The purpose of your cards depends on the audience for them. They may help boost morale and cohesion among staff, put you fresh in the minds of your customers, or build business networks. 


What to write in corporate Christmas cards

What you write in your business Christmas cards depends on the audience you are writing to and what you hope to achieve. In general, you want to communicate:

  • Wish them a merry Christmas and/or happy holidays. Know your audience and be thoughtful in your choice of language. 

  • Thank them for their support in the previous year. This can be a general thank you, or you can go into a specific example of something they have done. Tell them how much you have loved working with them, if that’s the case. Be genuine. 

  • Tell them that you’re looking forward to working with them in the year ahead, and wish them well for the year to come. 

Use language that fits with your brand. There’s no need to be formal if that’s not your style, but don’t get too casual if that will seem unprofessional in your context. 


Business Christmas Invitations and Corporate Christmas Invitations

If you’re throwing a Christmas party, you might choose to include your business Christmas invitations along with your corporate Christmas cards. 


Who should I send Christmas party invites to?

You don’t need to send a party invitation to everyone you’re sending a Christmas card to. The two can Your guest list will always depend on the circle of people you’re hosting the party for, the size of your venue and the budget you have for the event. Make sure you decide what circle of people are going to be invited to your business Christmas party early in the planning process, especially before it comes time to order your corporate Christmas invitations. 


When should I send out my Christmas party invitations?

How early you send out your Christmas party invitations depends on how important the Christmas party is to you. If you want to make sure everybody can attend, you should send your invites out as soon as possible. Early November is best. If it’s a more casual, drop-in style event and you don’t mind if people can’t make it, feel free to wait until about three weeks prior to the event. You don’t want to cut it closer than that at such a busy time of year! Most people have the rest of their weekends for the year booked out by mid November. 


Christmas party invitation wording 101

Christmas is all about feel-good, holiday vibes, so it’s a great opportunity to carry that into the wording of your Christmas invitations to get everyone in the spirit of things and looking forward to the occasion. The basic components of Christmas invitation wording are: 

  • Who is invited

  • Who is hosting the party (person or organisation)

  • What date the party is being hosted

  • What time the party is being hosted

  • Where the party is being hosted

  • RSVP details

  • Anything guest need to bring (e.g. secret santa or kris kringle gift)

  • A dress code, if applicable

If you’re looking for an easy way to add something Christmas-y to the wording, add a relevant quote from a Christmas carol as a design feature. Some people also like to write their invitation in a creative way reminiscent of the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ poem. 


Christmas invitation ideas and Christmas card ideas: design motifs

Some of the most common design elements and motifs for Christmas party invitations include: 

  • Red, green and gold

  • Christmas trees

  • Santa

  • Santa hats

  • Nativity scenes

  • Christmas presents

  • Candy canes

  • Snow, snowflakes or snowmen

  • Reindeer and/or sleigh

  • Angels

  • Bells

  • Holly and ivy

  • Wreaths

  • Mistletoe

  • Christmas stockings

  • Candles

  • Christmas lights

  • Doves

  • Baubles

  • Tinsel

There’s no rule that says your Christmas party invites, business Christmas cards or corporate Christmas cards need to include any of these design elements, but these can be a good starting point for a Christmas-y feel. 


Free Christmas invitation templates vs professional Christmas invitations

Free Christmas invitation templates and free printable Christmas invitations are extremely popular. There’s not the same up front cost that comes with professional invitations, and you can print your invites on short notice. On the other hand, DIY Christmas invitations have hidden costs like paper, printer ink and envelopes, and can take a lot of time and energy to get right. You’re also limited in the designs that are on offer if you’re looking for free templates. 

Professional invites have an up front cost, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. There’s a much broader range of designs to choose from, and you get very high quality prints. You also have the option of high end print types like letterpress and foil if you’re feeling fancy. The biggest down-side to professional invitations can be the time delay. A fast company, like Paperlust, can have your invites at your door in a week, but some companies will take weeks (especially if you’re an Australian ordering internationally!). Make sure you know what to expect before you place your order. 


So that’s everything you need to know about Christmas party invitations for your business, and corporate Christmas cards. ‘Tis the season and all that. Happy planning!