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Create perfect Photo Wedding Invitations from our range of wedding invitations with pictures

A wedding invitation is arguably your most important piece of stationery ever, so it deserves to be amazing. It is worth taking the time and effort to get exactly what you want. Your wedding invitation is the kind of thing going into the scrapbook of your big day (if you or a close family member do in fact scrapbook) and what better way to celebrate your love than a stunning photo of … yes, you and your love!

Wedding invitations with pictures are so memorable for your guests, and make a very personal memento perched on all those fridges in the months leading up to your big day. At Paperlust, we can even design your wedding photo invitations as one-sided magnets so that you and your fiancé won’t fall off the fridge. 


What are photo wedding invitations?

Photo wedding invitations are much like it sounds - a personalized shot of you as a couple incorporated into a beautiful invitation design. The photo card can be whatever size you like and the colour scheme and design elements are completely up to you. Wedding invitations with pictures of bride and groom? Some people immediately conjure up a tacky photo stuck to a homemade card. Our selection of tasteful photo cards will soon banish that image from your mind!


Why choose wedding invitations with a photo?

Wedding invitations with pictures of the couple getting married are the epitome of personalisation, and the best way to send out an invite that is truly you. Not everyone on your wedding guest list may know your partner well, so it’s like a little pre-meeting for them (more personal than the photos they’ve seen him tagged in on social media). 

Unique Wedding Invitations with Pictures of Couple

If you have some amazing shots from an engagement shoot, this is the perfect occasion to show the best one off to the world! Another reason to choose a photo card wedding invitation is to match a theme of personalised photo stationery throughout your wedding season (i.e. if you sent photo save the dates or plan to send out photo thank you cards after the wedding). 


Which photo is the right one?

Searching for your wedding invitations photo can be daunting - either because there are so many good ones, or you feel like there are none. We have you covered either way.

Too many options for photo wedding invitations: 

  • Eliminate any that have other people in it (unless you have children or a pet that you want to include) or a background that is too busy
  • Delete any that are low quality or not 100% focused
  • Axe any selfies
  • Narrow down how intimate you want the photograph to be and whether you want the orientation of your invite design to be landscape or portrait - or another shape entirely (this will narrow down your photo choice)
  • Commission an engagement photoshoot with a friend or professional photographer to create wedding invitations with engagement pictures


Not enough good options for wedding photo invitations:

  • Hire a professional photographer to take some beautiful photos for you (this can double as an engagement shoot)
  • Ask a friend to take some relaxed snaps of you two at a favourite or significant spot (e.g. the park where you first met) - a fun and cost effective way to get your wedding invitations photography done
  • Edit a few existing photos and pick your favourite (if you are a bit tight on time and money)

Choosing the right style 

If you are from out of the city or you are looking to set the tone for your upcoming wedding (your having it in the country), you could create rustic or country looking wedding invitations with pictures. 

The pros of an existing photo: it saves you time, effort and money - you can just skip straight to the design stage. 

The pros of choosing a new photo: you get to start completely from scratch and thoughtfully create the photograph that you feel best displays your personalities and relationship, as well as working with the design format and colour scheme of your invitation.

Can I incorporate more than one photo?   Of course you can if you like, but we recommend keeping it simple and sticking to just one on the invite as you don’t want it to look crowded. If you have other special photos you want to share, why not consider displaying them on canvases at your ceremony or as a slideshow at your reception? You could even use them on your thank you cards (although you may want to select a wedding photo for that).


Choosing a design

We recommend deciding on a design for your invitation before selecting the photo, but we understand that’s not always possible. Paperlust offers a large range of templates and ideas for creating wedding invitations with pictures. When choosing a design for your wedding invitations with a photo, consider the following elements:

  • Colour scheme - do you want to match your wedding invitation to your bridal party colours, or your save the dates? Maybe you want to strike out for something totally different. Either way, deciding colours can help you select a photograph, or the tones that you would like your photographer to edit the photo in. Opting for black and white when choosing wedding invitations pictures can look stunning paired with a boldly coloured invitation design - just make sure there is balance.
  • Landscape or portrait - deciding this will determine which photograph you choose and it can be a handy thing to let your photographer know beforehand so that they can focus on a particular type of shot.
  • Size - when thinking about proportions, consider whether you want your photo to take up the whole invitation, just a square in the middle, or even the top two thirds. You want the image to be big enough to remain the focus, but not so big that it looks zoomed in, or so that you can’t fit the wedding details on a one sided invitation (though you can always add a second side if you like!).
  • Black and white or colour - while some may choose for their wedding invitations photographs and designs to be tonal only, don’t be afraid of using a little colour. You can still keep it classy if you choose your colours wisely and often contrast makes for a more striking overall effect.
  • Design elements - how minimalist or complex do you want the design of your invite to be? Some stick to a simple photo sitting behind classic block text, while other couples love to add swirls and embellishments. We say do whatever reflects your personality. It’s your day, after all!


Where does all the information go? (And what do we include, again?)

Wedding invitations with pictures are no different from normal wedding invites when it comes to the information. While with a photo save the date you have the option of putting the image and information on the same side (because of how minimal it is), wedding invitations generally have too many details to be able to do this. 

Key information to include on your photo wedding invitation:

  • Both of your names (and potentially parents’ names)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location (with directions or a map if the venue is difficult to find)
  • RSVP date

Some people choose to include gift information on their invitation but it is not traditionally considered polite. A separate gift or wishing well card, wedding website or word of mouth is a more appropriate way to communicate this.

Are you running on a tighter budget? Here's how to create cheap wedding invitation with pictures with Paperlust

If you are looking to save a bit on your wedding invitations with pictures, you can filter by our Digital Printing print type and choose Matte paper for our cheapest option. Alternatively, you can choose a smaller sized card by instead customizing save the date photo cards here.

Are you looking to pair your wedding invitations with pictures with rsvp cards?

If you are looking to pair your wedding invitations with pictures with rsvp cards each of our wedding invitation designs come with a matching separate rsvp card you can customize and add to your cart for your recipient to send back either in postcard format or with a supplied envelope. Alternatively, if you are looking for an all in one solution with a picture and a tear-off card go to this link here to get a quote for our wedding invitations with rsvp

Looking for custom wedding invitations with pictures? 

If you can't find what you like from our templates above, get a custom quote here from our design team and we can create the perfect custom wedding invitations with pictures to suit your needs. 

In summary…

Now that you have the 4-1-1 on wedding invitations with photos, you can start browsing for the design that suits you … and maybe even book an appointment with a photographer. How much you spend on your picture wedding invitations is completely up to you, but just remember our tips to consider when selecting your design and photograph and you can’t go wrong. With Paperlust's ease of use photo upload tool and range of designs it is definately one of the best places to order wedding invitations online.