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Classic Wedding Invitations, Wedding Invites & Cards

Wedding invitations, nowadays, come in just about any size, shape or style you can come up with; but what do you do if you prefer a more classically styled wedding invitation, one that would have been just as widely loved for decades past as they are today? You find a company that creates a multitude of classic designs, some with fun and unique little twists to add a bit of spunk to a more classic design style; Paperlust. Our classic wedding invitations add a unique twist on tried and true designs. The talented Paperlust artists are constantly finding ways to take classic wedding invites and add unique colours, like black and white wedding invitations, blue, gold and even purple, as well as premium printing processes, such as letterpress wedding invitations, gold foil wedding invitations, and photo cards, to create the best wedding invitation out there. Simply browse our selection of classic wedding invitations and you’re sure to find the most fitting classic invitation for your special day. 

If you’re looking for a simple, classic wedding invitation, look no further than Paperlust.

When creating a classic wedding invitation, we see it as a chance to take classically romantic designs and shake them up with emerging design talent hailing from incredible locales in Australia like Sydney and Melbourne. If you like the idea of classic but want to take it that step further, you may also like to check out other design styles like vintage, rustic wedding invitations, beach or lace to see if one of these designs meet your needs. Once you’ve found the perfect classic wedding invitation design, not that our designs extend to other products, from save the dates, to thank you cards, and even engagement party invitations. From a simple classic wedding invitation to an invite covered from top to bottom in colour and style, there is a classic look that is sure to suit your wedding look. 

Our classic wedding invitation cards not only look beautiful, but say just what you need to say too.

Once you've found the design style you love, you may find that you are stumped as to what wording to include. No worries! Paperlust can help! Simply take a peek through our helpful wedding invitation wording page where you'll find variations of wedding card messages to cover your specific wedding occasion. This way you can pair what you need to tell your guests with Paperlust’s incredibly beautiful classic wedding invitation designs, and you’ll end up with a wedding invite masterpiece.

Have fun and thanks for supporting our talented community of emerging Australian artists.