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Letterpress Wedding Invitations - The best place to buy wedding invitations online

Letterpress wedding invitations are one of the most popular choices for people who want their invites to stand out from the crowd. This is quality you can feel: it imprints your words and design onto the page in a way that looks amazing and feels even better. If you want your wedding to be remembered for luxury and elegance, letterpress wedding invites are the perfect place to start.


What is Letterpress?

You might be wondering, what is letterpress printing, or what is a letterpress machine? Letterpress printing dates back to the 15th Century, and has always been synonymous with luxury. Letterpress invitations are printed on thick card, with part of the design pressed into the paper stock, creating a deep impression. This effect requires specialised printing equipment to achieve. Ink may be used, or the imprint may be left ‘blind’ to simply add texture without colour (e.g. for minimalist, simplistic letterpress invitations). Letterpress can also be combined with real foil printing methods to add even more luxury to the invitations. If you love the idea of a time-honoured technique or just want that opulent feel for your special day, the letterpress style is just what you need.


Letterpress vs embossing

Some people get letterpress confused with embossing, so here’s the difference:

Letterpress is pushed down and indented into the page.

Embossing is pushed up and protrudes from the page.


Letterpress printing techniques can be used with a huge range of different styles and colour palettes, which means it’s a great choice for any occasion. Since they lend so much gravity to an event, they’re particularly popular for weddings, which are typically the most significant event in people’s lives. Whether you’re after vintage letterpress letters and fonts, princess-style letterpress wedding invites or a sleek and contemporary letterpress wedding invitation, there’s something for everyone and making your letterpress communicate that sense of significance.


Custom letterpress

Nothing will show your family and friends that you care more than custom letterpress wedding invitations. Make life easier by creating a personalized letterpress stationery suite with Paperlust, including save the dates, RSVP cards, place cards, wedding menus and thank you cards - everything you need, and all available in one place. Custom letterpress invitations give the feeling of super exclusive invitations, and you can enjoy knowing that your invites are 100% unique. Custom letterpress stationery can also include an artist-drawn custom wedding map to guide your guests if you’ve chosen an out-of-the-way location.

Opting for a custom letterpress invitation with custom letterpress printing means that you can reflect your personality in your stationery and add a sense of intricate elegance to your day. This unique choice is the launching pad for a whole range of distinguished choices that have you and your partner written all over them. A letterpress invitation works for formal, beach, minimalist, and rustic wedding invites, and everything in between.


How to do letterpress the easy way

Making your own homemade letterpress wedding invitation can seem like a great way to add a personal touch to your special day. It sounds easy, right? Many people consider DIY letterpress printing and begin looking for a letterpress kit, but most decide not to go ahead with it once they understand a bit more about the scope of the project. DIY letterpressing can initially seem like a way to cut costs, but it’s usually not so simple! If you’re planning to pick up a small letterpress and get stuck into homemade letterpress wedding invites, be sure to do your research first! DIY projects can quickly become nightmares if you don’t count the cost (both in time and money) before you begin. If this sounds like too much hassle in what is already a stressful time of life, consider the truly easy way to get letterpress invitations for your wedding: let Paperlust take care of it and we will guarantee a professional wedding invitation in letterpress style delivered on time.


Letterpress online

Shopping for invitations with letterpress printing online may seem risky. We get it. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you can’t afford an expensive and time-consuming stuff up. Instead of searching for letterpress printers online and trying to do it all yourself, why not choose Paperlust and exchange a long and difficult shopping process for just a few easy clicks? Online letterpress printing is a convenient way to shop for your invites: you have access to more styles and you save valuable time and effort.


Affordable letterpress wedding invitations

Do cheap letterpress wedding invitations seem like an unrealistic fantasy? Letterpress is a premium print technique, so it is more pricey than other print methods like digital print and white ink. But if you’re looking for affordable letterpress wedding invitations options to keep within your budget, consider minimising the number of cards you use as part of your suite, or combining one letterpress feature (usually the main invitation) with other cards that match but are not letterpress (e.g. your RSVP cards and information cards). Affordable letterpress printing can still look stunning, so don’t let initial letterpress prices put you off. Cheap letterpress invitations from Paperlust maintain superior quality and still give you a feeling of luxury. 


Letterpress types and designs

What are the options for letterpress designs and styles? Choose from black and white, floral, Australiana, watercolour or gold foil letterpress to find your ideal letterpress design! Stick to black and white if you are going for a classic letterpress look or simple design if you want the hand letterpress feel. Some people even choose to go for a letterpress photo card (it is digitally printed then any text is printed with the letterpress technique).


Some of the most popular styles of letterpress stationery and letterpress wedding invites include:


Paper for Letterpress

A letterpress invite will always look luxury because letterpress paper needs to be thick enough not to break when the letters or patterns are pressed into the card. Letterpress paper stock starts at a minimum of 300gsm and looks especially great on Cotton, so you can rest assured it will have a quality look. Letterpress papers will give your guests a feeling of historical elegance and add an element of regal elegance to your wedding events. 


The details

Paperlust is your home for letterpress stationery and letterpress Australia wide. When you’re making a premium purchase like letterpress wedding invites, you want all the logistics to be seamless. We offer fast, reliable shipping free around Australia and at competitive rates internationally, so you can buy your letterpress invitations with confidence. Paperlust also has some of the best online reviews with a 5 star rating on Google. Wherever you need your letterpress invitations Australia wide, we will get them into your hands quickly. Our friendly customer service team is on hand to help at every step of the process, so you’re never left wondering what’s going on. The whole experience is sheer luxury, from start to finish. An affordable wedding invite in the best letterpress style just became possible!