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Photo Card Birthday Invitations

Every year, you get to celebrate your birthday - a special day that is all about you and should be celebrated to your liking. A day like that calls for special personalised photo invitations that put you at the centre. Choosing photo birthday invitations is the perfect way to let your friends and family members know the details of your birthday bash.

Not sure about photo cards for your birthday? Check out all our birthday invitations or specific print types like real foil, digital print and white ink. Not having a birthday? We also have wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, thank you cards, Christmas cards, and other event cards and invitations. 


What is a photo card invitation?

Photo invitations are personalised cards that include a photograph on the invite itself. The photo may be of you or someone special, or a custom image can be related to the theme, or just a decorative photo to give the viewer party details in style. Photo cards work for everything from first birthdays, to eighteenth birthdays, to fiftieth birthdays; they really are appropriate for any age and any party. 


When should you choose photo card birthday invitations?

There are so many ways you can celebrate your birthday, but if you really want to customise every detail to get it right then you can’t go past a photo invitation. This will not only allow you to share a custom invitation, it will ensure that the card is 100% specific to you and perfectly matches the event. If you are looking to celebrate with style, it does not matter if you are going for an intimate celebration, a black tie dinner, a weekend cruise, or just a day at the theme park, photo invitations will help you set the right mood in style.

You can choose photo invitations for any kind of birthday celebration, and we offer personalised invitations with your design, photo, details, and more, but certain birthdays and ages are particularly well suited to photo invitations. Birthday invitations for babies and little kids are perhaps the most popular for including a photo, since they change so much between one birthday and the next. Everyone will love seeing how big the baby has gotten, especially on a first birthday invitation or second birthday invitation. 


How should I choose what photo to use on my photo invites?

Choosing the right photo is essential, which is why you should take out some time before ordering your invites to ensure you have the right one. If you are going ahead with a themed party, then, you can go with a photo that matches the theme. If not, you can simply pick the image that describes you best. Keep in mind that a picture can tell a story or show a side of your personality. You might pick the photo you think makes you look the best, or you might pick a photo of you engaged in a hobby or during an achievement like graduation or receiving an award of some kind. 

Another popular use for photo cards is to include a throwback to a younger you. Baby pictures or pictures of you as a kid are perfect for milestone birthdays like 18th birthdays, 21st birthdays or birthdays that see in a new decade. This is also a fun way of celebrating birthdays of older family members: 70th birthdays, 80th birthdays, 90th birthdays and beyond look great with a throwback image of Grandpa looking handsome in his 20s or Grandma when she was 16. 

It’s always a good idea to consider how your chosen photo will work with the design of your photo invitation. Think about the colour palette and how it all goes together to get the most from your invites. 


What to include on your photo invitations

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a birthday party for an adult or your little one, the photo invitation has the same requirements. You need to make sure that you have all the details down to ensure guests are able to attend your event. What sort of details? 

● Who is invited (name of guest/s)

● The name of the guest of honour (whose birthday it is!)

● Date

● Time

● Venue (name and address)

● RSVP details (phone number, email address or addressed RSVP card)

● Dress code

● Gift information (any requests, ‘no presents’ or information about your gift registry)

Following these steps will help make sure you don’t leave off any crucial information, and your guests will know everything they need to be able to attend with no problems. 

Photo card birthday invitations are a great way to celebrate your birthday, reminisce about a younger you, or just make the day all about you. With a little thought to make sure you pick the perfect photo, your invites will be looking flawless and totally you.