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The Challenge

Paperlust is all about unique print design, and to kick things off we've come up with a fun, never-been-done-before design challenge - colour me in!

Be as creative as you like, go nuts, and design for varying print types (foil, metallic, letterpress, and digital), just be sure to include colouring areas in your design.

Challenge guidelines


Each submission must include: 

- save the date cards

- Main Wedding Invite

- Wedding RSVP card

Bonus cards, if you're feeling inspired:

- Engagement Invitation

- Thank You Cards

Design for any print type (digital, metallic, foil, letterpress)

Design for single or double sided print (with text).

No photo card designs

Have fun :)



The winning design will receive a whopping 15% commission on every sale for an entire year and have a featured article written about the design and designer


2nd & 3rd place designs will receive 12% commission


All runner up designs will be listed on Paperlust for sale as featured designs.


Submit Early & Get Votes


The earlier you submit your designs the more time your design has to rack up votes.

How to enter;

- Join Paperlust and create your designer profile

- Download the designer kit from within your profile

- Start creating! 

- Submit finished designs as JPEGs to

Need Help?

- Designer FAQs

- Email

- Inspiration; Pinterest boards



Submissions Open - 30th Nov

Closed for Submissions -8th Dec

Voting Opens - 30th Nov

Voting Closes - 18th Dec

Winners Announced - 19th Dec

runners up

Designs that got loads of support and votes, and will be listed for sale on Paperlust...
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design winner
by Amelia Stevens
colour me in
design winner
by Brynie Ladds
colour me in
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